August 31, 2010

Apartment is mine tomorrow!

Even though the apartment is mine Wednesday, I'll have to work 3-11, so I might as well wait for Thursday. I have Thursday and Friday off (except for some meeting I'm going to on Friday quick so I get my check earlier).

I've already started a list of stuff I'll have to get for food. And a list that eventually I'll get... number one is lavender paint, necessities and kitchen stuff. Number two is futon, more paint, a small cheap safe and a toaster on my next check after the small one. It will be a list where I can eventually have what I all want and need.

It's all about planning and budgeting :)


Once In A While I Still Eat Well...

This morning I got it in me to eat something substantial because the 4.5 miles I'm walking a day right now and then hauling heavy things up the stairs all night at work.

So to combat this and have more energy I am going to try to eat a bigger than normal size breakky. That way even if I eat nothing else all day, at least I'm running off a good big breakfast.

I ended up making a small piece of steak, two eggs, and toast. I think it's the most I've ate at one time in weeks! Was damned good too!

I'll have to come up with some breakfast ideas to make sure I get full.

Today should be interesting... something like a heat index of 102F and I'll walk instead of the bike. I think once I get a backpack then I'll take the bike, that way I can take stuff to work with me.

Any good breakfast ideas?


August 30, 2010

Listenin to tunes...

While I get more done from my list.

It's a very eclectic list.... EJ, Pink, Ray Lamontagne, MJ, Queen, Daughtry, Springsteen (newer stuff), CCR, Radiohead, Clapton, Billy Joel....

It's a good playlist :D

Another one??

Had a quick chat over the phone with Dr. B as he was reviewing my records from my inpatient stay and out of the blue he was like, I wonder if you have OCD. I still have to read more but you might.

I completely didn't understand at first and started to protest because I don't keep anything clean or do ritual stuff like checking locks etc.


Then he told me he thinks I am just obsessional. Because I worry so much of the time about everything, even moreso when out of the house. And the nurses noticed it when I was inpatient, so did the doc. I'm trying to pay more attention and i realize I do things like....say i'm walking down the block, and some kids or something are coming the other way, i'll actually go to the other side of the street or turn onto a new street, so i don't have to walk by them. Caught myself doing it yesterday....

I assumed it was paranoia with the borderline. And maybe it is and maybe it isn't. I haven't read much at all on OCD and the worriers only group. Maybe I should?

My appointment is on the 13th. He said he'll know by then.

Hahahaha he also said he might knock off a drug or two that the doc when I was impatient put me on. I knew he would. He was like, really? Three mood stabilizers? lol

And he's questioning the bipolar II you can say I knew it!!! lol

Can't wait for that appointment now.

I told him about the daydreaming thing so he's going to think on that as well.


August 29, 2010

Still got the daydreaming...

My meds have been helping me with so many things, so I hate to complain about anything really.
But there's one thing I'm still having so much trouble with. Strattera has been great so far.

But it does nothing for focus...which i really think is a problem with daydreaming making me NOT focus, because i'm finding times now I can focus while reading because my mind is entertained by the story, but I can't sit through someone talking about something without my mind wandering. I can be cooking or surfing the net or walking or listening to someone but my mind is hardly ever there. It's off somewhere else.

I feel this is a key issue in me covering all my most bothersome symptoms. This is the other really impairing one. Can't even drive with it like this.

My next appt. with Dr. B is on the 13th, and it's really the only thing I have to bring up. The meds are doing well otherwise.

Even been walking every day!!

This is like my favorite picture of the year!

Well, you know, freedom of speech goes two ways LOL! Funny how the guy is looking at the kid like WTF....

How much coffee can one drink

before their heart explodes?

mwhahahahahhahaha (devil smiley here)

Okay I won't drink THAT much....

But about to start on my third cup.... woot!

I need it, got lots to do!!

-coffeehead M

Pics I found...

while sorting my stuff on puter....

I miss my table! One day I'll have it here, and it will be perfect!

