December 29, 2009

Prepping the house and getting excited :D

We spent today getting the entire place cleaned up and set up for Jess's arrival. We are getting very excited!! We are going to have a long day tommorrow and Jess will really have a long day. She lands in the morning and we are busy right away. Lots of plans. ;)

December 28, 2009

Why does this NOT surprise me....

"No sir you shouldn't inject heroin into your eye....I don't care that you can see the veins" on a paramedic forum...... what can you really say to that lol

Stupid Stomach Big :(

On day #4 of the stomach bug from hell :( Blah.

December 27, 2009

Haircuts & Dyes

So today was Hair Day in our Australian household. We all had been talking about needing cuts and all, so we scheduled them all for the same time :P I think Tracey went first, followed by Bruce and me last. I admit it... I was stalling. My hair is SO long, I didn't want them to touch it. But I knew it was necessary.

In the end I think they took off a couple inches was all. It's really crazy dry right now so I ended up getting some special conditioner for it. The lady said it was probably a combination of all the hair dyes, perms and the water change it went through by coming to a different country. She said it was fine for me to dye it later today at home but just use the strong conditioner at least a couple times a week and just leave it in.

Once we got home I dyed my hair first, followed by Tracey. I'm glad it turned out well for both of us :D


December 26, 2009

Books Are On The Way

I went online to Amazon and bought my EMT-Basic Textbook, Workbook and Patient Encounters supplimental book. It comes with a CD-Rom and DVD as well. Can't wait to get them! Thanks to Dad, Jacqi & Grandma L., as the money was from my Xmas money.

December 25, 2009

Happy Australian Boxing Day! :)

Merry Christmas!

The first thing I did on Christmas when I got up.... was finish stuffing the stockings. I didn't put the chocolate in them because it had been a warm night (remember unlike you all in the Northern Hemisphere.... it's summer here right now). I left the candy in the fridge so it wouldn't get soft or melty, so I put all the goodies in with the little presents and things I'd wrapped up in their stockings. Thanks to my Dad for all the little Christmas habits - it's fun sharing these fun American traditions with my Australian friends.

Once the stockings were done up the rest of the way, we had our 'champers breakky' which was fabulous. We had croissants with bacon and egg and it was SO yummy. Just like the norm in the US on Christmas Day, we had a minor issue with some "well done rolls" but I'm sure everyone has got a story like that... It happens, it's all part of the fun :) Breakfast with nice cold alcohol when it's warm is actually quite fun!

I think we were on our second bottle by the time we got to the presents. Or maybe we started drinking the second bottle part way through? I already can't remember. We had a VERY fun time opening gifts. I did a very good job of budgeting out a bit of money to get one or two nicer things for each of them and then some little fun stuff as well. I got Tracey a wonderful lavender diffuser as well as a set of two very dark wood jewelry boxes. She was trying not to cry when she got to those boxes, it was great :D For Bruce, his main gift was BBQ set with large metal utensils, an apron, BBQ sauce, etc. Was neat! For them together I got them a picture frame that matches the style wood they have in the house. I told them I'll take a good shot of them together, portrait style, to put into that frame :)

They got me some GREAT stuff.... they didn't need to though! They already have given so much by having me here! I got a really awesome Australia t-shirt, a set of Australian coasters, a Kiwi keychain that I adore, among other things. It was really fab! On top of that, I also received some cards from family with some Xmas money.... which I plan to use for school books.

We almost forgot about the stockings! But finally we got to them and more little fun gifts were found for all, as well as candies. The only thing I couldn't get my hands on was some nuts in the shell to put in there like we do at home... but it was okay.

I had forgotten, that I put a wrapped can of silly string in each of their stockings, as well as tipping Tracey off to it days before hand so she would know what to do as soon as she discovered it.... Well Bruce found it first and went, what is this? And then Tracey was like OH F@CK! and dug hers out as fast as she could. And poor little me.......... was stuck in the middle!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! It was so funny and crazy, silly string flying around the livingroom. Poor Bruce was sort of in shock... so I stole the can from him and used it myself. I've done silly string wars before...bwhahahaha.

