March 31, 2010

Lost In Translation

While Tracey was making the grocery list today I whipped out a short list I'd made of things I have not cooked yet that are very "American". On that list, between green bean casserole and bbq shredded beef... was the very yummy Biscuits & Gravy.

I tried to explain to Tracey that it was a white sausage gravy that is poured over biscuits and served nice and hot. And she couldn't get over it. She kept going what? That is odd! Biscuits?? With gravy on them?? What???

It took us a bit, along with a look at the 'wiki' page for it... to realize we'd had a bit of a translation issue. I had forgotten that in countries other than America, a 'biscuit' is basically the equivalent of a 'cookie'. Not the softer bread product we enjoy... that is a bit more like a 'scone' than anything (taste a bit different though).

The picture with this post, is courtesy of the wiki sight and shows an American biscuit next to a couple what the British call biscuits. Now that we've sorted it... Tracey looks a bit less frightened ;)


PS: Now I just need a good recipe!!!

March 30, 2010


I just under 14 days now until I fly back to America.

Where did the time go???

I don't even know what I'll miss the most yet. Most likely my friends. And the bird noises going all day.... and the warmer weather....and the accents and Aussie themed T.V..... the transport system... how laid back and relaxed everyone is....

Who knows. If I complete everything I'd like to education-wise, I may end up back here or somewhere like it. I can see a lot of the advantages to living in and working as a paramedic here or somewhere like it.

Maybe Canada will be next after school?



March 29, 2010

Tonight's Supper Was SO GOOD....

We are having lamb, baked veggies and steamed veggies. I can smell all of it drafting down the hall......... *drool* !!! I love Aussie food!!!
*Edit*: I'm stuffed.... and there are so many leftovers :D

March 28, 2010

Time To Go Back To Bed!

All I wanted was a little milk in my coffee.

Instead, I ended up with the milk cap from the container, in my coffee.


My Favorite Quote From Bruce Since I've Been Here

My favorite quote from Bruce since I've stayed here... just happened today. It is...

"Please don't spray me with herbs and spices!" -Bruce

Why? Because he was teasing Tracey and she turned around with the container of whole peppercorns and nailed him with it. LMAO! :)

I'm gonna miss this banter when I leave :(

March 27, 2010

Australia words vs. American words

So back when I was working at the Santa photography gig, Kody and I had started coming up with a list of phrases and words that are different between USA and AUS. Some give us much amusement... like the word Thong - which means the same as flipflops here but means something MUCH different in the US. Fanny is another winner.... Tell someone in Australia you want to buy a fanny pack and watch them bust out into gales of laughter :P

So here's a bit of the list:

American/Australian Words

Fanny Pack/Bum Bag
Flip Flops/Thongs
Cell Phone/Mobile
Case/Slab (ex: a case/slab of beer)
Supper/Dinner (in NZ it's called Tea)
Bathroom (Restroom)/Toilets (Loo)


We didn't do whole lot yesturday really... although we all helped a bit with housework. Tracey's back has been getting better and we try to keep an eye out so she doesn't go too nuts with anything yet and end up taking a step backwards in her healing (yes i know you will read this and we know how you are :P)

We made chicken kebabs for dinner and for some reason I really love making them. Not just that they are so yummy but I genuinely don't mind chopping it all up and putting them together either. We had assorted veggies on them, like tomato, onion, different colored bell peppers and zucchini. Tracey and I are big fans of garlic so I peeled a nice bunch of garlic cloves and put them on our :D Once they went on the grill I seasoned them with some garlic and onion powder and the flavor........ was AMAZING. Nom Nom Nom = :D

While they were cooking (Tracey did almost all the flipping of the kebabs... ty!!) we were plotting out the upcoming days. It's going to be weird not being in IL for Easter. I'm really hoping that some of my family will either post pictures on Facebook or send by email. Next year I'm going to have to make sure I am there. For our Good Friday/Easter weekend we wanted to do something fun, so we are planning to go to Taronga Zoo on Friday. It's across the Harbour from Sydney CBD so it will take extra time to get there by car, so we are leaving very early. We want to get there and be ready to go in when they open. I have no idea what it will be like for crowd. It will hopefully be a nice day weather wise too.