A rare pic of me shooting a pic...courtesy of Tracey :)

PS: Got puter sorted. Then went through my emails (yuck) and it's gone from over 200 to 29 in my inbox. yay!!!

Gonna Make The Most...

....of this unexpected day off! Dude that's trainin me called in, so as it is they are trying to cover laundry, and they want me to finish training before letting me loose, cuz I did offer. Really irritates me because I took that tb test and now is 48 hours..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

But I found a positive to it. Since I move out in relatively three to four days, there's a lot I can do! Plus there's just general stuff I want to do. So, my list so far:

-trim/file nails
-paint nails (yay!)
-blog and change theme (doing that now)
-clean around puter
-clean out dresser, organize stuff in it
-go through crap on chair that's is mine
-start a list of food stuffs I'll need for apt.
-start a list of non food stuffs I'm in need of.
-clean and organize stuff on puter

That's it for now. A couple cups of coffee and I'll be good to go :)


PS: Yep I finally changed the theme on here. Whatcha think??
I know some of my MJ friends are sad today, but cheer up damnit, it's his birthday ♥

August 27, 2010

August 26, 2010


So last night I ended up meeting my friend Jen halfway between her place and here, and walking over to see the potential apartment.

Not so anyone thinks it's great, it's not. It's a very small studio with a lot of work to be done in it. Apparently the landlady is very nice, but not so hot on sticking money into the apartments to fix them up. I asked her if I did some things in there and made it more aesthetically pleasing, if she'd knock some of my rent off for my expenses, to which she said yes. (hey i can barter lol) I also asked if anyone was vacuuming the halls, she said no, I offered for a bit knocked off the rent...again, success. I move in on Sept. 1. She had a few people that were gonna clean it, but I already know it won't be to my standards. I think that the day I move in is gonna be clean day.

Today I went to the HUD appt. and it went well. I got on the list for regular HUD which they are now clearing the list. In the meantime, they are giving me emergency HUD assistance nextweek to pay my first rent and my deposit on the new apartment. Woohoo!


August 25, 2010

Good Day Today

Today I went in to my new job from 10-2, to get all that fun paperwork filled out that comes with working and working at a med facility. SO much paperwork. I also had to watch about 2.5 hours of boring videos on things like patient harm and body fluid precautions. Very exciting stuff.....

I start training on Friday, all the way through Wednesday, which is fine by me....I need money! I have about $10 in the bank! :((( Not for long though. I think the pay period ends the 1st and payday is the 5th, so at least I'll have something. I'm going to treat it really precious though, I want to save money, since I'm about to get my own place :D

I was going to train tomorrow but I have two appointments in the early afternoon, both therapist and an appointment for housing. Can't miss them ;) It will be easier for me if I get HUD, so we'll see.


August 24, 2010

Finally Home

I have so much to write but won't do much right now. Will do more later, as TT just came online and I want to chat with her.

I am out though.... and what's even better, I got a job about two hours after I got out hahaha :D

Dx changed a bit, so have my Rx... I'll get to them in the next post when I have a chance.

All I can say, is they did a fab job on my meds. I feel amazing :)


PS: Thanks for the well wishes and thoughts. Love ya ♥

August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Sitting at the card table in the dayroom with two other people and a cna. Everyone is bored. I decided to write in here just for something to do. The table is so rickety though that one day it's gonna fall apart...
Today hasn't been too bad. I slept like crap though. I think I was up by 3am...and didn't fall back asleep until probably after 5am, only to wake up at 6:30am. Fun times...
The visit with the doc went well today. No fighting. Him and my social worker came up with a plan to try and get me into partial but they aren't sure if they can. I like groups, so it would be really good.

