December 28, 2004

Where Did It Go Again??

I'm still awaiting more news on whether Elton is playing the Allstate Arena in Chicago or not. I talked the arena last week and they said even though they've taken it off their website (again) that yes he is playing there, but the status is "to be announced" and they told me to call back the week after New Years...but I've heard rumors he's playing for some big McDonald's celebration in Chicago that is on April 16th, so now I wonder, which is he playing?? If he does the McD's thing will he still do a regular concert? Rumors are the McDonalds thing is upwards of $1000 a plate! Fuck that! I could pay two months rent with that kind of money!! Damn I hope he still plays the Arena. The fact that they don't really know what the hell is going on worries me. I'll post if I hear anything else on this.....