June 12, 2006

June 12th, 2006

Yesturday I decided to go prowl around with my brother again. We ended up visiting a memorial for fallen firefighters. I'd promised him some pictures from it so I wanted to get that taken care of. After that we were going to go roam around downtown.
But sometimes things take an interesting and unexpected turn that surprises you. We'd noticed that the fire station next to the memorial had a ladder truck parked outside. Well in the fire station the alarms went off and of course my brother got all giddy like he does (he starts school for the same thing this fall). So being the great sister that I am, I took some pics of the guys running out and getting their gear on. Then the truck took off.
We ended up walking a couple blocks downtown just to look at things and when we were headed back towards the car (which was parked on the same block as the firehouse) we noticed that the truck was back already. We figured right away they must be training and doing drills.
Well when we got back over there we saw that they were playing around with the truck. My brother, knowing way more about that sort of thing than me, got excited again. I was like.........whaaaaaat?
He was sure they were going to raise the ladder, by the things they were doing to the truck itself. Sure enough they were getting ready to extend the big arms that stabilize the truck when the ladder is used. So you know, we thought we'd stay awhile!
We watched, I photographed, it was fun. To our total surprise one of the firefighters came up and started chatting with us. Next thing you know he invited us inside to have a tour around and explore the trucks. I was able to take up close and personal pictures of the fire engines, hoses, gear and all. And my brother got to ask all sorts of questions about how this and that works.
It turned out to be a fantastic day.