After we had our fun and cleaned up the messes from the pressies and the string, we then went on to the next task.... the food. We made a massive ham that I decided to try an interesting orange glaze on. It turned out AMAZING. We also had awesome baked veggies. ....and more wine.... :P

Afterwards Bruce and I ended up in an alcohol/food coma and Tracey got some wonderful shots of us passed out on the sofas. Was a fantastic Christmas Day!
PS: Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards! I showed them what we normally do at Dad's.... we put the cards up all along the door frame to the livingroom and then put the rest on the top of the CD shelves.

December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Australia

Today was my last day of Santa photography.

And OMG was it busy! Everyone waits until the last minute! Bad very bad!
Sandy had come into the mall for some last minute shopping and ended up putting her shopping in back, throwing a shirt on and helping us. Because it was just insane....absolutely insane...

Towards the end people got so mad at us because we were closing. We had to literally close off the line at or we would have been there all night and had no Christmas Eve ourselves. A few parents yelled at us for it but what are we supposed to do? Is it our fault that they procrastinated until one hour before we close on Christmas Eve and then try to get your kid in for a picture?? We were there for almost 6 weeks and there were signs all over the mall with our schedule.

Bruce rescued me from the mall at the end of my shift and I got ready quickly to start our own Xmas Eve. We decided not to cook and instead go to the Club. (no we aren't religious... but they have wonderful food there...) And we walked down and back so we burned off a bit of the food and all. Plus, this is Christmas Eve in Australia... it's warm! Many people even hit the beach. This is definately NOT Wisconsin!!!

When we got there it wasn't too busy which was good. The guy said it gets a LOT busier later on though. We started off getting a drink by the bar. Bruce had a scotch & coke, while we had vodka cruisers.

Then we had our Xmas Eve dinner. Bruce got a the chicken pie of the day, which was loaded with veggies as well. We both got pastas. Mine had a red sauce and Tracey's had an Alfredo sauce. Both were amazing!

It was a great way to end a very stressful last day of work :)

December 23, 2009

Xmas Work Party :D

I wasn't actually scheduled for the full shift at work today but my boss wanted to get us all together so we could get a group photo of all the Santa photographers. Those of us not working were scheduled for the last couple of hours. It turned out to be a good thing because they got absolutely SLAMMED.

After it was all over, we got to take a group shot using our boss' really good pro camera with a lead on it so he could be in the shot too. He photoshopped it later so that the background was hazy while we were in clear focus. Then he printed one for each of us :D

Afterward it was time for the party. Our boss went a little nuts with the food and booze but it was SO yummy. There were four trays of food.... one had all rotisserie chicken in it, one had all pastas, one had cheeses and snack sausages and one had all deli meats. He also had huge rolls to make sangas with, had a couple six packs of beer and some orange juice for those not drinking. Was all really good........ especially the chicken and the pasta :)
We all had a good time chatting it up.
After the party myself and 'funny Santa' did some last minute Christmas shopping and then he dropped me off so I wouldn't have to walk since Tracey and Bruce drank almost all the wine while I was away!! ;)

December 21, 2009

I'm How Old Again?!

What a great/weird birthday I had today...

It actually started off a little sad. I'm not a huge fan but respected American actress Brittany Murphy, same general age as me and she's just gone. I really feel for her family, finding her the way they did. No drugs contributed or any of that (not that it makes any death less or more important you know? it's just really... unexplained...), but she had flu like symptoms and she got in the shower and then that was it. Life is just way to precious. *shakes head*

I had to work today but it was fine. I'd rather have tomorrow off. They went a little nuts at work (but THANKS YOU GUYS).... Pat (who owns studio) gave me a bottle of wine and two massive containers of Ferrero Rocher chocolates!!!!Woot!!!!!!! Sandra, Kody, Lynn, Long and Pat's wife sneakily made me a very disturbing gift.... I'd taken a freaky pic of the "bad Santa" and they wrote something like happy birthday from Santa on the pic and then framed it and wrapped it up for me. I can see the nightmares now..... yikes! They also gave me an awesome card... and another bottle of booze (what do they think I am an alcoholic!!) It was something different though, like wine and juice? They also put a bunch of candy with my pressies... just what I needed........ more candy...

