January 24, 2007

New Music Player & Friggin' Antibiotics

As you can see, I found a new music player. Thanks to GLT over on youtube/livevideo, I found a new website to play on. www.finetune.com
If you sign up you can build your own playlist and embed it here. It doesn't auto-play right off the bat, but with a little playing around I got it to work (I know just a tiny bit of scripting..). Also thanks to GLT I am browsing through some new music as well, most notably Ray LaMontagne, who reminds me a lot of CCR, but he's our age. Interesting stuff.
As for the antibiotics, they aren't as bad today as yesterday. Yesterday they almost made me sick. For about 40 minutes I curled up in a ball in bed and just waited. Gave me the worse stomach pains. They had me take a double dose, so maybe that was it? I ate food with it and everything. I thought today would be different but doing it again. I might called the pharmacy and see if there is anything I can do to help it. It will go away after a while :(

January 3, 2007

Weather Mishaps and Sore Throats

I got a pic of my leg, I know at least one person who wanted to see but doesn't live around here.
This was from a minor incident involving some ice in front of my local grocery store that I didn't see. They had salted every single spot......except where I happened to walk.....Go figure....Was not fun....

That's one knee...
The other is just as colorful. I did mention when I got in the store about the small area to the east of the entrance that still had some ice. They offered to have me fill out a report, but at that point I just wanted to get my shopping done and GO HOME.
Today I got to use my health insurance for the first time in forever. I think I've used it three times in three years. I think the reason is because I'm still used to having no insurance and forget that it is ok to use it.
The doc thinks I may have strep. The rapid test came back negative, but he rambled something about a certain percentage of negatives are false, etc etc. And based on my symptoms (he was really interested in my monster tonsils, they always are!!) that he was almost sure I DID have it and they'd do an second test (STTH I"m sure) but in the meantime he wanted to get me on an antibiotic. He asked if I'd ever had the opportunity to have my tonsils removed, etc. etc. I told him that at this age I'll just deal with the swollen throat - I've heard stories of folks my age getting them out and that recoup time is really long. No Thanks.
So now I'm on Azithromycin. Yay. Eat before taking and no antacids. I can deal with that. They really are drugging me up, I have to double dose today. I just hope it makes this crap go away.
Anyhow, that's all for my rambling.

Now it's time for a nice NyQuil nap.