March 17, 2009

Things I never had though of.

Well, a lot has come about in a very short amount of time. Dad took me to turn my stuff in for that money from my old job. The lady said it shouldn't take very long to process, possibly less than two weeks.
I've been talking to Tracey and Bruce and I think I might be going to Australia.... I need a break from here or I think it will literally kill me. I could use the payout and just go away for a while, find some work over there, and regroup myself.

March 12, 2009

Losing it all

I've been so depressed lately. Losing my job, going to run out of money, going to lose my apartment... Losing my dignity, having to borrow money from dad for food... I pretty much just sleep a lot right now and then, I sleep some more. I lost my internet, I have no cable, just two air channels that hardly come in. I've also re-watched almost every vhs and dvd in this apartment now, and about read all the books again. I was denied multiple times for any unemployment. I've applied to dozens of places with no luck whatsoever. I just don't know what to do.
I've wanted to write in here a lot more than this, but I just haven't had the inspiration to do so.
The only highlight I've had at all happened today. I got a thing in the mail from the bank saying that I worked at my job just long enough to be vested. I have $2100 (will be less after taxes) I can cash in a lump sum. Yay! At least it's something! I'm going to fill out the paperwork today. I was going to mail it in, but it may be easier if I just go there?
I may call dad and see if he could run me up there after he gets out of work. Would be very helpful right now. I'd get it turned in right away, could possibly speed up the process.
All I know is right now I need money.
Would be very helpful right now.
I need food.