Kody brought a chocolate cake. And Sandra brought scones made from scratch by her husband (yes he cooks) along with a jar of cream and a jar of jam. 'Twas very good!! And Lynn bought me lunch... I was like....... omg...... because she came in with a monstrosity of a wrap from KFC and was like......... happy birthday here you go.... This "wrap" had an entire breaded chicken breast in it, along with bacon, salad, bbq sauce, etc. So so naughty........ but it sure was GOOD! Took me over an hour to eat the whole thing!!! :P Got birthday texts from a few of my cousins, my brother, Paul and my boss Long who cheekily wrote: 'Hey Mate. Have a great 50th birthday. Just kidding. Hope you have an awesome party tonight and enjoy ur hangover recovery session tomorrow. Cheers, Long'
Work went well. Same old same old. Screaming and horrified kids and a few happy ones.
You should have seen the look on Bruce's face when he saw me hauling so much stuff to the car after work.
When I got home it was more pressies and booze and fun.
I got a wonderful vanilla and almond set of perfume, body wash, body lotion, hand cream and hand treatment cream that came in a little basket with a loofah and nail file, from Tracey & Bruce. I just love it!!! I love everything vanilla and they knew it :D :D Thanks you guys!!

Dad and Jacqi sent me a set of that Mt. Meru Tanzanian coffee that I love so much. In the set was a bag of the coffee and a bag that was made from a straw sack that they originally put the coffee in when they ship it. It was very neat! Absolutely love the bag :)
Tracey made an amazing dinner that included steak and baked veggies.... It was so amazing I think I could eat that dinner every day.... no really....
The birthday cheesecake was SO yummy.... we ate half of it straight away... it was just so so good.

All in all.... it was an AMAZING birthday :D

December 20, 2009

Misty meets... Mini-Misty

So while working with Sandy and Kody today.... we got a little bit of a surprise at the last few minutes of our shift. Sandra had her husband (the greek dude who cooks ;) ) come in with a box. He's standing there by our little counter while we take the last photo of the day and then I realize that I am hearing this little wimpering noise coming from the box.
Right away I knew.... PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra's daughter Dina had named a puppy after Kody and myself and since they were our "namesake puppies" they thought we should get to meet them.

Oh man are they friggin CUTE too. ♥

So we took some happy snaps with our mini puppies that the studio let us have for free :D And what was really neat.... is in the back room after, we heard all the oogling going on...
It was the studio owner Pat! We found him sitting on the floor talking to and petting the puppies and he was all super smiles and fixing their little blanket. It was really cute ♥

December 19, 2009

What is..... Vegemite?

(my first experience with with Vegemite, shortly after arriving in Australia... I ended up loving it)

Vegemite [Austral] - (noun) is the registered brand name for a dark brown, salty food paste mainly used as a spread on sandwiches and toast, though occasionally used in cooking.

December 17, 2009

Very hot.... glad I was at work.

So it was pretty roasty out today....

It got up to 43c/109.5f!!!! Cripes!!!!!

I'm SO thankful that I was at work. At least the A/C was cranked in the mall. Although, by the end of the shift it was starting to get pretty warm in there too.... the A/C was starting to have problems coping with it... cuz it was TOO HOT.

Just NOT friggin natural!

December 16, 2009


Gotta go to work.... nine hours ............. UGH!

Had fun last night though - we froze bruce's boxers LMAO!

