August 10, 2007


Tracey and Jess are probably like…….wtf did you DO?


(this will take a bit to type with this thing on )

When I was leaving work on Thursday morning, I decided to run to the ladies room near the parking structure. I hurried so i could catch back up with linda. I swung the door open upon leaving and stopped really fast as a guy was pushing a huge metal cart down the hall and i would have ran into him. to stop faster i grabbed the door frame (or i would have really gotten hurt had i crashed into it) and without realizing….. i had my pinky in the door way just below the hinges. and well…..


The door, which was a heavy older door on springs, closed on my finger.

I almost kicked the cart as I reacted to the pain in my hand. It started to swell immediately and just throbbed. By the time i got home and changed from my scrubs my pinky was twice it’s normal size. I put ice on it and took ibuprofen to help with the swelling.

At work last night it was aching pretty good once i was moving it around, so i finally called cherell in er and was like hey it’s misty from stat bench and she was like hey how are you etc, etc. i told her what i did and wanted to know if i could maybe get a splint to use from er without having to reg as a patient. she said she’d find out for me and called back and relayed the message to kim at the bench. kim found me training cynthia and told me i had a date with the male nurse in er………

he is a HOT nurse in er. i was like whoohoo! every woman in the hospital knows who he is.

so i went down and he took a look at it and he was like jeez you know how to smash a finger… he put the splint on and told me to be careful with it. he didn’t think it was broken but said he couldn’t be sure and understood i didn’t have the time or finances for xrays. he said i may have bruised the bone or cracked it etc. to wear the splint when ever possible and if i had to take it off for work it was fine just to put it on again later.

he was great…..maybe next week i should run into a wall hahahahhahaha! (kidding…..)

So, thats the story of why i have a funny looking finger!