June 14, 2007

Dental sedation set for two weeks from now

So I go under on the 28th @ 7am.

I'm afraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid!!

I got the drugs for it as well.

At about 6am at work (since i work third and am not at home to take it before bed the night before)(which means i'm really gonna be fucked up because i'm taking it all together lol) I take two 5mg tabs of diazepam (valium) together and then at 630am as I leave work I am to take .25mg of triazolam.


By the time Kim walks me in the door it will be more like dragging.

I'll be asleep the minute they put me in the chair and wrap me up in the warm blanket. I'm pretty sure I'll be out cold. I read up on both meds and yep - I'm almost certain I won't even slightly wake up during the dentist procedures.

And I'm happy for it.

Anyhow, now that I've shared that I really am off to bed.


June 7, 2007

First tornadoes - then locusts! It's the end of the world!!

Well, that's how people are acting around here! The news over-hyped the possibility of severe weather here for this fine afternoon and evening and now everyone is spazzing... Events have been canceled, schools are letting out early, and the entire city of Milwaukee will be eating their dinner in the basement if they don't calm the fuck down already. LOL!

Too funny. I just hope I get a few nice lightning shots.... If we even get anything at all :)