...and now i'm being frightenend by a freddy mercury tribute artist on tv that looks nothing like him......... sounds nothing like him........... and is actually a little scary......

December 14, 2009

Just Turn Around......

What is one good thing about being in the same room as the person you are on messenger with??

Tracey was picking on me on messenger so I typed........

Turn around once.

She did and I was doing an evil gesture at her and she just busted out laughing.


December 5, 2009


Work sucked today.
This weekend is the "Santa Breakfast" at the mall. Kids sign up to have breakfast and read a story with Santa, then get their picture taken. It's a wonderful experience for the kids. Well, maybe not for the ones that are terrified of him....

I knew it was going to be bad when I walked into the mall and saw a massive line. It was flat out for hours. I took SO many photographs, it was crazy.

And kids screaming and crying and whining and not smiling and yeah.... I don't get why parents make their kids do the Santa thing. It's fantastic if they like him, but at least 60% of them don't, especially between the ages of 2 and 5. It's one thing when the guy is a drawing or character on tv. But it's a completely different thing when he's real and huge and a stranger and his face is covered up and the parent drops the kid on his lap and takes off.... You get those parents that want the perfect smiling picture and then get so mad when the kid cries and then yell at the kid...and at us.... If anything some will drop the kid and have us snap a fast one and take the shot no matter how bad it is because it's the real reaction from their kid - those ones usually are funny and end up like THIS ONE. At least those parents retrieve the horrified kid in like 5 seconds or less and it's over. It's the ones that keep the kid there for ten minutes (not exaggerating) and not only make it a bad experience for the kid, but for us and the now backed up line behind us....


When I got off work I saw Tracey had text me this:
[We are sitting on a bench between gloria jeans and donut king, starving and thirsty]
My first thought was, gotta go before someone buys something!
Found Tracey, missing Bruce, and realized.... too late. Bruce was at McDonald's. We could see the top of his not so hair covered head in the crowd by the counter.

Then when we all agreed we wanted alcohol for our own individual various reasons (mine being the work experience I just described...), we ended up in Woolies liquor store in the mall.

So after a great dinner and lots of booze, at one point we locked Bruce out of the house....... or was it twice? I forget - or just can't remember....I leave you with this GREAT shot that Tracey took of me..... I wonder if things were as blurry for her as this photo turned out to be?? That is the real question....


December 4, 2009

Good Day But Tired

Last night I finally completely finished the Xmas cards!!! It took me like 3 hours to put the festive colored tape on the envelopes. I am very very happy that another year of Christmas cards have been shipped out. I went to the post office and sent them out this morning. Cost me $73 to send them all!! You people better fucking LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey & I walked down to the shops together, she had to get milk because it was spoiled..... there's an entire story about THAT but Tracey can tell it. After she got the milk and I did the cards, we went our seperate ways, since I had to work.

I was happy, I got to work about 25 mins early, which I like. It means I don't have to rush to set up the equipment. The Santa we were supposed to have called in, and the Santa we really like was working a different location today. So, we ended up with a replacement Santa, similar to sub teachers in school. Only thing was............ this Santa SUCKED MAJOR ASS.

It takes a lot for me to genuinely not like someone.... I didn't like him as a Santa at all. Everything from not being center in his chair, to not changing during break so we had to escort him (Santa Association states there must always be an escort with Santa cuz kids tend to takle him in their excitement) to the bathroom in center management (all the other santas take around three mins to change into jeans and a t-shirt...), to more than one wardrobe malfunction, not being good with kids, not tilting his head to avoid the flash on his glasses, sometimes not even looking at the camera, having his cellphone on in his bag and it rang twice...., slouching in the chair during pics, etc etc. We sort of got the giggles (not where he knew though, that would be mean/wrong, I'm not that big of an ass...) because he was having an issue with his Santa hair going down in his eyes and he had a big nose and in a few pics he looked like a white haired version of Yosemite Sam from Looney Toons...

*double sigh*