August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

So, it's like two months later and guess where I am again??
I was feeling really lousy again and on top of that I feel like I am wearing out my welcome and my mood is going down so fast. I ended up cutting twenty one times (none of them that bad really) in three weeks. Finally I called Dr. B's office and they transferred me to the emergency hotline number at the hospital and they again asked me to come do an assessment, which I figured they would.
They did the assessment on the unit, as they knew me. JP ended up having to wait outside the unit with my stuff for like two hours even though I kept telling them she was out there...didn't do any good though.
The assessment went well as it could, not really well, but at least I didn't cry like last time! They could barely understand me then...
I ended up in room 215. Last time I was in room 214, so same part of the hall again. I was the only one in the room for four days or so, and after that I got a room mate who liked it just as cold in there as I did!
I don't like the doctor. He pisses me off with the things he says to like tear you down or whatever. He comes off as super egotistical and mean to people. At least four different times he made me cry and at least twice I argued with him. Once I argued pretty loud with him, the day I was diagnosed with Borderline, because he was like, well what do YOU know about it? And I was like...I grew up with it in my life with my Mom...hello...he's got my history right there...

August 16, 2010

Might Not Be On For A While

My mood has been extremely up and down lately and it's to the point my doctor thinks it might be beneficial for me to go inpatient again for a bit, to see if we can get me a bit more evened out and work on the stuff that the strattera isn't helping with, because it's getting in the way of me even learning right now. I'm sleeping a lot more and grumpier and sad and feeling just at the end of my rope again about my situation and he thinks I probably have agoraphobia, which hasn't been this bad in years, so we are going to address that too. Had a minor self injury issue I'm not going into or my friends and family will freak out, but I'm fine, I told the doc about it which is good. It just means the Major Depressive Disorder is not gone yet. It goes in waves, sometimes it last a week or two, sometimes much much longer. This time it's months.

After the hospital I hope to be in a shelter for a while. I'll have a good social worker while in hospital and I'm hoping she can figure something out for me. And having medicaid means I don't have to stress about how expensive it is and that is good for a change.

I won't be able to post at all while I'm in there, but once out of there I can get on facebook with my phone. JP will know the number people can call in to say hi (can't talk during groups and such though so may take a few times before you get me), just get ahold of her on facebook, since she won't put the number here as weird random people could call with it lol.

Love yas,

August 14, 2010


Very tired today (enter sleepy smiley here) and it's made me grumpy.

On the plus side, Day 2 of Nationals (US Gymnastics) is on so that will be cool to watch. Starts at 6:30 pm cdt :D

That's it. That's all I got for blogging today lol



August 13, 2010

Thunderboomers and Mountain Dew

Getting a few little thunderboomers today, nothing too exciting but the sound is nice :) Supposedly this cold front that will come through tomorrow is going to drop us from high 90's in the day time to low 80's in the day time through at least the first half of next week. Music to my ears....makes me excited, I can do morning walks no matter what time I wake up if it's cooler :D

Went to the store this morning. A huge thanks to JP, she was kinda wanting to just hide inside today (good day for it too) and here I dragged her out. But she was good about it (ty JP). I got things like bananas, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, yogurt, salsa, grapes, bagels, cereal and a few easy frozen things like burritos and those little one person frozen pizzas. Totally forgot the rice cakes though damnit.

I figure eating something is better than nothing, and I'm going to try and snack my way through the days with healthy snacks and try to eat something bigger for dinner. Some days I manage to eat some cereal and yogurt for breakfast, other days I'm lucky to eat anything.... just depends.

Once we were home, I started drinking the 20 oz. Mountain Dew I got, since I don't have much for soda these days....just wanted to have one :P OMG, Strattera and Mountain Dew... what a trip! I ended up doing dishes, washing down counters, sweeping the floor and then washing that by hand.... haha then I made myself stop it! I'm going to put this energy to use with this journal in a bit. I'm only 8 pages from filling this journal completely, then it's on to the next one. At least I'm into October now... getting there slowly....

If the hospital doesn't call today about that kitchen job, then Monday I'm going to go over to where JP was working and see if I can get her job since she only has a few days left. The pay is minimum and it's only like four hours a night, but it would be work, and going by how many days JP was working, would hopefully be five days a week. I would be able to work and still keep my medicaid because the income cap is like $780 a month or something. And not paying for housing, food and medical, I don't think it would be all that bad. I'd want to save as much of it as possible.


