April 30, 2009

Goodbye Apartment :D

At dad's. I'm already to go. I'm extremely excited about tomorrow. A little nervous too...about traveling alone for pretty much the first time in my life (other than when I took the Greyhound from Iowa to WI to see EJ in Madison). I had pretty much a total meltdown while trying to decide what clothes to bring. And shoes.... OMG. Drove me nuts!!!!!!!! I had piles all over the livingroom. I had one huge box for stuff to store. Two little USPS boxes to send to myself of clothes as well. And my suitcase...and my carry-on. I stuffed as much as humanly possible.
You know how hard it is to decide what clothes to take with for a year??? I was like..............djigjwtjgihgiwehhfwiehf......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
You know....I’m not sure if my brother realized how much I appreciated him storing my stuff in that unit. I know he had the room and all but you know, his mom’s stuff is in there. I have no idea what I would have done with all that stuff though without him, so I am super grateful. And not only that, but he rented a truck for us to haul it there. The storage unit is near Pewaukee so it wasn’t too too far away, but still I know he forked out a bit for it. It never ceases to amaze me how great a brother I have!
Mike and I moved most of the stuff in my apartment right away. I was still boxing up some random stuff but it wasn't too bad. He was fabulous and rented a truck and we were able to haul it all in one trip. I was smart about it and labeled every box carefully so that I would know what was what later on down the road. I went through and vacuumed again. I was fretting about the bathroom tile, but I knew that would be replaced as soon as I was gone anyhow.
We took the moving truck to Mike's storage unit and offloaded everything pretty quickly. Dad kept calling harassing us because he was hungry. By the third call he was practically whining! lol

We ended up going to Applebees for dinner. It was very good. I know they are a bit tight with cash right now and with the company that dad works for being bought out hanging over dad’s head, I wasn’t sure going out to eat was such a good idea. I have no idea what anyone else got because I was completely in tunnel vision land staring at my yummy medium rare porterhouse, grilled with veggies and mushrooms on top and fries.... YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! We all had a great time talking and enjoying each other's company. Afterwards we went back to my apartment to finish off some things. Then, that was that. Goodbye apartment. I didn't even feel upset or anything. After the way the last few months have been......... I felt...free.

April 24, 2009

At Home Again

After spending 6 nice days at Dad's, I had to come home and finish the apartment. I didn’t want to come back! It’s like 82F outside which means it’s over 90F in my apartment……aaaaaaarg. I can not wait to be out of here! I can’t stand it so hot. I don’t have internet or cable either so it generally just sucks.
I feel an incredible amount of pressure to get everything finished in the apartment and I’m quickly running low on time. Before I know it, it will be time to leave.

April 23, 2009

This is going to be cheesy sorry....

I was sitting here watching my skydiving dvd again and a few things sort of dawned on me.
First off was the fact that my brother likes me enough to buy me such an amazing - and expensive - going away present. I mean lets face it. It wasn't cheap! And I think it's cool that he remembered that I'd always wanted to try it. We always have fun when we hang out, whether it's Chicago, Six Flags, Florida, a road trip or just cruising around Milwaukee looking at the people. Sometimes we just go to Subway and chat over a cheap lunch. What ever we do, I always sort of cherish those kinds of days with him. I know a lot of people who don't get along at all with their siblings and I feel really fortunate that I have a sibling who's always around. It's going to be weird not seeing him for an entire year and I know I'm gonna miss him a lot so I'm happy we've ran into each other so much lately.
Doing something so crazy for the first time....I'm glad it was with Mike. As stupid crazy as we are about rollercoasters... I had a feeling I'd like it about as much as he does. I'd don't know anyone else that would have wanted to try it so I'm glad Mike likes it!! I get the feeling I may want to do a tandem in Australia so I am going to take my jump log book with me. When I get back, Mike might have his USPA license done which would be really cool. I will definately want to go back to Fort and jump again. It would be cool if Mike jumped from the same plane run as me!! How cool would that be to ride up with him :D
I also started thinking a lot about how calm I was up there. At first I mainly attributed it to learning to deal with my social anxiety issues without using medication. It's all about mental prep and breathing etc, and I've gotten fairly good at it. The instructor I had, Bo, mentioned after the jump how I was pretty relaxed. He said at first he wasn't sure if I was nervous and just hiding it well, or if I was genuinely not worried about jumping out of an airplane. But in the end he said he can usually suss out the nervous ones because they get really tense right before and when the door opens. But not me! It has proven to me that A. I have a lot more control over my anxiety issues than I realized, which means I've come a really long way. And B. it shows I'm willing to completely step out of my comfort zone and not freak out about it. For most of my life I have NOT taken much of any risk and it had gotten to the point where I wasn't really going anywhere. I've realized that there are a lot of things I want to do, not just watch others do. So at times I'm going to have to just deal with being in situations that I've never been in before. This was definitely one of them!
I've had a few people ask me already, what it was like to jump out of an airplane, or what was it like to fall? Did it feel like flying? Was your stomach still on the plane? Etc, etc.
Others who have jumped like my brother and Linda K. both said it's not something you can put into words. And in a way they are right. Bo talked a bit before hand how it's different for everyone. Some like the thrill, some like being scared shitless and scream the whole way and love it that way, some cry, some don't want to look... etc. I think for me a lot of it was being sort of free? Flying around with the clouds, the open air, no ground or roads or vehicles or other people....was like having everything off your shoulders. You could just relax, stretch out, not say anything but just open your eyes to your surroundings and really take it in. It was wonderful!! I can see why it's addicting. Whatever the reason a person likes about it, it is something you can't experience in any other capacity, so they do it again, and again.
I did tell Bo that it looked like a giant google map which made him laugh. But it really did!!! Except the cars and trucks were moving.
It's totally going to be my brother's fault if I become like a skydiving junkie....
There are other things like that I would like to try. Boogie boarding...which I'll get to learn while in Australia. And I'd love to bungie jump just once as well. And I'd love to ride around in a small plane like the size we were in. It had such a different feel from a commercial jet. You feel every little bit of wind and it's a bit like a roller coaster. Was great!
I'll stop rambling now. But I just wanted to write that this experience is one of those experiences that is almost like a milestone. Something I'll never forget that I did....and loved. :)

I also know, that I am gonna miss aaaaaaaaaaaaall my family and my friends..... while I'm overseas. I've been able to meet up with most of you now, but there are still a few I haven't. You have until next Thursday to find me. I'll be packing/moving but I'm sure there's a lunch to be had in there somewhere.
You all better keep in touch with me, either through here or email or snail mail. Or I'll come back and kick some butts! And my online friends..........better be online once in a while........or I'll stop the plane on the way home to also kick your butts!
Hugs all :)
PS: When I get back, if anyone wants to be a little crazy and go take a jump with me...let me know and we'll go! Everyone should try it once...it's not that bad!