November 30, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Wheeeeeeeee!! What a mess it is out there!! I just got home from work. Normally it takes about 25 minutes by expressway to get from work to home, but this morning it took almost two hours!! The snow was coming down hard! It didn't start until around 3:30 am and it's about 9:00 am now. This is supposed to last until 3pm! We are forecast to have up to 13 inches in Milwaukee, and I can definitely see that happening on my side of town, by Lake Michigan.
Drive safe out there people :)

November 27, 2006

Webrings, Links & Thunderboomers

Hi all. It's a few days away from December, in Wisconsin, and we just had - - a thunderstorm! Weird stuff witht he weather. Got up to 61F today. Extended fall like weather - I'll keep it :) Really weird thing is, we have bare trees and green grass - too strange.

Webring -
I was mulling around an idea for a few days now. I was thinking, you remember how big webrings were in the 90's? Everyone had at least one on their site, or at least it seemed like they did. Well what every happened to those? They just seemed to either fade away or become lame...dunno.
Well I was going through and checking links the other day and I was admiring all the great Elton fan sites that are around and I had an idea strike. Why not start an Elton webring? There are so many sites out there, how nice it would be to have them all listed somewhere on the web, where anyone from fans to casual lookers could find them all? A way to show off our work, if you will, to those maybe not always exposed to sites like ours. And maybe get some traffic and new fans along the way?

So I did it. I started up a webring. It's not the fanciest of rings, but it has heart. And it was put together with pride (and a little excitement as well).

So go check it out, and if you have an Elton fansite, come on in and join the bunch :)

PS: Will finish my links page this weekend :)

November 20, 2006

More Done.

After re-doing my front page, I decided to move on and see what else I could get done this morning. I decided after milling around to change up the quizzes and polls page. I kept all the old polls up there, but made an icon for each one. I also put up a new poll, while checking out a website I ran into called Dpolls. I made one little poll for now, but if the format holds up I'll make more. It's better this way because I can embed the polls on my site and there are no annoying pop-ups while trying to get to a poll.
So that's that for now.

November 12, 2006

November 12. 2006

Sometimes they say bad things happen in threes. It must be true. This has been an unbelievable last few months.
I got a phone call from dad the other day. My aunt whom I haven't talked to in years called him trying to get ahold of me and my mother. So dad got to be the bearer of bad news again.
My mother's grandmother, my great grandmother passed away on the 10th. He let me know and then I had to call my mother. It was terrible. I didn't want to call her. I didn't want to have to tell her that the only person besides me in her family that cared enough to keep in contact with her had died. I knew it would be bad, and it was. I hated having to make that phone call. It was almost like I could hear her heart break over the phone. It was the second time in three months I had to tell her someone had died, and had to listen as she broke down on the other end. I felt so bad. She couldn't stay on the phone, she had to go. She was so emotionally distraught she was barely able to hang the phone up.
And I feel terrible. I feel awful, and guilty. I hadn't been able to see her much since moving back here, though I was less than twenty miles away. I don't drive though, and it's far off the bus line. I kept saying I would go see her, find a way. But time has a way of getting away from you somehow.
I talked to her a few weeks ago. She didn't sound well. She had to cut the call short. She was going to go lay down. I was a little worried after the call, but figured I'd call her in a few weeks and she would be her chipper self. I never thought those few weeks would end with this. I wish I would have called someone or called her back the next day or something. I wish I'd visited her more often. She was the most amazing woman I'd met so far in my life. She was 91 and still lived in her own home. She lived through two husbands and even children. She'd lived long enough to meet her great great grandbabies. She even tilled her own garden until a few years ago when the family begged her to take it easier and her body would tell her to as well. She was a tough tough woman, and a very religious woman. She prayed at each meal, and before each night of her life and lived such a wonderful life.
I will miss her so very much. I had wonderful times all through my life around her. Some of my earliest memories are from her cabin at the lake up north. Reading the paper to her and my great grandfather was when I was no more than seven (i was an early reader, novels by age ten even) and they instilled the importance of family, nature and especially the importance of knowing what is going on in the world. That is one lesson I still use to this day. I remember gardening with her when I was 9, I remember making rootbeer floats with her when I was 12, riding out the chicken pox at her house during summer vacation when I was 14, getting the worlds greatest and most fantastic back scratches from her - it was a talent really! I remember curling up with her on the couch with kleenex and watching the first images on the news of the Oklahoma City bombings with her, and then at lunch we turned it off and prayed before our meal for the rescue workers and the children that were killed in the day care center. And I remember canning fruits with her, and making her famous ruhbarb sauce that looked a tad suspicious but quickly won you over by it's amazing taste. And her cucumbers in the vinegar sauce that was a recipe handed down from HER mother. And of simple chores like washing dishes with her. Or the time I was putting pans away and I pulled a muscle in my neck so bad I couldn't move it for days, but she made it easier to get through with massage and compresses.
And best of all her stories of her youth. Of how times were so different and ways were so different. She would pull out old photo albums with pictures from the 40's and I was! It was amazing. She could tell the best stories. She could also sooth even the most worried of hearts with words of wisdom that frankly, you just don't hear anymore. And she is the person who taught me to crochet. Patiently helping me with my uneven sized hoops and curvy patterns. I never became very good at it, but had such wonderful times crocheting side by side with her.
She really truly was amazing.
I'll miss her so much.