June 16, 2003

A Depressing Day

Well, today started off okay anyways. Work was horrible the last couple of days, we had nearly a full house and only four girls on. Worked our asses off. Today was much better. Only 22 rooms. A very easy day.
Last night we spent the last $15 we had to our names. My hubby has three days off now, which means no work and no tips. We have one frozen tv dinner left in the freezer, looks like we are gonna have to split it between us. It's one of those little ones made for a single person, but it will have to do. With the money we had, we got that, some gas for the car, one pack of smokes to split between us, some tp, and feminine stuff for me. And that was that. The money was gone. Both of us get paid on Friday, and that seems like a long ways to go. At least the cat has her food. The desk lady at work made us a good offer though. We are going to paint her fence for her. She is going to give us $40 for the job. She heard we were hurting for money and out of food, so she offered to help. If she just would have offered the money, I would have said no, and I think she knew that. God bless her, we both are more than happy to paint for her. The $40 will get us to payday. At least there are still people like that in the world. I'm not sure what else we could have done, you know?
My hubby came and picked me up from work. He looked very upset when he got there. I asked him what was wrong and he handed me a piece of paper. He has been going through the very long and tedious process of recruitment for the police department in Milwaukee. It started last fall, with a written test. Since then he has had a criminal background check, done an obstacle course, done an oral review in front of superiors from MPD, taken a psychological test and passed them all without a problem. All that was left was a background check and a physical with a doctor. We were already making plans to move back there this fall after he went through the academy. Well, the letter today was from the police and fire commission. The are suspending all recruitment indefinitely due to budget cuts. They said there are also possible layoffs coming.
What a blow. He looked completely beaten. I did what I could to comfort him, but I think he is more angry than upset.
He's worked so hard since last summer...for nothing. And we are stuck in this small ass town indefinitely too. He hates it here. All he wants is to go back to Milwaukee. Me too. It is so boring here. All our hopes were on being able to leave here this fall. Now we are stuck. I hate this place. I just don't know what we are going to do.

June 9, 2003

A Decent Day

I would have to say that today was a decent day. I had to work today, so I tried not to stay up too late last night. What a crazy day it was at work though! I got there and I think there were maybe twenty rooms or so. Not bad at all, Especially with three of us.
I started working upstairs with another girl.. She's 18 and just graduated high school. She's going to work with us at least through the summer yet, but then she's thinking of moving to L.A. She has family out there and she wants to go to a good college. Our boss worked downstairs. She is a real sweetheart. She's in her late 30's/early 40's. She's raising three kids by herself on a housekeeper's income. I'd say she's doing alright, her kids are awesome. Anyways, we were upstairs and we had a couple check outs and some stayovers. We were doing really good and had almost everything done upstairs when one of the stayovers changed to a checkout. We got everything else up there finished while we waited for them to check out. Then we went into the room.
It was absolutely horrible. These people just trashed their room. They broke stuff, and ruined the carpeting, and drew all over the walls. And the garbage was horrible. We hauled two full outdoor trashbags out of that room. Yuck!!!! There was even food in the tub!!!! After we finally got that room done, we went downstairs. The boss was working on her rooms. One of the ones she did was just like the one upstairs. Come to find out these people used like four rooms. We decided to do the extras, like garbages and public bathrooms, while I helped the boss with her rooms. After lunch the boss and I finished rooms while the younger girl wrapped up the extras. Then we went down to the other building. The younger girl stripped the linen out of those rooms and the boss and I met up with her there. It was starting to look like it was going to storm, so I called my hubby on his cell to see if he could stop by the apartment and shut the windows. The boss and I were working on a room when my hubby showed up at my work. I was getting ready to wipe out an ashtray from one of the rooms when he got there. I walked out to the car, ashtray still in hand, and chatted with him for a minute. He picked me up a pack of smokes, thank god! I hadn't had one all day. As I was talking to him, I set the ashtray on top of the car, so I could give him a couple smokes out of my new pack. Then I chatted with him for a few minutes. I had to get going though, we wanted to get the rooms done, so I told him I would call him when we were done. Then I gave him a kiss and went back over by the boss. As she and I started chatting, it dawned on me that I left that stupid ashtray on top of the car!!!! We both ran outside, just in time to see my husband driving out of the parking lot with the black ashtray sitting firmly on the roof!!! We started laughing our asses off! It was hilarious. He made it out onto the highway and it was still there. Then he hit the gas and it went flying off. We watched and heard it as it bounced down the highway...only to get crushed by a semi truck!!! I laughed so hard... We got the rest of the rooms done in record time. Then we bagged up the linen and garbage to haul up to the main building. This was interesting because there was alot of garbage. We were about halfway up to the building, when the garbage bag that the younger girl was hauling started to rip. I heard this little squeal, and I looked over...and the bag was tearing all the way down the side. We both stopped and started cracking up. It was also starting to rain pretty hard, which made it that more ridiculous. Our boss saw us and ran out with another garbage bag. She took my garbage while we tried to patch this one. The younger girl had two small garbage bags in her smock, so we used those as gloves, while we tried to put the full bag into the empty one. It didn't work very well. Some of the garbage started to fall out, and the bag got stuck. Then the new bag started to rip! Hefty my ass!!!! I had the giggles pretty bad by then. Here we were, in the pouring rain, garbage all over, looking like a couple of window lickers on the retard bus. Oh my god!!! And there was my boss and the desk girl, laughing from the door. Finally, the desk girl ran out with a big garbage can. She handed it to us, and then ran back in. Chicken! Then the younger girl and I took our little makeshift gloves, and grabbed the whole mess and tried to put it in the garbage can. We lifted it up...and missed the can. Ooops! After laughing some more, we tried again. As we lifted the bags up over the top of the garbage can, and the bottom of the bag broke open. Luck was with us though...and the garbage fell right into the can! Yeah!!! We picked up the miscellaneous stuff and put it with the rest of the garbage. Then we hauled the can over to the dumpster. After fighting to get the lid to the dumpster open in the rain, we emptied the can into it. Score baby!!!! Our boss and the desk girl cheered from the door. Then we finally got to go home. I went and cashed my check. I gave my hubby half my check to help with bills. I do this, though he tells me I don't have too. Hey, I'm just that kind of girl, okay!!

June 4, 2003


My hubby came and got me after work and I came home. I gathered up all our laundry and he took it to the laundromat. I started working on my CD's. I'm currently ripping all my Elton Cd's onto the computer.
My hubby did up the laundry and brought it home for me to put away. Then he went to work. His friend stayed here when he went to work. This is also getting really old, because I never get the apartment to myself anymore. I wish I could come home and relax, but I can't. I'm still working on the cd's, it will take a while. I have a lot of EJ cd's. I'm listening to the GBYBR album right now. Haven't put it in for a while. Lately I've been sticking to his new stuff. At the moment my fav's are "original sin" and "sorry seems to be the hardest word" with Blue. Not much else going on. Gonna work on these cd's and maybe my website before I go to bed.