November 27, 2005


Hiya folks. As usual everything is going very well. Had an interesting evening tonight.... as you can see from the pic above.

There was a house fire in Cudahy (less than a mile away from me) this evening (the 26th) so of course I ended up there with my camera. Didn't get the greatest shots but still got a few to keep.

It started with one house and spread to the roofs of two other homes while we were there. There were fire crews all over the place working on it.


November 12, 2005

Entry for November 12, 2005

Pic: My black table came with small and large gold caps for the ends of the back of the chairs, and for the tops of the table legs, which will hold the glass. I'm not a fan of gold/brass/whateverthefuckthatis...and it will not go well in an apartment that is slowly converting over to all stainless steel, chrome and pastels. So out of curiosity I decided to take a non-visible section of one of these and try to remove the gold because it sure looked spray painted on there. Being a girl the first thing to come to mind was nail polish remover. It can do wonders on removing paint off certain surfaces. I tried it and it worked. I figured there was some sort of solid chrome color underneath that was sealed in that gave the "gold" it's luster and I was correct. So I did a whole one with the the nail polish remover. I did it very carefully using Q-Tips and then used a paper towel to gently wipe off any excess remover. On the left is the first one I finished, on the right is the next one I will do. Once I have them all done (4 large/8 small) Matt is going to run me to get some model car spray paint finish that is called Purple Cotton Candy. It is basically a clear paint with a very faint purple hue to it. I am going to apply that over the top and it will dry as a very subtle metallic purple. As he said, they will be custom table caps! :P My mom is creative this way and also at figuring out inventive ways to do these sorts of things so I have to give her props because I used to watch the creative things she'd come up with when I was growing up.
I noticed today I am still having a problem with things freezing in the very back of my refrigerator.... I'm going to turn it down just a tad, but last year it wasn't cold enough for me and I switched it 'just a tad' and then stuff started freezing. It is an older fridge so it's very temperamental. Grrrrr.....
Matt is stopping by in the morning to see those caps just to see what they are made of etc, and I'll see if he can help me take the big boxes out from the table. I may ask him to help me put the table together as well. He offered and I might take him up on it. It would probably save a lot of time that way. Now that he's been working at Home Depot a while he offered to treat me to breakfast this morning. I think I'll take him up on it. Usually I offer to treat him but now that he's making quite a bit the tables have turned so to speak. We'll probably end up at George Webb's which would rock. I've been going there for years and never tire of it.
I had two offers yesterday to go see movies next Friday but I had to turn them both down. Alicia wanted to take me to see the new Harry Potter movie and Matt wanted to go see the new Johnny Cash movie coming out. I made plans Saturday morning after work though with dad, so I worked it out with both so in two weeks I'll be seeing two movies. I've been wanting to see that new Harry Potter one because Alicia got me into it and they are really cute. The Johnny Cash one I want to see because I don't know much about his life or career and I think I'll find it interesting.


November 8, 2005

Entry for November 08, 2005

Well sure not much to write about today. I sat & laid around, watched 3 movies, coughed like 40 times, sneezed like 100 times and took approximately four naps. Damn exciting stuff I tell ya.
I hope this thing doesn't last too long, I wanted EVERYTHING in here done by the weekend so I could enjoy it. I'll try to do a few things tomorrow. I did pull out everything for the table today so I'll attempt to put it together when I get home from work. Wish me luck........ I just hope I don't end up with any *extra parts* when I'm done....
So the pic above is my new dishes. Purple stoneware. Leave it to me to find dishes in purple. I saw it and was like OMFG IT'S PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURPLE!

November 3, 2005

Rosa Parks

Photo: Yesterday all of the Milwaukee County buses reserved a seat in the front in dedication of Rosa Parks. I thought this was a beautiful thing to do. I also had to have a picture of it.