February 1, 2003

Feb. 1, 2003

Woke up late today. As usual, the first thing I did was turn on the computer. I clicked on the internet and the Yahoo main page came up. I always check current events when I first go online. It's like a virtual newspaper without all the paper and fees.
As the page loaded and I saw what was on the screen, my stomach just lurched. All I saw was the headline....

Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up, All Crew Lost.

I just stared at it, not really believing it at first. We watched this one launch on TV. I always watch but we had four or five people over this time, all celebrating and watching together. I knew they were supposed to come home today.
As I sat there my mind began to think back to another time in my life that was like this. In grade school, watching the TV after learning about the shuttle program and space and the planets, and about the teacher going into space.... and then watching as the shuttle blew up on live TV. At first I did not understand, I was in elementary school. But when the teachers started crying, and a boy that really liked the shuttles said it wasn't supposed to be doing that over and over....

I immediately turned on the TV. Around this time my husband called from work. The first thing he asked was if I had heard yet. I told him... but they were supposed to be at Kennedy now.... and then I cried. We talked for a bit and then he had to go.
I spend most of today just watching the cable news and reading about things online.