November 30, 2009

The New Job

Two weeks ago now I was getting very down about not working and was getting depressed really. I came here to work and was finding it impossible to get a job. I told myself to just start applying for anything and see what happens, that even if it was a job I would be uncomfortable in, like dealing with crowds of people, that I would just have to suck it up and do it or I was going to run into some serious financial problems for getting home.

One of the jobs I applied for was through the mall for the Santa Photographer gig they were getting set up for. I knew I'd never get it though. I might have some natural talent in photography (or so people tend to keep saying to me) but I have absolutely no formal training, not even ONE class worth. I couldn't use any artificial lighting or set that sort of stuff up and had never been paid to photograph people. No - nada - none.

A few weeks after applying I'd forgotten I had even applied. I'd been going through the papers and spending the equivalent of a work day, every day, looking for work online, which is tiring, emotionally draining, angering and boring. I at least tried to break it up a bit by playing on Facebook, blogging, sorting my pics on the computer, going on the MJ board, and for a while trying to revive our EDLGS yahoo group (that wasn't working out very well...). I wasn't in the best of moods that day and was just sort of fed up.

My phone rings.... At first I think... OMG maybe Woolies is ACTUALLY going to call me in! But no... it was a different number. So I answer it.

It's a guy name Long and he wanted to know if I was still interested in the Santa Photographer gig. I was, YEAH! He said he realized that I lacked experience, but he'd spend some time nosing around my Flickr site (which I smartly put at the top of my resume as my web address) and said he really liked what he saw. He asked if I could deal with kids... I said yes, he asked if I would be able to handle a bit of customer service as far as talking to parents etc... I said yes (it was irrelevant if my social anxiety would make it uncomfortable because I needed the work and I knew it), he asked what my availability was like... I said all the time, and he said, well your hired!!!

I almost said something like, 'excuse me?', because you know, I've had SUCH bad luck with work here that I almost couldn't believe what i was hearing. I didn't care that the pay was $14 an hour. It was a job AND it was gaining the kind of photography experience I could only dream of. I was stoked! I hung up with Long and walked right into the livingroom to tell Tracey without even slowing down. She was like.....double take...... WHAT? REALLY! BLOODY HELL!

So she was as shocked as I was.... :P

I was absolutely mortified/terrified/nervous/shock-horror'd/petrified... yes I think you get the idea.... as I tried to sleep the night before my first shift. But at the same time as all that... I was super excited too! What better than to help take pictures??

At this point I figured I wouldn't be taking the pictures just helping in some capacity and if I was lucky they'd give me a go once in a while. Now I realize how low my expectations were because not only was I helping everyone but they threw me right in to taking pictures as well. My first day I was on with Daniel and Kody. Daniel was on camera and Kody was what I like to call the 'runner' (yep a throwback to my lab days!) which is taking the memory card after the photo is taken and leading the family to the studio around the corner to order their prints.

One thing I learned very quickly is that I apparently take decent pictures because I seemed to end up on the camera a lot! My only big worry was making sure the shots were properly composed. The rest was tricker.... because it's all about distraction and timing. But I got better at that as it went along and it's been very enjoyable. I'm learning that many of the younger ones really don't like Santa in person though... the reactions! ;)


November 21, 2009

Off To My First Day @ The New Job

Off for my first day as a photographer/assistant to take pics of kids with Santa. It's going to make for a VERY amusing day! I'll definately write after I'm home :D

November 9, 2009

The Biggest Spider I've Seen Here

Sorry for the swearing but it was....... REALLY BIG! I'm sure Tracey was very amused by my reactions. Thank you for showing it to me, probably won't sleep again. EVER.


November 6, 2009

Randomly Cracking Up

I'm in the computer room having my morning coffee and I hear Bruce cheer at the tv in the other room and he goes...
"They must have won!" (what team he meant I have no idea...)
Then without skipping a beat I hear Tracey go:
"Well someone must have won..."

It cracks me up because she says things like that and it goes right over Bruce's head but then runs right into MY ears. Every time he doesn't say a word but I either snort or start laughing.
She says those kinds of things very seriously and it just cracks me right up.

Tracey's reaction to all this is ...stop it you are encouraging me....

Na, you already have it in you Tracey... Trust me.... ;)


4 Times and want to see it more....

So I've seen TII four times now... But I could see it every day if I had the money to. It's so enjoyable to me. I can't wait for the dvd to come out. I'm just really hoping that Dangerous is on there. It's the only thing I really want to see that wasn't in the movie... *crosses fingers*

November 4, 2009


Tracey made schnitzel again!! I just love it. She breads (crumbs) the chicken with a wholemeal crumb, adds her own herbs and spices and I believe she dips them in egg before adding the crumbs. Then she cooks it on the stove top in olive oil. It's REALLY yummy.... ;)

November 1, 2009

TII Dancers On Ellen :)

Tracey didn't get to see this cuz she was in New Zealand so I wanted to put it up :)
They had a hell of a teacher/partner.... What's really amazing is that at 50 years old he kept up with them in rehearsals, the dancers even claim it was hard to keep up with him. They sure looked tight in this video, loads of practicing I'm sure.