Off To The Store

Have a list of stuff to get that is all easier to just grab and eat, hopefully it will help me eat more often! Thanks for all the ideas.

I'm dragging JP to go early...cuz I don't wanna be doing this when it's 97 degrees thank you!



August 11, 2010

Has To Be Said



Ok, calling on the few people that read this, for ideas.

I'm hardly ever hungry, but realize I need to eat at least something a few times throughout the day. Yesterday, while getting the mail, I ran back up the two flights of stairs and was shaking by the time I walked back in the apartment :(((

I think I'd had a yogurt and an orange that morning and that was it.

So, I need ideas. For quick and easy use. I don't necessarily need meals through out the day, but at least snacks? I have yogurts so that is one. What are some others?

I thought about breakfast shakes.... or maybe bagels, that worked out well before.

Give me some suggestions, if you think of any.


August 10, 2010

More Books!

JP and I went to the Uni library yesterday. I took back the books that I had read, and I'm on a Stephen King kick right now so I went straight for his stuff.

I was super excited because Under The Dome was in! I've been wanting to read it since it came out. I even tried to find it at the library in Australia, to no avail :( But now I have it and it's 1072 pages long... haven't read a thicker one from him in a while, but welcome the challenge.

I also got: Just After Sunset, Lisey's Story and Duma Key. My cousin had suggested Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs so I got that one too, as it was in. I have these until the 30th...easy as.

Of course the first book I started reading was Under The Dome. Just had to for curiosity sake. And it sure isn't disappointing!!! I got SO sucked into it. I'm noticing that I can read even faster now on the Strattera and keep better focus...which is creating a monster lol...I read 321 pages last night before I finally was tired enough to sleep...

Others gave me a few suggestions so I jotted them down as well. Still looking for book suggestions. I not only read horror but I read adventure, crime, drama and true stories of people overcoming things. Any suggestions are welcome :) I'm also going to have to pick my cousin's brain more often because she reads a LOT like I do and we read some of the same authors as well.

It was hilarious when I took those books, all hardcover by the way, to the counter and JP took them out under her student card.
Lady: You read a lot of books huh?
JP: Ah.... Uh Huh.
Lady: You must be a big fan of Stephen King too.
JP: Yep
When we got through the doors I was cracking up over it and JP was like, hey I can be very serious when I need to be!!

I stopped by my doc real quick as well, because I'd noticed that they made my next appointment a few days after the last of my meds and the nurse there was able to call the stuff in for me. I also got 14 days of Strattera samples, because we weren't completely sure how easy I could get it with my new Medicaid card.

Turns out it was a smart idea. Everything else went through just fine except the Strattera. They need some kind of physician authorization first. Basically, the total without medicaid for all four meds would have been just over $200. I know for a fact that the three others together are less than $30, so the rest of that price is ALL Strattera....cripes! It's still under patent by the company that makes it, so there are no generics and they can charge what they want for it, until like 2012 or 2015 or maybe longer. They sure are charging for it too...

So I have a grand total of like three weeks of Strattera here right now and by then it will be all cleared up and I'll be able to get it properly. Which is good. It's starting to kick ADHD ASS :-) I'm assuming they have to have physician approval just because it's pricey. It's not a stimulant like Ritalin was, so the approval isn't because it's a controlled substance.

