October 28, 2009

Compact Seating Area...

So on a whim today I decided to rearrange the furniture in Tracey & Bruce's livingroom. I wanted to find a way to make it more compact, encourage togetherness and make sure all could properly see the television. This was the result of my efforts. It came down to two different ideals really.... this moon shaped pattern or... movie theater style where the couches were in rows. But that wouldn't have worked out very well because of the space constraints. Although...if I put the tv against the wall instead of the window... there would be more than enough room to row the couches....
Hrmmmmmmmmmm, gonna have to think about that one for a while. Only problem with it, is the glare from the window would hit the tv....
Of course I could always just board up the window....
OR.... I could do the rows of couches with the tv where it is.... and just move the entire dining room table and chairs outside....
Anyone up for eating dinner in the pool??? It could be fun!!!

*off to think about it some more*

*Later Edit*: This was a prank I did for Tracey. She had said she would blog while in NZ so I put this up on my private blog (that she has access to) to freak her out... you know... like WTF happened to my living room!!!!! But, alas, she didn't get a chance to get on.... Ah well, it was good exercise anyhow....

October 19, 2009

How Long Since I Quit Cigs?

I was trying to figure out exactly how long it's been but I have no idea...

I'm thinking mid-June I quit for good?

This is the problem with trying to pretend it isn't a big deal when you quit. You purposely don't think about it, talk about it, etc, you just DO it. So because of this I literally have no idea when I had my last one.

All I know is the last cig I had was a crappy Indian one! *shudders* I did smoke those Indian ones for a couple weeks as I pulled myself off the normal cigs so I think in the end that helped. Then one day though, I just didn't have one. Next day either........

Bad Case Of The Humans

I love this video... it's so true, even if people won't admit it (because ignoring it means it's not really there... shhhhhh....). Plus I like it because I'm just a little twisted that way *devil face goes here*

For Your Drooling Pleasure.....

Eating British/Aussie Style

Tracey and I made a pact to try and eat the way each other's countries do... as far as utensil etiquette goes.

I found it easy doing the British way, save for a few seconds here or there where the brain goes......WTF. Literally it does, because you really have to think about it some. I didn't realize how natural eating is to me until trying this little experiment. I've also realized that I tend to cut all of my meat up instead of doing it as I eat, which is just me, so i can enjoy it ;)

Tracey did a great job holding it American style, though she said her wrist was litterally sore later from the workout it got.


Is This REALLY Necessary?!

Why is it that men must do this??

It's like...look at me.....I have the biggest pecker.......


I mean come on.......it looks STUPID!!!
Well, my ex is attempting to eat this right now....

The real question is.... will he conquer or will he fail??? :P

October 14, 2009

Starting at Big-W

So........ I got the job!! Yay!

Disreguard the last post....

I was technically hired at two jobs at once, but that phone was is an hour both ways by train (not including the 30 minute walk to the station each way...), it's sales instead of customer service, if you don't make a certain quota they let you go pretty fast. One person who'd been there for like a month said that two groups of 30 came and went since he'd been there. Not good.

So I decided to pick the night fill job instead because it's also very local and easy to get to. I'll let you know how it goes.


October 11, 2009

My EJ site is going to shut down :(

I've been trying to get all my pictures off my server before it's too late. Ran into some funny pictures and projects from when I worked on my website and when I was back in Michigan with my collection :D
I'm gonna miss the site :( And I miss having my computer!!! But you know... it's in storage... in America.

October 6, 2009

Start training tommorrow.

I got a phone job that is $19/hr training and then $21.70/hr after training. 40 hours a week and it's ongoing temp so it sounds like I'll at the very least get a good few months from it (I hope).

I know I have some posts to catch up reading as well...Jess I'm not ignoring ya! I'll catch up those this weekend as well.

Hugs to you guys until this weekend ;)