October 30, 2005

Ring Of Fire

Saw this dude doing this and couldn't resist taking pics. I showed him how awesome they were and he was like cool!! I told him if he gave me his email addy I'd send them to him so he gave me his card. He's gonna love 'em! ;)

October 27, 2005

From work......with love.

I'm sitting out on break yet again at work. This time with Marge, Tam and some security dude. The interesting part is though I don't smoke at work, I'm still sitting in the fucking smoking hut.... Tam is freezing despite a turtle neck, a hoodie AND a jacket. And I am sitting next to her......sweating. I'm in short sleeves.
Didn't get much sleep today - maybe three hours. I decided at like 2pm to watch the tape Alicia gave me. She recorded 'Inside the Actor's Studio' with EJ. I wasn't able to watch it when it originally aired. It was really good!!!

October 25, 2005

New Journal

Photo: My New Journal

Yesterday was fun. I got home from work and spontaneously decided to go see the new movie Doom with Alicia. Anyone who has ever played the game needs to go see it. It was awesome! And The Rock was oh so yummy in it. I love watching movies that scare the crap out of me and this one sure did. I think Alicia had almost as much of a good time watching me react as she did watching the movie. I'm one of those that loves it, but still jumps at scary parts and I hide behind my hands and shit. She was cracking right up. Hey at least I'm not as bad as my step-mom though, she hides behind the TV at really intense parts, then peeks around the TV and shit. Now THAT is hilarious to see. I'd love to watch this movie with HER.

After the movie we ran to Target down the street so I could hunt for a journal. I found a nice one, though it's not big enough. Hell I'd need one the size of a car to fit my needs.......but this one will do. I love having online journals because they are so easy and fast, but I was missing the kind of journaling I used to do. I've been saving stuff for over a year to put into a new journal, so tonight I started working on it when I got up. It was great. I missed it. I have SO much to put in it though. I get the feeling I will fill this one up fast. I wouldn't doubt if I need a new one by February.

Well that's all for now. Hope you all are doing well.

October 8, 2005


I went to the Domes today with Alicia and got home around 130pm. I ended up taking 222 pictures today.........between the Domes, Alicia and her cats. It took hours to download them off the camera and sort through them. I got to bed roughly around 5pm and got up at 855pm.... Tired as hell here. Taking a cab to work and if I don't think I can stay awake for the hour and a half bus ride home in the morning I'll take one home too. I can afford this paycheck thank god. I now have Tuesday off as I have an Aurora seminar on Tuesday morning so having Monday off would not have worked out.


October 5, 2005

Entry for November 05, 2005

I spent all morning fighting with my management company for this apartment complex. I had found a way to cure my loneliness. I was going to get a kitten. The local manager here ok'd it. But then the management company went over him and said no. They are trying to phase out pets in the buildings all together. They've even turned away new potential tenants because they had cats or birds. What a crock. So in my usual fashion I got mad and called them myself. That went over well.......

In then end I said something like 'yeah well it's not like this some really nice apartment or something".
The lady replied, "Actually Plaza IV is one of our best complexes."
And my response? "Compared to what?"

I was so mad. I've been here almost two years, paid my rent on time or ahead of time, followed all the rules, bent over backwards for building inspections, etc. I couldn't understand what harm a cat would be. Not a dog, not a fucking horse for god's sake. A self cleaning, quiet, lazy cat. Geez.

In the end she said if they should ever change their policy that "I'm sure you'll be the first to hear about it". I told her I had to go and hung up before I said something really rude.... So after all that wrangling I didn't have time to do anything but sleep for work.