March 15, 2007


Blockbuster hit in St. Francis
A Blockbuster Video store was robbed at gunpoint last night, extending a recent spree of 20 robberies in the Bay View area further south into nearby St. Francis.

Cops said....they are pretty sure it's the same guy.

I posted a poll on my original post.... and here it is along with the results:

Do you think the dude is making decent money from it?

A. Yeah he's probably making off with a decent amount of cash. 0 votes
B. Nope, otherwise he wouldn't still be doing it. 1 votes
C. Fuck the cash, take the movies!! 2 votes

March 14, 2007

Electric Baby!!

My present from Paul :)

Okay so I was thinking about the kind of schedule I really would like to be on most of the time, and I'm thinking I really want to be up evenings. 1. It would be nice to run into you all and 2. It works out better for my biking. I'll have to see what I can do about it. There's got to be a way to change my sleep schedule....

Like I'm doing well on it today!! Still awake! I barely napped and woke up again, dunno why.

Hey I have a three day weekend coming up too. We should plan a night online? Let me know any suggestions.


PS: There's no snow on the ground anymore! Finally yaaaaaaay :)