After that we stopped off at Taco Bell.... zomg.... haven't had it in a while. I don't get all that hungry these days and I wasn't when we went but I realize I have to eat anyhow. So I made it a really yummy meal and got a #1... Burrito Supreme with a soft taco and drink. Normally I'd get a Mountain Dew, but the Strattera and a bit of coffee gets me all like (whoohoo....lalalala...ZOOM..) so I really didn't need the Mountain Dew. Shame though... I do love it once in a while. I got one of those yummy raspberry iced teas instead. Yummy too. JP got three tacos and a drink. She finished all three before I was done with just the soft taco!! I took the burrito home with me ;)

Later in the evening I made a salad with some salmon in it and then had some chips and salsa while I read, so at least I had a few things to eat today. It does seem like I'm not hungry all day and then finally I get a little bit hungry by evening, so I try to make a filling but healthy dinner. I thought about getting those breakfast shake things and having one in the morning. Just to get nutrients into me. Might not be a bad idea. It's weird, on this med, I could probably eat all day and still lose weight. Closing in on losing ten pounds since the end of June.... with no exercise at all. I need to start walking because it's good for the depression, which is finally lifting (yay!) and good for me..... I might just get back to being a skinny mini by fall! Very exciting stuff!

So, that was my day ;)


August 9, 2010

My Weight

Just wanted to add this here... that thanks to first the Ritalin and now the Strattera that I've dropped seven pounds since the end of June - yay! I'm trying to jump on a scale every week now just to keep tabs on it. I know they are watching it at the doc office too. Basically, because I have weight to lose, they aren't worried. It's one of the side effects I actually like ;)

Now if I could just get my ass to go walking in the mornings.....which I want to push myself into doing on my own, even if it's just like twenty minutes.

And bug JP into doing that dvd with me that she bought....

*hint hint*


August 8, 2010

Still writing...

I'm really very determined to get this thing caught up. And it's a great time to do it. I'm feeling more productive right now, am not yet working so I have the time and am still at JP's so I have access to the internet 24/7.... so why not work hard on it? What else do I have to do?? ;)

Tracey and I were talking last night about finishing things and feeling a sense of accomplishment over them. I have realized that when unmedicated for my ADHD, I don't actually feel that sort of mental reward when I actually manage to finish something. Funny I didn't realize it until after being on a med that brings that to me. I've noticed lately when I finish even mundane things like the dishes, I feel almost like a bit of a mini high. I now realize this is what people are referring to when they finish their task and feel accomplishment and pride for it. I wonder if that is typical with ADHDers? Not only can we not get the shit done but when we manage to actually complete something it's just like... meh, whatever.

I would be very excited if I could catch this project up. At this rate it will take me at least a week, and I'm determined to finish it. If I'd been medicated in Australia.... this would not have been such a huge problem. But all I can do now is forget all that procrastination and move on.

See, I want to get to the point where each day, or every few days, I'm writing a NEW entry in my journal, instead of only blogging it online because I haven't caught the journals up yet. I love journaling and also love looking back at it years down the road, and the Australia trip was very important to me and I want to remember all the things from it when I'm older. So, it has to be completed.

Well, back to writing and listening to tunes...


August 7, 2010

writing...writing...and more writing....

I'd say as far as writing today is a very productive day. I'd like to think it's the Strattera. I am on day 21 today. They say between week 4 and 6 you start to see progress with many people, so you never know.

I've been in journal mode most of the day today. Basically I didn't write in my physical journal at all while in Australia, just the online blogging, so now I'm trying to catch it up. I'm going through each post I made in my blog while in Australia and writing it out in my journal. I have to fill up the one I'm on, and I have another waiting that will also contain Australia stuff. Hopefully I can fit it in those two, as I did a LOT of blogging in AUS and would like to have most of it written down, wrote a lot of good stuff.

I did take a Ritalin today as well, just for a little energetic pick me up. But I still think the Strattera is helping because there are days I'll take a 10mg Ritalin and still just sit here surfing the web or watching hours worth of videos online. Today I actually feel like I have... purpose.

I do want and need to get the dishes done today as well, but I've been pushing them aside for this. It's nagging in the back of my head... like I NEED to do them sometime today. It's weird. I keep telling myself I'll do them in the next few hours, as a break from doing this. So we'll see how that goes....

Oh.... and everyone cross their fingers this next week... I applied for a very part time hospital job, doing something easy. Won't make more than 400 bucks a month with it, but it would be something. I got a call back and had a phone interview yesterday, and they'll get back to me next week if they want a face to face.

