July 28, 2009

Crappy customer service people.... SUCK MAJOR ASS.

So today didn't quite start off the way we had hoped because we usually like to have a nice morning. You know, get up, have coffee, watch the news, eat some brekky - nice and relaxed.

Instead, our morning was more like the stress you'd find, standing on an island in the middle of the expressway, with traffic on either side going about 80 mph, with everyone honking at you and throwing paper cups at you.

Yeah sorta like that.

Ok to tell this correctly I do need to back up to two weeks ago:

We called TPG and decided to get internet with them, because Big Blue was ripping them off. They were paying $60/month for ADSL1 with a transfer cap of like 20GB a month. With TPG it is ADSL2 for the same price with a transfer cap of 75GB. So basically we switched for faster DSL and more download/upload each month - at the same price.

The modem they had was at least a two port (for two puters at once to connect to it) but only made for ADSL1. So we paid extra to get a new modem.
The lady asked us how many computers we had - we said TWO computers. Because she didn't understand very well.... the rest of this has happened.
(i will try hard not to rant for too long about how crappy outsourcing a US or AUS company's call help center to a foreign speaking country is.... because I think we all know just how bad the service can be)

Ok, so they told us that we'd have our new modem within days...which we did. I take responsibility for not opening it right away to make sure it was the right one. Shame on me for it.
Once the service order to switch went through I did open the box and I knew right away there was a problem. It was the smallest damned modem I ever saw - knew before I even looked at the back it was only for one computer. And I was right. I told Tracey and showed her and we decided to call up about it immediately.

So this is now...a week ago, this call is....

We told them we got the wrong one and after some tense moments talked to someone who had better english skills and sounded like he knew what he was doing. He saw it was wrong in the order and said he'd order us the correct one - the four port modem. We'd have to return the one port modem. I told him we couldn't go without internet so we had to have a modem while waiting for the new one.... so could we just use this one really carefully on one computer while we wait for the other, then ship the one port modem back? He said it was FINE.

So then there was yesturday....

We'd waited a week and still hadn't gotten the modem (btw, the first one arrived in a day and a half). So, we decided to call yet again and see what the problem was. Turns out that they won't let you get the new modem until we send the old one back. Of course no one told us that. So we had no idea. We were just waiting around, all three sharing one computer, thinking it was on the way.

Tracey talked to someone that I guess was just impossible to understand or understand her either. I started getting the giggles at the other computer while listening. She was like.... "No, I said my name starts with T, TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, no not P, T, no T, T as in Terrific (getting louder as she goes) and I wrote on a piece of paper and pushed my chair over to her and slipped the paper to her......... and she got one look at it and was trying REALLY hard not to bust out laughing haha.

I had written T is for TWAT. I couldn't help it!!! I'm innocent I swear!! lol

So she ended up getting transfered to someone else. No wait....first she got hung up on. THEN when she called back she got someone else? I think. Anyhow it started all over again but this one understood a little better anyhow. She ended up on hold a few times, them saying that they couldn't do anything until we sent the modem back...and her saying - ah sorry, we aren't going with no net for days because you all fucked up.... and then getting put on hold again....

Finally I grabbed the phone and said, let me deal with it for a bit, because at this point Tracey was looking for something to punch.... So she went for a little walk around the house while I waited listening to awful cheezy musak shit with brief intermittent heavy Aussie accent annoying voices saying we understand your time is valuable...we will be with you as soon as possible, all of our customer service attendants are currently on other.......yada yada yada....woot woot woot....then more nauseating MUSAK. Ack! Meanwhile I could hear Tracey on the other side of the house sounding like Elton John going...FUCKing this and FUCKing that.... jfoieojfoiwehfiwefiewjf!!

So finally the guy comes back and I get to talk to him. I started at the beginning of the story and told him what all happened and he admitted it was the companie's error (no shit, knew that already) and that after discussing it with his supervisor that there was nothing they could do until we sent this modem back.... at which point I asked to talk to his supervisor but he was like well I just talked to him and he said...(I don't care what he said to YOU damnit) and yada yada woot woot....

