March 19, 2003

Mar. 19, 2003

Tonight we went over to my husband's parents for dinner. His aunt is in town and we all wanted to get together and visit one another. It was a nice time and dinner but most of our conversation seemed to keep coming back to what is going on in the world right now. The president told Saddam Hussein that he had 48 hours to leave Iraq. We figure he probably has not left. And the deadline passed as we finished up the dishes from dinner.
At about 8:30pm everyone came into the living room and we all sat and watched the TV together. We all watching in silence as the first US airstrikes hit Iraq. There wasn't much to see except anti aircraft fire but you could hear much louder explosions in the background. A couple of the family members were very tense and one admitted she was afraid. Afterward the TV said the president would be on around 9:15pm or so.
We all busied ourselves. The men went outside to work on my husband's brakes. The woman finished tidying the kitchen and talked about happier things.
We all came back to the TV when the president came on. He basically told us what we have figured out for ourselves. The war had started. It was eerie. I realized while listening to him speak that the hair had raised on my arms. War. A word my generation only really knew from our textbooks in school. And now here we were watching it happen. It was very surreal. The president talked about key Iraqi officials they had targeted, that they had used 'bunker busters' to try and kill them. He also talked about why our country was there and what we want to change for their country. I couldn't help but think about the citizens though and what they were going through and what they wanted from it all. Did they want us there? Or not? I have no idea.
About an hour after his speech we decided to go home. We stayed up, not being able to sleep, and watched the cable news.