I'm taking all my memory cards for this one. They have much more there than our little Milwaukee County Zoo so I don't want to run out of space for pictures and videos. There is a baby elephant we are keen to see that was just named 'miracle' by the public because when it was in utero they thought it had died... and when mom elephant delivered they couldn't believe it survived :D It's cute as a button ;) I also want to see a kangaroo and a koala.... both of which I have not seen here yet. Unlike popular belief in the States... they are not just running around everywhere here. It should be a fun day.


PS: Can't forget another wine picture... I've been trying to test out all the Aussie and Kiwi wines I can before I leave, since so many of them you can't really find in the US. Last night's was:

from Devil's Lair Estate in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

March 26, 2010

Dinner Was A Big Hit

Made the Sloppy Joe's last night, which turned out to be a huge hit. Not surprised though, I love them myself! We found some really nice buns with sesame seeds on them and we cut up some lettuce and tomato to put on them. I also had them buy a pack of "American Cheese' from Kraft (yep they have it here but it doesn't meet the standards here to be called cheese... so it's called spread, even though it's in slices). We also picked up a container of slaw to go with it and yep.... good stuff :)

That got me thinking about other American foods I haven't made while here. We've done things like pot roast, pork chops in mushroom soup, lasagna, apple pie, banana cream pie, corned beef hash, french toast, water chestnuts in bacon, 7 layer salad, cornbread muffins, BLT's, four alarm chili, kielbasa soup, apple crisp, pumpkin pie, smores and Texas potatoes.

What else is there to make that is more "American"? I haven't made green bean casserole yet, or biscuits and gravy, or shredded bbq beef or rice crispy bars.... but I feel like I'm still missing something. Any thoughts?


(Tracey's Sloppy Joe... complete with the Coleslaw on the inside)

Wine Of The Day - March 26th

from De Bortoli Winery in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

March 25, 2010

Sloppy Joe's

We were talking yesterday evening about what to make for dinner tonight. We wanted to find something easy, but something different than the usual. After tossing some ideas around, I mentioned Sloppy Joe's. I hadn't really thought of the fact they might not know what a Sloppy Joe is! So, I'm making them for dinner tonight.

If memory serves, you just brown the ground beef (called mince here), add chopped onion and green pepper (called green capsicum here) and then the BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce we have is pretty mild so I'm going to jazz it all up by adding the following spices when I first start cooking the meat/onion/pepper to make it taste a bit more sweet & spicy:
-Sea Salt
-Black Pepper
-Garlic Powder
-Onion Powder

Should be rather tasty. I'm betting they will love it :)


These Birds Are Everywhere.....

....and I'm sure it will be one of them that wakes me up at 6am too.... ;)

** Read Me** .... and hiya :)

I'm about to send the link to this blog out to a bunch of people so I wanted to make sure to post my upcoming plans and explanation of this blog again, for those just joining in.

First, Hi! Welcome. If you are here and want to keep tabs on me, bookmark this blog. There is also the option to "follow" this blog to the left of this post and at the top of the blog as well if you have something like Google, Yahoo, etc.

I started this private blog so my friends and family can keep tabs on me. If my time online is very limited soon, the one place I will post an update to first, will be right here. So check once in a while if you are inclined to do so. There will be a lot going on soon and this is the easiest way to keep everyone updated at once, since some I am close to do not have Facebook.

I am starting to get myself ready for flying back to the USA. Right now it's little things, like getting my pictures on disks to bring with me, etc. Next week I'll start some lists for packing, etc. I leave just before mid-April. I'll email Dad, my brother and Jess with my flight plans soon so they are aware of them.