I would like this job, because it is pretty much a weekend job and I can try to get into a vocational class at the college or something during the week, which would be really good, especially if this Strattera is really starting to work. I emailed the school yesterday as well, to get more information. I might be able to take a class for free, catch up on math and things I'm lagging in. Would be really good.

So cross your fingers, toes and any unmentionables ;)


PS: I also just got done reading my fifth book in like two weeks, thanks to JP letting me get some books out on her Uni library card. Man they have a LOT of books there!! Huge library!! Must go back!!! lol I'm going to come up with a list to take when I go again. Any suggestions???

This time I read:
The 3rd Degree - James Patterson
Four Past Midnight - Stephen King
A Buick 8 - Stephen King
Everything's Eventual - Stephen King
Where The Red Fern Grows - Wilson Rawls

I know I need to find Under The Dome by Stephen King, it was out last time but may be back now. But I definitely need other suggestions. I tend to like really dramatic fiction and non fiction I like stories of people's struggles and getting through hard times to become something.

Any suggestions would help.


August 4, 2010

Ideas for next journal

Because I got two going now and both are getting closer to being full :P

I'm thinking the next one is going to be an older looking one, like 1800's. I do like the leather and suede ones the best, with ties and wrap arounds and such. Gives them SO much character!

Harley might leave Milwaukee? :(((((

Well this sucks!!!!



That it's not okay to tinker with the 2nd Ammendment (right to bear arms) because it's our right under the Constitution but it's okay to tinker with the 14th Ammendment (citizen if born here) because of people's agendas....

Have I mentioned the next place I'm going to live after here is Canada? No? well, I loved AUS so much because they weren't gun toting, racist, spoiled, boiling over with crime and they actually do a lot more for their citizens.... and Canada is extremely similar to AUS in all those aspects....including... it's nice and cool and closer to my family.

All I need is a couple years to save up. As soon as I enter the country I can apply for permanent residency and get all the things that come with it....including FREE healthcare and prescription coverage (and no you don't wait forever to be seen, that is a gross over exaggeration by those who try to make it sound bad... I have plenty of friends who are Canadian that will tell you the same....).

Plus it's not HOT there. And it's beautiful...I need somewhere really full of pretty surroundings and animals. Where am I thinking of going? Thunder Bay, Ontario :) I will be a day's drive from my friends and family in WI, only a couple hours from Mom (when I feel like seeing her) and like two, maybe three hours from my aunt, uncle and four cousins. And it's a city of 100,000 immediately surrounded by the most beautiful country imagineable. I could photograph for years and not get bored!

I'm just not happy being in the US, after spending a year in such a progressive thinking country and with all the perks that go with it. Everything I stand for are things the majority of people here do not. It's been extremely dissapointing. Some of my friends and family were correct... it just took me a little longer to see it because I am very patriotic and thankful for what I have.

I try not to say much, because much of my family is Republican. There is nothing wrong with it, it's just the opposite of me. Completely. And the more things that seem to happen in my country the more frustrated it makes me. I understand that my country is a free country where you can do anything you want, and be safe from bombings and all that stuff. There are just some countries I feel are just that little bit better and safer and tolerant is all. AUS and CAN are two of them. Took a whole year for me to fully understand it too.

Sorry if this shocks anyone or anything, but it's just really how i feel.

Plus I really need to be somewhere beautiful. I was SO happy in Sydney and that was why.

