August 27, 2009

Whiner In Isle 3....

So it goes like this....

We (Bruce, Tracey and I) were having a great time grocery shopping this afternoon, being a little goofy yet getting the job done. All went just fine until we were in checkout. Tracey was chatting with the cashier while she was scanning our groceries, I was sort of in the center, making sure the stuff was on the conveyor and Bruce was pulling the stuff out of the cart and onto the conveyor.
Now before I can tell you what happened, I first must explain the way Tracey does her grocery system at the store, which I think is actually really fantastic. She has probably a dozen of those reusable bags so no plastic gets wasted. And as she shops she puts stuff in the bags to keep it organized. One bag may have dairy stuff like yogurt and milk, another bag veggies, a cooler bag with the meats, etc. It makes it so nice when you pack it all into the car because the breakables are in one bag, light box stuff in another etc. It's even nicer when you get it all in the house. Easy as can be to put away because the stuff that goes together is already together. When at the checkout we put the bags of stuff on the conveyer and give the extra bags to the cashier and she takes the stuff from one bag and scans and puts into another bag. That way the stuff is still together, packed exactly the way Tracey wants it. No probs with heavy shit crushing the bread or anything.

Now back to the story....
So this mousy pushy younger chick with a kid and a ton of groceries gets in line behind us as we were putting stuff on the conveyor. After a couple minutes she just starts bitching out of nowhere. In this super high, hyper charged voice she looks at Bruce and goes....can't you take your stuff out of the bags? This is ridiculous! I have to pick up my kids from school and you are going to make me late! How am I going to get out of here!
Well... Bruce wasn't taking any of that crap lol.

At first he was suprised and was like...what? Then he was like... Well that's the way we do it. You can go to another isle, you don't have to stay here.
And she was like... Well I don't want to go to another isle, I'm not going to go to another isle. I have a right to my own opinion and I think it's ridiculous.
And Bruce, already pissed, was like.... This is the way we do it. Mind your own business. Pick another isle then and was laughing at her for her total over dramazation of the situation. There were at least five other lanes she could have went to....
At some point in there I told her it wasn't our problem she had to pick up her kids. You know, sort of like it wasn't her problem we do our groceries a certain way? It wasn't our problem she picked that isle either. And it wasn't our problem she can't manage her time better and waits until right before picking up the kids to go to the store and buy a whole trolly fully of groceries.

Common sense says Fridays it's going to be busy at the store....not my problem she didn't take that in to consideration. It's not like she was buying two things.... She had at least 12 plastic bags full herself.
Tracey was pretty much oblivious up to this point because she'd been talking to the cashier. Once she realized what was going on she was not pleased. At some point while I was helping to put stuff in the cart, she started yapping again and they actually opened another register just to shut her up.
The best part was, the cashier we normally have, that we just adore because she knows just how we do the bag thing and is pretty cheeky herself... got to be this lady's cashier. I think the lady was sort of bitching to her about it all and the cashier (our favorite one) turned and waved to us smiling, and said bye...I'll catch ya next time :) .... much to that lady's total displeasure LOL.

Many of the cashiers at Wooly's know us and love us anyhow because we chat with them and all. That lady... was one of those snotty types that looks down at the cashiers like....aren't you done yet, sort of attitude. I thought it was awesome our favorite cashier did that!! :P Musta pissed that chick RIGHT OFF!! :D
So we wheel the trollies into the alcohol shop and Bruce and I go find the beer/wine and we are like, bitching about that lady still....and Tracey was up at the front with the guy in there we usually have and she's telling him about it and he's like....saying how we can go kick her ass in the parking lot....bwhahahahaha :D That's why we normally like Wooly's.... most of those that work there are pretty easy going and just relaxed regular folks ;)

Then Bruce about ran me over with his cart when the auto doors didn't open as we were leaving.....he crashed right into my ass!! At least I have padding there LOL!!!
Tracey and I agreed we need to make a voodoo doll of that chick and I'll use my wooden hair stick thing and we'll stab it a few hundred times....
I'm still betting....after a few glasses of wine tonight....just you will happen...we will all end up in a convo about that chick fucking bitch at the store!!! lmao!
Anyhow...that's my story :P

August 21, 2009

Cheese Please...

We've been doing really good with what we have been eating the last few days. I'm totally impressed. Last night we each only had three glasses of wine which is amazing for us.
One little thing we have allowed ourselves is a bit of cheese on biscuit while we wait for dinner to get done and today was no different. It is a very VERY good cheese we decided to try and I wanted to take a picture of it so I remember what kind it was when I go back to the States. I'll definately buy it there as it is really yummy :)

Day At Bondi (from last Sunday)

I see I didn't make a post about this so....why not now.

It started out as Bruce suggesting we go for a walk to the mall because we wanted to get out of the house and get some sunshine. Then I got involved....

