August 31, 2006

What The Hell...

A couple weeks ago I went out to eat with a pal of mine......and on our way out of the restaurant we ran into this. Talk about people not paying attention! This person parking right in the middle of the drive......... *sigh*.
Thanks to my handy new camera phone I got a pic of it too :)

August 15, 2006

My first little media player

So I finally went out and got an MP3 player! No I didn't get an Ipod. I got a Zen. I actually ended up wanting this more because it connects to Yahoo!'s music service and since I'm so pro-Yahoo!.... :)
I haven't listened to anything yet as it is still charging. I did pile in a pretty large EJ playlist on it though. It's 1GB so I didn't even fill it a quarter of the way. (I only put my fav songs from the 90s-00s in it so far). I'll post an update tomorrow and let ya know if A. I put the songs on correctly and B. If it actually works!
I hope it does, I'm getting tired of hauling an outdated little cd player with me where ever I go. This thing is so tiny and cute...
Time for bed. Too much shopping and playing with this thing (software took a while to install) and I have to get up for work in........ 4 hours (yuck!). Oh well I'll sleep really good tomorrow.