October 30, 2010

an indoor day

hope everyone is well. things are going good here. spent the day getting my place picked up and spoiling samantha. i shared a taste of my yogurt with her today and she went nuts...her first taste of people food! got most of the apt. done now...had gotten so much stuff from dad...took a while to figure out where to put stuff. will write a proper blog soon!

October 26, 2010

From text:
yay got done with work early! A certain person...Jp knows who...Can kiss my butt saying to stay and do extra! ;]

October 23, 2010

stupid knee :[

so i stayed home today because of it. gonna have to go in, get it looked at. medicaid should cover it. gonna have to work tomorrow though!

October 22, 2010

Finally a chance to post :)

It's sure been a while! I have no clue what I wrote last, too lazy to look, so I don't know what to start off with............... hrmmm....

The apartment is great, so are the people around me, (okay except the one college girl next to me.....the girl throws food out her window, has maggots (according to the landlord) and is loud). Everyone else is awesome.
I have my paint colors picked out for my place....and I got a couch with a bed in it. Great for my studio apt. The place was very clean until my Dad and Grandma came from IL and WI. Now I have stuff all over the place! Arggg! It's such a mess! Over the next few days I'll get it all sorted where to put things, etc.
Work is good, although, an annoying guy from first is now on second shift and now is annoying for me every day..... but I take it in stride. JP knows who I mean.... As far as the job itself, I've learned pretty much everything I needed to and and pretty speedy at my job now. My worries about doing well have gone away as I've gotten faster and better at the work. My right knee has been bothering me more than usual with the work I do, because I have to haul heavy drums up a flight of cement stairs. I had JP actually listen near my knee as I crouched down and back up.... it's like rice krispies.....snap crackle pop! plus some awesome grinding noises......... eventually I'll use my Medicaid to set up a regular doctor and then have them see about it.
My meds are good, I'm on the perfect combination for me right now. I see Dr. B in four days, which is good because my Adderall just ran out. They don't always plan it quite right timing wise...... *sigh* but I'll be fine until then. It works really well on my thinking and concentrating and motivation and completing what needs to be done. I'm happy I found a good med for it finally.
I had a lot of fun with Dad and Grandma in town. I went 17 months without seeing any family so I was really excited. We ate at Applebees (where I got a salad with grilled chicken, lettuces and fruit) and Famous Dave's (we got that All-American BBQ thing on the garbo lid....yum!!), and had breakfasts at the hotel. They had a hot breakky there...was really good.
We shopped in town and in St. Joseph, and it was funny because we got lost in St. Joe. JP found it amusing with all the texts I bet! All I know, is we ended up by a sewage plant or something because it reeked so badly..... when we finally found where we wanted to be... it was like... lookout! Grandma may be 75 but it sure don't slow down her shopping abilities!!!! :P Between Dad and her I ended up with a ridiculous amount of new stuff. I hate it because I feel guilty and love it because I can't afford much myself. You know what I mean? I ended up with a new winter coat, scarf, hat, 2 tops, 1 pair of jeans, a few knicknacks, and new pink towels for my bathroom I'll be making pink soon. On top of that, Dad got me a cute card and put 'emergency fund' money in it. I felt really damned spoiled! The card was funny though.... it said.... 'there are two kinds of people in this world, cat lovers and idiots' hahahahaha :D

Anyhow, I'm going to try to get to the library more often so that I can blog frequently until I figure out how to get internet, now that I have my computer back. I might get a wifi card, not sure yet.
PS: Thanks to JP, I got the new EJ album, The Union. I will post what I think once I give it a real proper listen. I loved what I heard of it though!
PSS: If there are typos... don't care lol.

October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Just sitting here relaxing and watching The Blind Side. Discussion going on about whether to bring Hercules over or not, because Tink is in heat and he's suddenly figured out what he's supposed to do! We were all like WOAH WOAH WOAH NO WAY!!
We've decided to put Tink in the bedroom. I mean come on.... Herc needs people time too! ;)


October 5, 2010

Oct. 5, 2010

Saw Vicki today. I hadn't planned what to talk about so it was a pretty loose session. We did hit on my skin picking being back as well as my smoking. And we talked about boredom and finding ways to keep busy. We also touched on organization and bills and making a plan to keep my apartment tidy. It would involve writing things down for every day of the week. Would work really well. We also talked about how when I can actually talk about things that bother me that I keep crying, probably because it's so few and far between that I let things out. So we are going to work on emotional regulation.
Everyone is doing well. JB's brother got an continuance in court today so he has 20 days until he goes back to court. I'm happy he has more time with family.