July 21, 2007

Very fun day, very very tired now that I'm home.

I've been up since about 7pm YESTERDAY evening.
I am off for bed in a few minutes as I can barely keep my eyes open.
Had fun at the run/walk and at the game and visiting with family. Was so fun to have so many together at once! The Brewers got their asses kicked but at least Steriodboy......er.....I mean Bonds...... didn't get a hit in our park ha! Was hilarious as Miller Park was sold out for the game, something like 63,400 people there, and we all heckled Bonds like crazy lmao!
Was a great time :)


July 3, 2007


Sorry I've been really quiet online. My jaw was killing me Monday and Tuesday. Dad knew something was up when I barely touched my corned beef hash platter at Perkins Monday. I think I ate all of two bites....
I only got around two hours of sleep Monday because of my mouth.. By Tuesday morning I was convinced I had dry socket by the pain being so bad and I ended up getting into the dentist by 1 this afternoon. Turns out I don't have dry socket, don't have an abscess and there aren't any complications at all. The dentist really thinks that the pain is it healing. He said everyone is different not only in how they heal but each time they heal and that he's seen it before. He did poke around to pinpoint the pain and he cleaned it out a bit and put some kind of medicine right in it. He's thinking it will heal enough to stop aching in the next two days.
That sure will be welcome news!