May 30, 2006

Library Run, etc etc.

Had a rousing good weekend. Spent Saturday with Michael downtown, then briefly boozed up online with Jess and Tracey - I know I didn't come back online girls, I spend a long time talking to the neighbor guy. His wife is in the hospital but will be ok.

Sunday I went with Mike, Dad & Jacqi to the New Berlin Library Walk/Run. Mike and I walked the 2 mile. I got first in my age group - again (because I think I was the ONLY one in my age group that walked!!). Jacqi ran part and walked part of it. Dad ran the 5 mile but had to walk a small portion of it. It was over 90 degrees and the humidity was at 98 percent so he got way too hot. In the end Jacqi went back out and jogged the last quarter mile with him as encouragement.

After that we went to Dad & Jacqi's and had brats dipped in beer on the grill for lunch (yuuuuuuum) and ordered out from Noodles And Co. for dinner. I got a dish of pasta noodles in tomato basil sauce with spinach and mushrooms. It was really good.

Mike and I started our project of going through all the photo albums to scan pics. Uncle Denny and Aunt Tina both need pics of dad for a DVD and book they are making for his 50th birthday this fall. Plus many pics Mike and I wanted copies of anyways. We got through 8 albums. Next weekend we will go back and do the last 5 we found.

I ended up spending Sunday night there cuz I was sooooooooooooo tired. Dad and I spent the morning watching a few episodes of his Wings Seasons 1 & 2 DVD. Then I came home. Watched an awesome thunderstorm come through before starting to sort through the scans.

Now time for a small nap, then back to work.

The funniest moment when going through the albums when finding a pic from Xmas 1984 when I got my MJ doll LMFAO. How ironic is THAT!

Hope you all had good weekends :)



May 26, 2006

I Got It!

One of my first pics with the new camera!

OMG OMG OMG this new camera is GREAT!!

Having the time of my life here :D

Hugs all


May 1, 2006

Immigration Rally - May Day 2006

What an excellent day!! I had such a wonderful time downtown. It started out crappy because I lost my umbrella at work. Then I was late getting home. Then we didn't think Matt had enough gas. Then we ran out of change for the parking meter. Then we wasted too much time looking for food for Matt who hadn't ate since the night before. Then it was cold and sprinkling and I had no coat. What a mess! Boo!

Just when we were getting crabby and had waited over an hour and a half and hadn't seen them coming yet.......

Cops in cars and on motorcycles came flying to our corner. They instantly blocked off traffic. Then you could hear something. Well, besides the friggin helicopters which were loud as hell. We heard a faint chanting. We knew they were on the way.

We made a quick plan to split up once the march reached us to get different angles and all. I stayed where I was for a bit to catch a good angle of the beginning of what could only be described as thousands upon thousands of people. And beautiful American flags galore. They were so proud, emotional and thrilled to be there. The emotion of it all put me on a natural high and I took so many pictures. Everyone was just beautiful, because they were in their element and so proud of who they were and what they stood for.

I think the sign that was most significant to me was held by a young woman with her children in tow. It was a drawing of the Statue Of Liberty and around the drawing it simply stated that Ms. Liberty - she too was an immigrant. It was a single defining moment in the entire march that just made so much sense I wanted to cry with happiness. I've never seen so many people smiling, singing and chanting in all my life.

And to think I almost stayed at home today.