March 19, 2005

Time Is Going Too Fast

Well, I see my timed out plan for today is slowly going down the drain as usual.
Things always take too long or get in the way. I've bumped some things back. Now I'm doing laundry at 6pm.
I ended up on the phone with.......a friend, my brother, Dad and my ex.
My friend is doing good. He's setting up more job interviews so that is great.
My brother is doing well. He's contemplating giving up cross country for a job. I told him I'll support whatever he does. Though I don't necessarily think he should give up cross country, he's good at it and loves it. But, I think he's basically starting to get his priorities in order and as part of that he wants a job. Either way he decides, good for him!
Dad is doing good. He wants to go to breakfast Monday he has a buy one get one free meal coupon guessed it......Denny's Restaurant. Again.
The ex called because we finally got the court date. It's in May. Since it's not contested I shouldn't have to show up. He's going to double check for me though. I still have stuff to sign and that little light must have went off in his he realized that he is coming down when I'll be out of town on vacation. So he'll have to come back down sometime before the court date.
He then went on to tell me that the latest car he had ended up with a problem.....He was driving down the highway and the hood unlatched and flew up at the windshield. He freaked out and almost plowed into a ditch and had to stick his head out the window to see until he could stop. Then he found a way to tie it down.
I can picture the scene now... like a shot out of Planes, Train and Automobiles....
Wish I could have seen it.
Do I feel bad.
Of course not.

March 5, 2005

Ready For Vacation

Three weeks until the Easter trip. I can't wait! Five whole days away from work.
My little brother is determined to drive down with his car and I am SO NOT riding with dad & my step-mom again this year. Last year left a lot to be desired. My brother and I ended up in the back seat (fully grown people here mind you) with our legs crushed up to our necks for five hours listening to nothing but country music and them singing to it and having to stop every 20 miles so she can use the bathroom.... hell ok, it was hell.... I love them but man....
This will officially be our first road trip. It's so exciting. Yeah I know right now you are like......what? See, my brother and I are just like that. We mark certain occasions. Our favorite is the first time we saw Dumb & Dumber together. Or filming those insane plays at Grandma's. We not only remember these sorts of things, we reminisce over them. Like old soldiers telling stories or ex footballers telling their greatest plays. My whole family is like that - we are all like that.
My cousin and I are the same. We sit up late one night every year I go down, we have a couple drinks and page through photo albums. And we tell the same stories every year. They are the 'classics' I swear. Every year we've done it. It's kind of like our own little tradition, though we didn't plan it, it just happens.
Looking forward to this.