Then Tracey was just like..........that's just not acceptable... and took the phone back. I went into the kitchen for water and I could hear her in the puter room and I'll tell you what....

She didn't get super pissed - she just gave ONE HELL of a speech though!! I don't remember a lot of it word for word or anything but she was like.... ' you know, I want to be able to tell people how great you guys are, you have to fix this or i can't do that, this wasn't our mistake, why should we have to be put out when your end ordered the wrong thing? we've already been put out by this, and we are trying to get jobs right now, and need both of these computers running with internet. You have a job, and that makes you lucky, I want a job too, but I can't find one if we are without the internet, you understand? You just have to find a way'...etc.

Then she ended up talking to someone else, who in the end...DID make it work. We got confirmation by email that the modem was on the way and we'd send this one back when we got it. We should have it by what, Friday afternoon. So we'll see how it goes.

So that is the story of yesterday morning. I am still shocked at just how bad their whole customer service is. The internet itself is GREAT. Must faster download, upload and a much higher allowance. I know it's not as noticeable on Tracey's computer, but on Bruce's they will see it because he has the faster/more powerful computer of the two. I've already noticed it with things like videos. No longer do they have to wait for videos to load. yay.

But their customer service? It's fucking horrid. I've done so much of that kind of shit, especially working on stat bench in the lab. It is their job to find a way to make it happen...that is what customer service is. You don't pass it off to someone else or say, we can't do that. That isn't the way the game is played. I bet 97 percent of the calls they field are easy calls, just a few instructions. But it's the 3 percent that aren't easy that count. Those are the calls where you have to use your critical thinking skills and actually earn that paycheck. Hell, I had to do seminars on that stuff.

Obviously, their training leaves much to be desired, as does their english skill and comprehension. They just need - more training!

Ok I'm done, I feel better.

Have a nice day.


July 27, 2009

Package From Shanny!

Tracey said I was like a little kid in a candy store. She is right...I was!! I can't believe my cuz sent me so much stuff. She went a little nuts shopping.
In the box was: 4 boxes of Playtex Sport (YAY!!!), 4 boxes of Cheezits (orig, white cheddar, spicy and pepper jack), two big packages of Reeses PB cups, Funyuns, Runts, Cowtails, Gobstoppers, Mike & Ike, two bags of Airheads, two bags of Strawberry bonbons, 3 sheets of stickers, two kinds of pain stuff for teeth and like 12 magazines with MJ on them.

I had Tracey try the white cheddar Cheezits, some Funyuns and a bit of the white mystery airhead....

She wasn't so keen on the airhead, liked the Funyuns....
And as I predicted - LOVED the Cheezits!! :D
Gonna have to lock them up. She had to puuuuuuuuull herself away from them LOL!

(Some company needs to start distributing Cheezits here... they'd be a massive hit!)

July 25, 2009

Nice Day Out Yesterday

I had a really nice day out yesterday. I took the train into the city on my own to meet up with a friend from the MJ board I am on. We were both taking part in a video project where fans from all over the world take a picture hold up a sign with a verse from the song 'Will You Be There' and then it's all going to be set to the song. Should be interesting!
So we roamed around taking pictures and talking. We had a really nice lunch and went out on the Harbour. I got shit on by a bird and so did she :(

All in all, it was a nice way to spend the one month anniversary of Michael's passing. Many fans spent the day indoors being sad... but we seized the day instead. Nothing like the sun on your face, sea breeze in your hair and a friend there to enjoy it with you.


PS: I totally got lost at Central station when I came in... it was pretty damned funny. My friend found a lot more humor in it than I did ;)

July 18, 2009

The Pot Roast

Turned out really well!!! :D
I'm glad they liked it.
Must make again.