And then the plan changed to a day at Bondi Beach - yay! We got a late start because we weren't planning to go anywhere. Since Bruce has been pretty tired lately because of work, we decided against driving into Sydney. All it takes is one time trying to drive all the way in, then get to Bondi, then trying to park... to understand how crazy it is. So we didn't really want him going through that again.
The better option was to take the train to Bondi Junction. It wasn't a bad ride in. We chatted, listened to Ipods and snacked on chips. We missed the train we wanted so we had to wait 25 mins for the next one so that wasn't so bad. Once we got into Central Station we had to get off and then jump on the Eastern Suburbs Line and got off at Bondi Junction.

Once we got off the train we had planned to take the bus the rest of the way but the line for the bus was just nuts. So... we decided to walk. I'm guessing it took at least 35 minutes to get to Bondi Beach beach, maybe a bit more. It was a really good walk exercise wise and it was mostly downhill so that helped Bruce I think, although sometimes his knee bothers him on downhills and down stairs....though how much of it is his knee and how much of it is the way he walks on the knee is something Tracey and I have talked about some. He didn't really get proper rehab so he still seems to favor that knee and walks on it like before surgery when it was really painful. A physiotherapist should have broken him of that habit after surgery.

When we got to the beach the first thing we did was find the loo as Tracey and I were busting. Then we went down and found a spot in the sand to eat our lunches. Bruce was really funny because he's like lets find a bench, lets go in the grass, and I was like no lets go in the sand. And he was like, we don't have towels to sit on, etc. Tracey and I just sort of chuckled.

So we ate our lunch in the sand...It was really nice though. Just sitting there, listening to the surf, the birds and the people. We brought our own sandwiches which were really good. I had a really yummy BLT - Tracey makes GREAT BLT's :)
At some point, Tracey tried to shake off her hoodie she'd been sitting on and sand got all over my sanga...
She felt all guilty about it and offered us a drink later, of course I would never turn that down...heh.
She also went and got some hot chips....which totally defeated the point of us bringing these nice healthy sangas to the beach in the first place, but damn they were good! I am finding I have a horrible weakness for both hot chips and those Chiko rolls.... It's not a good thing!

After eating the hot chips we decided to get off the sand. We ended up sitting on a cement ledge near the lifeguard tower. It turned out to be a very interesting spot. Within minutes a surfer was sitting on the deck being treated by a couple of the lifeguards and yep... I took pics. He had a pretty good gash in his forehead. Most likely he got hit by either his own surf board or someone elses.

It looked like Kerrbox, Maxie and Deano all took care of the guy. He walked away with a huge wrap around his head, looking like some wartime walking wounded. But at least he wasn't bleeding anymore :)

Not long after that Kerrbox and Deano headed out in suits on a jetski to retrieve a canoe that was missing it's occupant. Turns out the owner of the canoe was on the sand. Makes you wonder how THAT happened!?

It was also quite entertaining watching H. He's an older lifeguard that has been around for ages. He's pretty funny. The other lifeguards are a bit more polite and ask to move when they drive around but not H!! He just lays on the horn haha! And if someone gets in his way while he's doing something he's like GET BACK. It was fuckin funny and gave us some amusement.

Eventually we went and found a bar and got our drinks. I opened my big mouth saying how great a spicy bloody mary would be and holy cow they turned out to be pricey. Tracey and I both got one and Bruce got a beer and I think the total was something like $28! Jeez!

After that we jumped on a bus to go back to Bondi Junction. It was a little crazy though as the bus was packed and the traffic was standstill so I ended up standing, which I thought was fine by me as me legs were stiff from sitting anyhow. It took forever to go not that long a ways but we finally got back to the train station, then jumped on the train to make our way home.

It was really funny watching Bruce's expressions because the train ended up totally chock full of people and he was muttering ...fuck..under his breath, was funny as. Then we got to sit in the same car as some kids who talked nonstop and were loud all the way to Campbelltown, but I had my ipod on so it wasn't a big deal to me :)

All up, it was a fantastic day. I can't wait to go to Bondi again :D

August 11, 2009

--[No More Scary Shows After 7:30 pm!]--

Someone in this house has a habit of watching scary serial killer/murder/violence/stabbing/dismemberment type shows before bed...and then dreams of the same things.
I wonder why that is!?!

I told this certain someone that I am going to turn on the PARENTAL LOCK on the cable pretty soon.....
So this certain person will be watching something like...Winnie The Pooh before bed :)
Of course...I'm sure this could backfire and the certain person in question will have dreams of being chased by a freaked out Tigger or a crackpot killer 2 foot Piglet or something...

Actually.......that would be amusing to hear about.....


A Budgie Tragedy...

They've been making this big thing here about how they want to ban budgie smugglers. I think it would be totally unfair! If chicks can wear little string bikini's and super tiny bikini tops...why can't guys where budgie smugglers? I mean they all reveal!!

And goddamnit it's just not fair..... seeing a hot buff tanned guy in one of those is like....


There are so many reasons they should stay....
  • it boosts female morale
  • focused sight exercise
  • stirs the imagination
  • increases heart rate, therefor increases energy
  • decreases depression
  • is good for the environment
  • improves confidence

I'm sure there are other good reasons.....


