September 29, 2008

I'm SO jealous

For Mike's 22nd birthday he decided to go skydiving. It's something we've both talked about wanting to do but it's not cheap. He finally did it!!

I got to see the video today when we hung out and it was just amazing! It looked absolutely gorgeous up there!




September 28, 2008

So Many Choices...

So little time...

When that picture was taken...

It was the last time the Brewers had made the playoffs. I was 3 and 1/2 years old...
And now, 26 years later, they've finally DONE IT AGAIN!!
The crazy thing is, I've never been dissapointed in them.
I grew up with my dad, so baseball was a normal part of my childhood experience. Even as a little girl I went to games at old County Stadium.
And I always ended up with Brewers clothing.... Leave it to dad to always dress me up in sports shirts!! And when I look back at old photos......
I always find my dad wearing Brewers stuff.

I remember a time, when I was maybe nine years old...
And my dad came into the house after going to a game with his old buddy Gary (who had the GREAT mez. seats not far from the press box at old CS) and he was like walking on air. I swear his feet weren't even touching the GROUND.

And he had the biggest smile I'd ever seen. Ear to friggin ear. And we were like...........WHAT?
He kept us hanging for a bit and finally couldn't handle it anymore and went into his story.
Turns out, dad caught a foul ball that day. Not hit by just anyone, but his VERY favorite Brewer of all time, Robin Yount. But that wasn't the coolest part....
After the game, he went down by the dugout and asked if he could have it signed. Someone went and ask Robin and he actually let my dad down into the locker room to get it personally signed. From what I hear, dad actually made a pretty good catch to get that ball. Not surprising though, dad played CF in a league he was in for years.
And ironically, it was signed from one Robin to another Robin :)
My dad has that ball encased and on a shelf. I don't think he's ever taken it out of that case either.
Throughout the years we saw many games at county stadium. His friend Gary had season tickets for some 20 + years and he was always very generous in sharing the seats as he couldn't go to every game. We used to go a lot on weekends and I would watch the games and do my homework at the same time. Those seats actually hung off the edge of the stadium, and came with movable chairs and a shelf type desk. Perfect for food & drinks, or in my case....homework!

Even at times when our relationship was rocky in my teenage years, we could always put things aside to watch a game or sort through his amazing year by year collections of baseball cards. I loved to sort stuff, so naturally I took easily to putting the cards in order. He'd buy them by the box load to get every card of every brand for each season. And I remember when I was a teen, and my brother was around ten, we went to some function they had at old county, where you could meet the players. It was for kids, so dad was STOKED he got to go because he HAD kids who wanted to go. If I remember right I was half in love with one of the pitchers so I was really excited!

We got to go down on the field and walk around meeting each of the players, getting autographs and taking pictures with them. Well dad was all about the pictures so he was taking all these pictures and then he whispers to me (out of earshot of my brother so he wouldn't be upset..) that omg, he forgot to put film in the CAMERA!! My first reaction was..........DAD!!!!!!!!!!! We actually pretended he was taking pictures through the rest of it and came up with a plan when we got home not to tell my brother. And just hope he'd forget about the pictures. I was pissed about not having my pic with that pitcher but was all happy I got an autograph so I forgave him for it :)

We do the Sausage walk/run every year at Miller Park with the entire family. It's fun to do as a group, it's good exercise, you get to walk inside the tunnels of the stadium and out on the grounds, they feed you brats after, and you get tickets to a game out of it. So we really enjoy it and look forward to it every year.

The past few years, my brother and I have taken to buying tickets for a game each season in a section fairly relative to where we sat at the old stadium. Not that we could ever replicate exactly, as there are no such seats at Miller Park, but we try to get as close to that spot as we can. And the three of us go, just like the old days, and watch a game together.

I especially think it's wonderful, to look back on all of our baseball memories, now that you know, dad is getting a little older (as are we). I've realized how much I cherish them all. It's amazing how a team who for so many years wasn't very good........brought us so much joy.

Win or lose, they've always been our team - and I'm thankful to have enjoyed them so much over the years.
And as great as it's always been.....
It's even SWEETER now that they are succeeding.
Even if they lose in their first games in these playoffs, to me, they are still GREAT.


Oreo :(

I got a text from my friend late last week letting me know that Oreo, her cat, died :(
I've talked to her since then and she has no idea what happened. The vet is doing an autopsy so that they know if he got into something. He wasn't the type of cat to eat anything except his foooooooooood so she's pretty confused about it all. She said he was fine, then she got up for work and he was sick and moving really slow and meowing. No one would fill in for her at work so she had to go in, but planned to immediately take him to the animal hospital as soon as she got off work. When she came home he was already gone.

She said she feels a little lost. She comes home and opens the door and expects him to be there waiting like he always did. :(
She asked to send some pics of him to her this weekend to keep, so I'll find a few for her. I took a LOT of him since he was so photogenic and such a friggin ham.... I'm gonna miss that cat... he was my buddy :(


September 27, 2008

Things That Annoy Me #3

People that go out of their way to aggravate you into arguing about politics because they know you are on the other side politically than they are! I am not on this earth to inflate your ego.

lkdsjgjtoiwentgoiwrengiorwgirewgh rhgoi rewhgiowgjoiwghig !!!!!

Ok...better now.



Almost Halloween Time

So I'm thinking about decorating my big living room window for Halloween and Autumn. I have beige curtains so it already makes a good backdrop. I have a few little things but need to get a bag of fake webs and a straw broomstick. Maybe some clings with bats and a moon too. :)

When it's done I'll take a picture!

September 26, 2008

Things That Annoy Me #2

When I get a text right in the middle of sleeping for work.......
And on top of it the text is some stupid crapass religious one where if you don't send this to five people right now..........

You know what I think??

wpoaetojtopgjweotmepojgoewgjwmglwjdgoajg g jrjggpojoj !!!!!!!!!!

Ok I feel better now.


September 25, 2008

Things that annoy me #1

Things that annoy me - #1

So at work tonight, I walked up to someone and started talking to them right? And like five seconds after we'd started talking, someone else walks up and starts talking to the same person, like i'm not even there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because a person has a little bit of a higher job title doesn't mean they can be a total ASS to everyone else!

*returning to happy thoughts mode*