February 16, 2006

Yes Snow, No Snow

So I slept a really good rock solid sleep last night. Sorry Tracey for zonking off. I was beat. I don't think I even moved all night I slept so solid.

Today I'm going to do some light housework. I'll have to now take a little nap before I go to work so I have at least some rest. Then tomorrow after I get home I'll go to breakfast with Matt, then come home and sleep. I should be fairly tired by then so hopefully that will work. Then I can get up and spend the evening/night with you all online. Sounds like a plan!!

I rediscovered my GreatestJournal yesterday and started using it again as a more private alternative. Someone needs to help Jess at least make an account on there so that she can even view our pages. I know I'm not the only one that has posted in there in the last month - which was a huge surprise. I'd forgotten all about it!!

And the weather has no idea what it wants to do to us today. First it snowed. Then it turned to freezing rain. Then to rain. Then a mild thunderstorm (which woke me up and got me so excited I almost ran outside in happiness), then more rain, and right now it's a mix of rain and sleet. It's supposed to snow more later too.......I mean make up your mind!! WTF!!

Have a good day all,


February 13, 2006

Did A Little Elton Shopping....

Picked up a few things at the record shop when cruisin with my brother yesturday.....