December 25, 2008

I Can't Believe It

I've been working in that lab for four and a half years, doing things correctly, being honest, being nice... and this morning I was called in to a meeting in HR and let go of my job. I didn't have the 'right' to argue my case and the person that was my boss lied about something she said...and there are others who know that too.

That's it. I now have no job. I have no idea what I am going to do.

On top of it I bet I won't be eligible for unemployment because they fired me. Just watch.



Happy Holidays? ....

December 22, 2008

Frozen Birthday :)

So I ended up at home for my birthday, which was fine by me!!!!! It was too cold!! -7F with wind making it -31F.... no thank you!!
I didn't take this picture...and glad I didn't it was probably freezing out for the little time it would have taken to make that pic! But it is from the 21st. BRRRRRRR.
I stayed home and curled up on the couch watching movies and relaxing. Got a lot of calls & texts from people throughout the day. Thanks!
I had to tighten up my facebook again....
Apparently some first shifter at work printed stuff we wrote on there and put it on a boss's desk. Arg....
So I bumped everyone from work off with the exception of like three who I know didn't do it for sure. Others did the same thing and I know of one person that totally got rid of her facebook account...which was a shame.
I'd wondered if it was a good idea having all my coworkers on I know!
Honestly, it doesn't sound like we are going to get any more than the whole.......don't do that lecture. *phew*
Well they won't have to worry about that from my end, now will they!
A few are super pissed though, feels like a breach in privacy etc... but the way i look at it is we WERE on the net at work so...
Anyhow, I'm now barreling away at finishing the apartment birthday goal! Got a lot done earlier in the day so just picking up where I left off earlier.

December 17, 2008

tired and his ramblings

I am soooo tired. Not much sleep today. I wanted to cry when the alarm went off!
Bill ran me up to work tonight. I appreciated it but I tell you - I remember why we are divorced!! We were fine all the way up to the hospital but we got into a huge argument right at the end. We were talking about health and things and just like the old days he went on one of his mister-know-it-all lectures. He believes he is not at all over weight and that it doesn't matter how much food you eat and what you eat, that the doctors are just making half it up to earn money. If he isn't overweight then um, why did he fail the MPD physical exam? And why does his gut hang out over his pants and all if he's not overweight. He said the doctor told him he's borderline obese and he doesn't believe the doctor. But you know what? The doc is right. Bill is the only one who doesn't see it.
It's weird, he goes on these "philosophical" rambles - yet doesn't have one fact to back it up. I don't know if he just talks that way to sound smart or what. I mean, give me a break. Most people must see through all that crap....


Greetings From Carolyn in the lab...

I'm Carolyn. I am a crazy friend of Misty's. She is very nice to let me say a few words. Misty is a cool/awesome person and we have had on occasional taco bell and starbucks runs. She cheers me up when I'm having a bad day. what a great friend. Her chilli fries smell really good right now, I have contemplated stealing them :) My nose is itching like crazy. Damned this place. Anyhow, Misty needs to party with me on my birthday which is soon. Well, I better get back to my station before phlebotomy attacks with snowballs!

December 16, 2008

Fun Weekend, Enjoying Night Off

Had a fun weekend.......although super tiring!!!
I had to work this weekend and we had a long downtime which sucked major ass. Basically for twelve hours the entire computer system was down and everything was handwritten, including specimen labels, orders, etc. After it came back up we had to order/enter all of it in the system. Was a total mess. I thought my damned hand was gonna fall off with all the writing I did! On the plus side...... the night went SUPER fast, was so busy I didn't even get a lunch break or anything. Just a few minutes to run in the other room, stuff the food in my mouth and come right back. Also we worked out a few kinks in our downtime procedures, trained a few folks who'd never experienced one and discovered new ways it can be fucked up. So in the end, S and I who have done at least seven of these long downtimes in four years (they say we are the most experienced on third now with the new system...hence why I was named the Req manager for our shift during it - how exciting), figured this was not the worst downtime we've had. That was two years ago when it was a lot worse. We think this one, while there were errors and issues in our procedures that we'll look at and learn from, actually went pretty well. Personally, I'm just glad it is OVEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!
After working all night I came home and Mike came over around 930am so we could go shopping. Originally I was gonna sleep until noon but I was all wound up from the downtime stress so we met earlier. We first went to eat. We had Subway which I love AND is healthy. Instead of a whole grain sub sandwich like I normally get, I tried that new flat bread they have. It was really good. I ate half and saved the rest for later because I had a small bowl of soup with it.
Then we went shopping. First we went to Best Buy because the earlier in the day you go, the better. It was still super packed though. Parking lot was full like usual so we had to cruise around a bit to find a spot to park. While there I bought for Tracey, Jessica and Paul. Mike bought for two of his buddies. And we went around the whole store checking stuff out as you do....Best Buy turns grown ups into kids again.
Then we went to Barnes & Noble. I was on the hunt for calendars for a few people and a new journal for myself. I got myself a really super cool one (posted a pic on flickr) that looks really old and is leather bound and tied. I LOVE IT. Every time I open it all I smell is the leather.
I ended up buying Mike a huge fire truck calendar because he loved the last few he's gotten. I also found a funny box of those poetry magnets for the fridge, a perverted set, for Mike and his roommates LOL.
Mike found like seven things there, two of which he refused to show me (hrmmmmmmm). So we did well there.
Then we went to the mall which was a fuckin circus. We were able to walk off what we ate just getting from the car to the actual doors, we had to park like miles away.
At some point we ate dinner, Chinese food in the food court (not in any way healthy i know it). We had orange chicken and fried rice. I had a banana strawberry juice with it - that was good stuff.
We went to all the sports memorabilia stores looking for things for dad. In the end I got him a desk calendar for work. It's shaped circular like a baseball and every day has technical stuff about the rules of the game, stats, etc.
I found the calendar for Jacqi. I get her an angel calendar every year. This year it had children dressed like angels and was gorgeous. I also got Linda her present. I found a desk calendar called.... Life is crap. :D Each day has a little cartoon drawing where the stick guy has something bad happen to him, like a bird shitting on him while getting a pic taken, etc. Was very funny.
Mike got a desk calendar for his buddy who is gonna be going to med school. It's called something like.... 'Why do men have nipples? Questions you wouldn't ask your doctor without drinking three martini's first'. It has all sorts of funny questions like..... Can my penis break in half? Heh.

After shopping I came home. I got home a little after 630pm!!! I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
I probably fell asleep about 7pm..... and woke up at 9pm for work. I thought I was gonna cry lol.
I tried to keep busy at work, I was SO fuckin tired, but I didn't fall asleep. I had an energy drink that I slowly drank through the night. I wanted to slam it but knew after a few hours I'd crash. So, I gulped some every hour and just kept the caffeine level steady. Worked out well.
Today I ended up sleeping for almost twelve hours!!! I needed it though. Slept like a rock except for waking up once when someone text me but I went right back out again.
So that is what I've been up to.
Hope you all are well!
Enjoying my night off ;)