October 21, 2007


Well we ended up not going to Texas Roadhouse. I called ahead and they were booked solid, as it was Sweetest Day yesturday. So instead we ended up going to Famous Daves. Maaaaaaaan was it good stuff.

We ended up getting the All-American BBQ Feast For Two. It had in it:

A half slab of spare ribs, a half chicken, 1/4 pound of Texas beef brisket, coleslaw, Famous Fries, Wilbur Beans, two corn bread muffins and two corn-on-the-cob. It was all BBQ’d and smoked. It was fantastic!! I took the pic with the cell phone. It turned out crappy because it was dark in there but you get the idea. They served it on a garbage can lid….

Afterwards Katie and I raided Walmart. I got dad a new Packers cap for his upcoming birthday, some snacks to drop of to Kim and Margie at work, and then we raided the $5.00 dvd bins. I bought: John Q., Absolute Zero, The Truman Show, My Cousin Vinny, One Hour Photo (I though I had it already but I didn’t), Primal Fear, Catch Me If You Can, World Trade Center and Stephen King’s Rose Red.

After that we stopped by work to drop off the snacks and say hi, then I got dropped off and promptly fell asleep stuffed.