I am flying to Kansas City, Missouri, USA. From there I'll meet my friend Jess and head up to Maryville, Missouri, where I'm going to live. I have no idea how long I will live there, but if it goes well it might be permanent. There are jobs there as well as schools and most importantly the curriculum I am looking for. Plus I will be with and close to friends and a few hours away from Aunt Kris and also my cousin April (hey she's my cuz too :D).

I think it's going to be a very good fit. Jess flew out here to stay with us in Australia over New Year's and we had a fantastic time and got on very well. We've know each other online since what.... 2005 or so? Something like that. She's part of our EJ group that includes Tracey (whom I'm staying with now) and Paul who's around 2 hours away as well.

Because of the upcoming travel and new start and all of it, I thought this would be a nice idea. I have a very large "private" online blog here but thought this was better than opening that one up.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment anytime, you don't have to be a member to do so. It's pretty easy to navigate the blog, the newest post will always be first. If you see something in the post that is written in a darker color than the rest, it's a link you can click on that is relevant to what I've written. There is also an archive on the left of posts by month. Also..... You see those little boxes under each post that say things like "cool" and "yikes"? You can click the boxes that are next to those words as a way to express your reaction to a particular post. Rather nifty! :)

Love & hugs

March 24, 2010

Slow Day Today

Was a slower day today. I did boring stuff like wash sheets... and I used some rust remover on that railing we never got done. I was impressed by how much rust it got off so fast. I'm going to go over it again on the next cool day (you can't use it over 30C) and I'd love to rope Bruce into helping and we could paint it before I leave. If we really applied ourselves to it early and put some tunes on, we could have it done in one day :)

Other than that, I've done a lot on here, putting some older posts on for those who haven't read from my blog before. I was trying to keep it to Australian experiences and things but I find some funny ones and just can't help but post them.

Tomorrow I'm going to do this more and try to get through the rest of the photos I've taken while here. I'm weeding out the crappy ones and saving the good ones to disk before I leave. I'd also like to help Tracey get look up things for France and UK some more, it's just fascinating! We want to look up some good UK cheese shops as well so she can do a little tasting of cheeses she's never had (don't forget Monterey Jack!) and we can also look at a few more places to dine.

Also hopefully today Paul will get on, that would be cool *hint hint*

March 22, 2010


My twin cousins are in high school basketball and their team WON the state championship in Minnesota! That's friggin awesome! :D Congrats ♥


Helping Tracey Set Up A Travel Blog

This morning has been a lot of fun. Tracey decided to do the same kind of thing that I did, having one blog for private blogging and one blog that everyone can read. Since she is going on a long trip to Europe with her husband in two months, she wanted a place were she could write and show pictures to her friends and family.

So today we set out to do just that. We found a fabulous template to go with the blog with England on it and as soon as we got it all worked out she was off and running.... already posting about setting up her vacation.

It's going to be fascinating to read about their adventures overseas!

(as long as she remembers to take a few pictures of the food/menus for me - Tracey don't forget!!)


Nom Nom Nom :D

Making a yummy mid morning treat.... Haven't had it in ages ;)

March 21, 2010

Is that my phone? What time is it?!

So I was sleeping pretty well until my phone started moving across the nightstand this morning. As I reached for the phone and then opened one eye to see who text me, I realized it must be either very late or very early as it was still dark out.
Turning on my phone I saw the time first: 4:59 AM...... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Then I clicked to see who the creep was that sent it...
My brother! Double Grrrrrrrrrr!
I text him back a few times to see how he was since we are 9,000 miles away from each other.
Then I made him panic by telling him the time by me. When he apologized like crazy, I picked on him just a little bit more first ;)
He's my brother so I had to :D
PS: Of course after all that I was pretty much awake so I just decided to get up. I'll be tired later!

Fire Red Sky Tonight....

It was gorgeous....