Anyhow... now... for a few happy snaps of Thunder Bay I found on Flickr:

Just think of all the pics I'd be taking in a place like THAT.....
It would be like AUS all over again ;)

August 3, 2010


Now that I have the photos I wanted on Flickr, I am slowly making my way through and I am going to geotag all but the ones from where I live now. So each photo will also have a small map showing where it was taken :)

And no Aunt Kris, you can't order off of Flickr, I know you'll ask at some point. The photos I have on there are pretty much a web friendly size only. And if you do buy prints on there the money goes to Flickr. Which sucks :(

At some point we will figure all that out if you want to buy a few. Unfortunately anything before Australia, is on my hard drive in Milwaukee and anything taken after Australia, is inaccessible right now because JP's external hard drive got dropped and now we can't access it :(((

I have all the originals from Australia though! LOL! :P

Poor JP, I hope she can get all the stuff off of there, not just for my sake, that girl had over 6,000 + Elton pics and 2,000 + Elton songs, plus probably a few hundred random songs from artists and back ups of her senior prom pics, graduation pics, artwork, random computer programs and all her website graphics that she's lost if she can't find somewhere to access her hard drive to pull it all off. So I'm not so upset about my like 200 pics really. Bummed? Yes. Devestated? No.

We'll figure something out though! I'd love to sell some prints. :D

Anyhow, so that's what I'm doing today.

If you are reading this, what are you up to today? Anything exciting? Or not? lol


August 2, 2010

I've totally taken over my live feed on here....



I had to hunt through old posts on here to find some of the piccy's I needed to post on flickr. Fun fun!

Anywho, the addy is:

Was a pain in the butt having to upload them all, then put in titles, tags, descriptions, dates, etc. For 40+ pics.


Glad it's all settled.



As of this evening, I'm back as a pro on Flickr! Woot! I wasn't even sure how many pics I had on there, because when my pro status ran out, it only shows the last 200 in your photostream. Now I can see them all again... and some, I'd forgotten all about!

Now I can keep adding to my Flickr collection :D

Thanks JP!!!



Still the coolest picture on Flickr.

I was looking through some 2800 favorites I have on Flickr and decided to start at the beginning and I forgot all about seeing this pic.... some might find it a bit morbid but I think it's an awesome shot!

As seen on this page:


Goodbye Koda :(

I'm not sure if I posted about this before or not, I may have when I first heard about it, not sure.
I was reading an article today that got me a little nostalgic. One of my favorite kinds of film to use when shooting in 35 mm, has always been Kodachrome. It's a slide film, that makes wonderful regular film, because of it's higher color saturation and contrast. Over the years many pros have used slide film vs. the easier to develope stuff you get cheaply in the store. This, combined with talent and a good camera, was what set film photographers apart from the amateurs.

In 1999, I got my first "real" camera, a Ricoh KR-S Super II 35-70mm, as all through high school I'd been fascinated by photography and already had a list of favorite artists, including the late Dan Eldon, who not only was an amazing photographer, but journal writer as well. I attribute him to why my personal journals are an eclectic mix of writing, drawing, coloring, stickers, clippings, saved tickets etc. His work taught me that a journal wasn't just a writing canvas, but an empty set of pages waiting to be filled by every type of expression to come from your soul.

There were many times I was using regular Fuji color or black and white film, but when I could afford to, I'd get Kodachrome. I know I used it with at least one set during my Dad's wedding, as well as going through the Rockies on the way to Vegas. It was more for special occassions than anything. In part because of price not only to buy, but to process. There is no 'one hour photo' for slide film. It gets sent out and you have to wait. And the excitement builds.... when you finally get those prints, it's pretty exciting.

So for me, it's sad, to see that kind of an era coming to a close. It's not a complete loss ,as there is still Fujichrome as well as at least one other. But it's just more of an overall sadness that such an art has been dying out as it becomes replaced by the cheaper, easier to use digital format. Personally, I think there is room for both. And I think all photographers and serious ameteurs need to at least learn the basics with a real 35mm camera. It's the only full way to learn the ins and outs of photography.


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Jammin With JP

Sitting here at the table, jammin to EJ with JP.

My very favorite song is on right now...

Funeral For A Friend, Love Lies Bleeding :D

Eeny Meeny

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Catch an Elton by the toe
If he won't sing then let him go
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe


August 1, 2010

nom nom nom

At this very moment... I am having a piece of JP's home made zucchini bread and downing it with some nice cold milk. What a yummy evening snack!!!

It's very very good!