October 19, 2006

I Guess Bad Things Always Happen In Twos....

A couple days ago I was sleeping and my phone kept ringing. I looked at it the first time....DAD. I figured I'd call him later when I got up. He's a third shifter and I'm a third shifter so I knew he knew the drill. Not too long later the phone rang again.........DAD. I set the phone down and put my head on the pillow but stared at the phone. I wondered what was up. He called twice during the day when he knew I'd worked the night before. Then I thought, maybe I'll just call him, can't take more than a few minutes.
So I called him back. He asked if I had been sleeping, then apologized for waking me. I told him it was okay. I asked him what was up. He gets this tone, when he's going to say something, I don't know, something that isn't good.
He said, well...... there's been a family tragedy....
Not again.... Was the first thing in my mind. We just went through this last month was the next thing I thought. Instantly my mind raced to my grandmother, his mother. I took in a deep breath, and listened.
I was wrong. Grandma was okay. Her sister and her family, was not.
Two of my relatives had died tragically and violently in their home.
I didn't know what to say. I think the first thing I did say was what?! Followed by why? and probably how? What the hell??
I'd spent summers there as a kid and always enjoyed their company as an adult. I was shocked.
He said they were both in the hospital and they brain dead. The relative who found them and called 911 had to be medicated. Who wouldn't? I can't even imagine what they walked in to.

My father and step-mom are there now. They went down yesterday. One was marked as an organ donor and we were told that multiple organs were donated to those desperately in need on the national transplant list. So at least something positive has come of it all. Someone's life may have been saved out of our tragedy.

I talked to my cousin a little while ago. She said the service was terrible. Very sad. It was a joint service. She said the place was packed.

What a year this is turning out to be. I really hope that nothing else happens this year. It has been hard enough already.