I was trying to find some info online about those really large computer paper rolls that they used at my dad's work when I was younger, after having a conversation about this with a friend of mine. While searching I ran into this:

It's sorta funny, but sorta scary that anyone would really need to ask about that....


March 19, 2010

Bruce + Me + Grocery Shoping = Interesting....

We did the shopping today because Tracey really couldn't be walking all over the store and pushing a cart, etc. So we sucked it up and we got it done. It wasn't bad and was sort of funny. We did grab a thing or two on impulse (like fresh brussel sprouts - we love and Tracey hates lol) but other than that we stuck to the list. I'm sure she was proud LOL :P

March 18, 2010

My Breakky :)

Oatmeal, yoghurt, fresh fruit, flaxseed = Yum :)

March 17, 2010


Today Tracey hurt her back (more than the pain she normally has) while doing some cleaning in the kitchen :( I tried to help make things a bit easier for her until Bruce got home and then we all went with her to the doc. I wanted to be there as support ♥ We didn't have to wait all that long and I read some good magazine articles while waiting for her to come out of her appointment. There had been a little recipe book that was in a magazine that we looked at....... and when we got home later on Bruce handed it to us........he lifted the little book haha! ;)

I hope she gets better soon!

Plane Tickets Are All Booked :D

We sat down today and got the plane tickets booked for my trip - Yay! It's now official.. I'm coming back to the States in less than a month! I fly from Sydney to L.A. to Ohio to Missouri. Have a somewhat long wait at LAX but I'm going to roam around the airport and check it all out. Maybe I can find something like big fat burrito! Woot! ;)


March 15, 2010

Good movie, Good food, Great afternoon with my friends :)

We had a bit of a day today. It was very nice! We went to the movie theater in Narellan, which was nice because I hadn't been to that one before.

We saw the movie Precious. If you haven't seen it yet.... think about it. It was VERY good. It's not an easy movie to watch but it sure is amazing. I have a few friends that went through things like that in bad neighborhoods and bad families and still pushed forward and accomplished things... it's very inspiring to me, especially right now. I was curious to see what Bruce thought of watching it but I was happy because he really liked it. It shocked him a little more than Tracey and I in my opinion and I swear it seemed like he wiped his eyes once or twice but you know, it could have been dry eyes or something ;)

Afterwards, we went to the Club. We had a great lunch. I got roast beef and steamed veggies. Tracey and Bruce both got cottage pie (which was damned yummy... I stole a bite). We had some wine and some coffees, which was entertaining because we had Bruce go fetch all three for us :D

I also pulled the money out for my plane tickets. I appreciate the help from my friends and family SO much.... it's amazing ♥


What is..... Stodge?

(In my photo: A Chicko roll, chips, fried fish, half of a potato scallop)

Stodge [informal] - (noun) a slang term for the type of fatty, starchy food that fills your stomach and devastates your arteries.

*Also known as an Australian hangover cure *

So, we are going to have a nice little day today :)

We are seeing the early showing of the movie Precious in Narellan. I'm looking forward to it because I've wanted to see it. Might bring some tissues though?!

Afterwards we are going to run to the bank so I can get out the money for my plane tickets, then Tracey wants to go to the RTA and get the driving learner's book to start studying it. Then we are going to the club for lunch & wine :)

March 4, 2010


Well, I've spent a lot of hours putting wonderful notes and drawings together in a notebook of study stuff for EMT-Basic and Med Terminology and wouldn't you know it......

The notebook is one of those ones with the perforated edges so you can tear the pages out..... well they are starting to tear all on their own! I got like 20 pages of notes in there and they are gonna fall out.....

WTF is the point of notes in a notebook if the pages all come out???

Now I'm gonna have to get a new notebook (i better be able to find one without the rip-out edges) and I'm going to have to do them all f@cking over again!!!!

Oh and btw.... after I get the notes in the new notebook I'm gonna take this one outside and rip the sh@t out of it and like burn it too!! And stomp on it too!!!