July 16, 2009

Well, I Survived The Dentist

For the last few weeks, I'd been having pain in different areas of my mouth. Being me, aka: stubborn and chicken, I kept trying to ignore it. It wasn't like, grab your face and scream pain, but was a constant ache that wouldn't stop.
Finally I succumbed and today I had my appointment. I almost wasn't joking about kicking and screaming all the way there....
I had myself worked up into a really good anxiety attack by the time I got there. I'm not the loud type though, I like to suffer anxiety quietly so, I doubt it was too noticeable except for large eyes and shaky hands.
I got the luck of the draw with dentists and sometimes that can make the difference. My dentist, Dr. Jang, was wonderful. She was younger, chatty, cheery and very informative. She practically eased me into that dental chair, chatting with me about America and pulling her assistant (also a young woman) into the conversation as well.
I think they were trying to distract me. The conversation was fun but I'm WAY to aware when my anxiety acts up so I knew damned well what they were up to!
It was a nice chat though...as both have never been to the US and both want to go. I'm used to it, when people here find out where I'm from... I never get any negative vibes at all...just 50 questions ;)
After looking at the state of my gums, the dentist decided to take X-rays quick. Once they were back she had me get up and come have a look with her. I was quickly relieved and concerned at the same time.
I was relieved because I had no cavities. The pain I was having, I was sure I had some massive cavity or abscess and would need some large painful ROOT CANAL or some other miscellaneous medieval torture. There was one little spot, on an upper molar, where the very outer enamel was just a little shaded, she said if it kept going, it would eventually become a cavity. But with some nifty prescription grade fluoride...by the next visit in six months...it will be gone. Disappear.... yay!
I was concerned because I have some bone loss on the lower right side. She said it could be worse, but it's enough to be a little worried. She assured me, if I did exactly as she said, myself and my teeth would be fine.
Then I got back in the chair and went through the daunting task of getting rid of all the plaque built up over two years time. It was NOT so cool. They don't scrape anymore, they use that thing that vibrates it all off. But there was a LOT, on every tooth.... doesn't matter how much I brush, it always ends up like that. It's why I need to get them pro cleaned at least twice a year from now on. She was impressed I was handling the discomfort...she knew it wasn't nice, there was so much blood from my gums it looked like they were trying to kill me. But I was handling it. So she went below the gum line with that same tool. She said later if I'd complained she would have stopped because it can be painful.
I thought to myself, to suck it up. It had to be done to heal right.
Afterward she did the regular brush/polish cleaning, then irrigated more while double checking it all, and then put fluoride gel in every little nook and cranny in my mouth.
She wrote me a script for a prescription strength fluoride in toothpaste form, which i get to use EVERY evening before bed.
I've been instructed to brush and floss after every meal now and swish some water after snacking or drinks. She said it will take a bit for the gums to heal, longer than some, because I'd been a smoker so long. She was happy I'd quit though, she said in the long run it will do wonders for my mouth.
So all in all it wasn't so bad.
Afterward I even got a Chicko Roll to take home and snack on as a treat for doing so well. Again, I battled my anxiety - and I won! :)

PS: Still hate the dentist....

July 14, 2009

Operation: CHEESE

Cue the Mission Impossible music:..... da da dada da da dada da da.........

Mission: To seek out new cheeses and find cheese curds if possible.
Location: Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
Possible Deterents: Crowds, Inclement Weather, No Cheese
Agents: Special Agent M
Special Agent T
Date/Time: July 15, 2009 11:00-14:30

It was brought to my attention by my dear Australian friend Tracey, that they may not make cheese curds here.


So we've made it our mission to seek and find these mysterious, golden, squeaky cheddar delights. As well as seek out cheese in general - because she's a cheese addict just like me!
(I can't wait until she can visit Wisconsin... she'll be mailing a refrigerated crate of cheese wheels back to Australia!)

Wish us luck.

- Special Agent M

Caution: This post will self destruct in 15 seconds.