September 27, 2006

1835 emails later

Ok, I am just really bad about clearing out my email. I just went through every folder in my email and my sent folder and inbox to clean it all out. I deleted 1835 emails...
It was hogging up 1.4GB of space!! And the oldest email still in a folder was from 2003!
It is now the cleanest it's been since I got it :)

September 18, 2006

A beautiful morning/a better day

On a whim this morning I got up at 5am and headed down to the lake. I suddenly got the itch to take pictures of the sunrise this morning. It was a total blast. I think what I didn't get out of yesterday's trip to the domes, I got this morning. It was so peaceful down there. The air was nice and crisp, nothing but the sound of the water and the birds (ok and the occasional airplane...) and an array of beautiful sights and colors. I took so many pictures that eventually my camera batteries ran out of power lol. It was a great start to the day.


Just Wonderful...

I discovered a bit ago that the command dial on my big camera stopped working.....just my luck dammit. Figuring I forgot to fill out my warranty for this thing, like I do with everything I get.......*sigh*
I just got done reading this is actually a common problem and Fuji is offering rebates of $100 if the camera was bought between April and August - I got mine in May.....but seeing that I didn't fill out the warranty, I wonder if I'm even eligable. The hundred bucks would cover the price of fixing it. I guess I'll have to see what I can do.

Update: After some internet browsing I've discovered this command dial problem is a very common problem. And of course, fuji is denying that it is a reoccuring problem.
So......... since the camera still works, just not in manual mode.......I now basically have a $600 point and shoot camera....

September 17, 2006

Trying To De-stress

After all this stuff lately, I needed to de-stress so I went to the Domes. It was nice to put my headphones on and crawl through all the plants and things with my camera (even though I got my headphone wires wrapped around a damned cactus!!) and just relax and take pics. It was nice, though it did not really make me feel any better. I got a few ok shots but was a little irritated that nothing really stood out as being really good. Maybe just too much on my mind yet. I was hoping it would have been more enjoyable, especially after breaking into tears at work when a sad song came on the radio. The person I was working with was like omg what's wrong!! I assured her that I was okay, just going through a lot of emotional stuff right now. She was pretty cool about it and was helping me come up with ideas to de-stress. I want to get this out of my system though, so I can be there for Mike and not be this big rollercoaster of emotions, you know? I'm sure with time it will get better. If you have any ideas on ways to help me de-stress let me know.

September 15, 2006

New Pic On Flickr

After Karen's funeral on Wednesday, we all took some flowers home with us because there were so many sent to us and they were so beautiful. I decided to do a series of shots of the flowers as my way of a dedication to her, since photography is the best way I can describe the things that go through my mind sometimes.
Many of the pictures turned out really well....


September 9, 2006

Sept. 9, 2006

Thanks Tracey for the E-card, that was so sweet and I really appreciate it. Been busy with these things this week and trying to work as well so I know I haven't been on but I know you all are there and I love you for it.
Love ya,


September 8, 2006

Pair hospitalized after weekend accident

LINN TOWNSHIP-An Illinois man and a Fort Atkinson woman remain in intensive care at a Milwaukee-area hospital following a car-motorcycle accident on Zenda Road over the weekend. Charles A. Roth, 49, of Marengo, Ill., and his passenger, Karen E. Lawson, 44, were injured about 4:11 p.m. Sept. 3, when Roth's Harley-Davidson motorcycle collided with a Suzuki SUV driven by Gail M. Pellegrini, 48, of Wauconda, Ill. at the intersection of County Road BB and Zenda Road in southern Walworth County. Gerald Kerns, town of Linn police chief, said the Pellegrini vehicle was northbound on Zenda. Roth and Lawson were westbound on BB. Pellegrini reportedly pulled out without seeing the approaching motorcycle, and the vehicles collided. Roth and Lawson, who were not wearing helmets, both suffered leg and internal injuries and were taken by Flight for Life to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, Waukesha. They remain in intensive care, he said. Pellegrini, who was uninjured, was cited for failure to yield right of way, Kerns said.

September 5, 2006

Sept. 4

I just wanted to thank my friends for their support. After being at the hospital for almost 24 hours, coming home and being able to get online with them has been a real help. You guys have kept me calm and helped me to make sense of what the doctor's said and made me feel a little more positive about my Karen's situation. Thanks for that,

September 3, 2006

Learning The Trade

So my brother came over today. We were going to go downtown again and cruise around but ended up staying here. We got our Subway sandwiches and came back to watch goofy stuff on Youtube. He also brought one of his school books with to show me. He'd been talking about it ALL friggin' week so he finally got his chance to go through it for the hundreth time. :D He already went through it with dad, with Karen, his friends, now I got my turn! It's cool to see him so excited about it...makes me excited for him :)
I think he's read it cover to cover twice already....he's had the book like two weeks.
The stuff was pretty cool in it. He showed me how to properly use the air masks and use the jaw of life and how to hold a fire hose and pondered over whether Grandma L. would let him use one of the saws on her garage door....... (I told him the chances were very very low).
It was a good time. He ended up staying way later than he wanted to though. We always seem to lose track of the time! I think he left around 7pm or so which means he won't get home until after 9pm. And he has to be up early to work out then go to work and school. He gave me a quick call as he was pulling in which was good, so I knew he'd made it home fine.
Now it's time for this girl to get some SLEEP!!!!

September 1, 2006

Congrats To My Brother

Just wanted to take a few seconds and say congrats to my brother for starting his degree for Fire Protection Technician. I know it sounds odd to congratulate him on starting but we've been waiting for this - and so has he. This is something he's been wanting to do since he was a child and he's one of the only people I know to actually start fulfilling a childhood dream. I've said it before and I'll say it again (and again and again) - he was born to do this and I truly believe it is his destiny. From the little five year old wearing one of dad's dress shirts and his play fire gear crawling through the house pretending to fight now, entering his first semester to become a real firefighter - I've always been so proud of him.