August 3, 2009

Nice Day In The City

Yesterday we decided to go into Sydney for the day. We've been trying to make a day out every weekend because there is just so much to see in the area. So after pondering different ideas we decided to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney.

We left a tad later than we wanted .... wait, haven't I said that a few times before? haha. At least it wasn't NOON and we were just leaving!

I was thinking that next time maybe we should do everything the night before? Like pack our bags, make the sangas, etc. Then we could just get up really early, have breakky, get ready/shower and go. It's a good plan, but you know it how goes....

Anyhow, the drive in wasn't too bad. There was a massive cloud of toxic crap from a warehouse fire that we had to drive under. I kept making jokes that we were gonna end up with extra arms and extra ears and shit....and that Bruce would probably end up with another set of *****. LOL! (of course he found that REALLY funny, go figure) You know, like that three eyed fish from the Simpsons?? Traffic was fine. Weather was fantastic. It was nice and sunny and lovely. Not super crowded in the city either. After finding a place to park...which was interesting because we didn't realize that you needed to put COINS in the machine thing for your parking ticket....and then the coins getting jammed in the fucking thing...and then Bruce like...hitting all the buttons on the machine like that was gonna help!!...and getting our stuff out, we decided to eat first.

Before we did that though....we needed a bathroom. Ok here in Australia they just say where's the toilets? Which cracks me up because we are so super sensitively pc in America that it's always restrooms.... not in Australia though. The signs just say TOILETS. Might as well just get to the point - it's what we are looking for right? Why cover it up with such a sanitized nicety?
When I get back to America, first mall I'm in, I'm going up to someone and going...."Hello, where's your toilets?" heh. Jess is probably chuckling....Tracey probably is confused lol. :D

Anyhow.... so we were trying to find public toilets but it wasn't going very well. We saw one and then no had to PAY to use it. 50 cents to pee....WTF. So we kept looking. We went into Gloria Jean's and they said they didn't have one. (yeah right...what do the workers cross their legs all shift??). Finally we ended up in a little shopping mall type place. They always have toilets. Of course finding them took a while! It almost seemed like we were going in circles. I actually made a joke that it was all a ploy to get us to go into circles until we bought something. Well, you never know....

After we finally found the toilets we then headed to Hyde Park to eat our sangas we brought with. Bruce wanted a bench but I was a little pushy about sitting in the grass, in the sun, to eat our food. Hopefully they didn't mind. I really really love eating sort of like a picnic setting in the grass. It's so nice and lovely. We had one of those large birds with the long beak stalking our food which was funny. It kept walking large circles around us while we trying to NOT be obvious about it. Was amusing.

After we ate the sangas (which were very good btw... and I loved the little containters Tracey did up with onion, green pepper, etc in them) we dropped the food bag back at the car and off we went to the gardens.

It only took a few mins to walk there so it was nice. The first thing that caught my attention was those large fig trees. They are SO cool. They look almost...medieval. They have very twisty trunks on them. They would have been great to climb as a kid.

We went to... Camellia Garden, Palm House (which had really awesome palms in it!), the Fernery (which I loooooved because I just adore ferns - made me miss Reggie, the Bell Fern I had for years) (yes I named my fern Reggie lol), Tropical Centre (is glass and shaped like a large pyramid - is a lot like the tropical dome we have in Milwaukee in The Domes), Rainforest Walk (which is outside and very cool.... and it was where all the bats (flying foxes) were... they were so neat! And huge!), Herb Garden (i love herbs...especially lemon ones...omg and the curry one - wooooo it was strong smelling), Oriental Garden (well we saw the side of it lol), the Main Pond, Farm Cove (very nice view in the Harbour there), old Macquarie Wall and the Wollemi Pine (I finally got to see one!) and I think we saw just a bit of the Succulent Garden (with the cactii and things).

So we got to see a lot of things right? Well - not really. In comparison to the rest of what they have there....we have a long way to go. So, we've plotted to go back and see more in the future. It was really a lovely place!

Thanks Tracey for a wonderful day out.... I really really enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed our silliness and wine last night...although I know you were feeling a bit dodgy today. I for some reason...felt fine. I also drank a shitload of and a half containers of it. It must be the key..... or part of it at least!!


The Food Turned Out Nice!

So that chicken strata I slaved over the other day turned out very well! There was a lot of prep involved but none of it was difficult. More than anything it was just tedious.

In the end though, it was really nice. To me it was very filling and you can stretch it out into more than one meal easy. Tonight we are having the other half of it as our main meal at dinner.


August 1, 2009

Drinking And Dishes Don't Mix

So I almost lobbed my own finger off last night.....

Ok, it wasn't THAT bad. But, based on a certainyouknowwho... I might as well have! Ever see a blonde Australian woman go all wobbly like gumby?? :P

Honestly, I didn't even feel it until later. I had drank enough booze where I didn't know I'd stabbed myself in the finger until I saw the blood rolling down my hand. I kind of did that, oh look at that! Ooopsie! :P