November 28, 2010

Productive Day

Had a good day today. Adderall is doing it's job. I organized my closet and two of my drawers, cleaned out my fridge and freezer, did the dishes and went through over 100 disks that I had in a box from storage....threw out like 50 that were music disks I'd burned for work, etc. Found almost 20 that were blank and the rest were photo, music and file back ups.

Sam had fun the whole time thinking it was playtime! Was totally in my way all day but that is okay :]

Tomorrow is major grocery shopping day and work. Tuesday might be a jp's house day unless I can fit it in Monday. I got all the Aus blogs I'd printed written into my Aus journal so I need to print more...almost to March now! I also need to print some TSA stuff off for Jen because she is going to the Virgin Islands in like four or five days. I'm going to make 50 bucks taking care of her cat while she's gone :D

Off to find more to do....

November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Got stuff in drier, still bored, so will recap turkey day...

We had eight neighbors all get together for Thanksgiving. Jen, Jim, Roberta, Dacey, Robin, Chad, Randy and I. For food we had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, brownies, noodle salad, texas potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. It was great! We had great food, had funny conversation, watched football and got stuffed. I was soooo tired after that it was ridiculous and had to take a nap after. I gave Sam some turkey and she practically inhaled it lol....she liked! It was a bummer that I couldnt see family but instead I ate with my surrogate family so I was happy :]

At the laundromat

Sitting here doing exciting! [kidding] Nothing more fun than hauling two loads here on least its only a few blocks!
I love the effect that Adderall gives me where I get stuff done. Been getting a lot done! :D I'm now up to Feb. on transfering my blog to written journal...making progress. I finished my current journal...for the new one its just a notebook since its cheaper that way. Maybe the next one will be a real one. Doesnt matter though...anything can make a journal, its what is written that counts!
Have a couple days off so organizing my things...not easy with Sam thinking everything is a toy lol. Shes growing so fast...its nuts!
I'm doing well. Been happy and upbeat which is great. Thanksgiving was wonderful!

November 25, 2010


Today we are having a big meal in the building since most of us are friends. I am making Texas Potatoes! Nom Nom!

I am very thankful for my family, friends and the new friends I've made here. Life is good!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2010

Will finish tomorrow

Looks like JP and I will be out shooting photography tomorrow and hopefully catching Elton on tv in the morning, so after all of that, I'll post more and catch up TT's blog too ;)


PS: JP's gonna get a toe bitten off by my crabby ass kitten lol

Made a page about Sam :)

Up above there is a buttom named SAM! She has her own little page :P She's so cute she had to have one :)

November 22, 2010

rescue me cracks me up!

just saw the 'pot' episode where they go into an apartment that had pot plants on fire and they all were exposed to the smoke....lmao!


Soooooo I came all the way down here for my therapist appointment @ 10:30 [what my app. card says] and they say its @ 11:30! They want me to sit here for an hour and a half and then have an hour appointment.....
I might reschedule....kind of ridiculous [sp?].

November 21, 2010

on the way to turkey day!

Had a good weekend, although I was under the weather a bit. Mostly stayed in, curled up with Samantha, who alternated from being fiesty and playful some of the time to being a fuzzy, purry, cuddly lovebug laying all over me lol.
Today I was pissed because I paid a cab to go to Walmart, because the pharmacy called saying my scripts were ready but when I got there then I found out that one cant be filled until the 26th....why they didnt say that on the phone! I dont get them until they are all it was a waste of money to go....and to top it off I get to pick them up on the busiest craziest shopping day of the year....grrrr.
Tomorrow I have a therapist apt., then of to get groceries as my food card recharges. I'm going to go again Wednesday to get stuff for 7 layer salad and texas potatoes for our turkey day in our building. On Tuesday I have to go to the place that does my food assistance because it got mixed up...go figure... Sam is good and nuts as always :]

November 16, 2010

need to vent

should be fun by text...prob. have typos galore!
I was venting some on fb about Mom. I think I've had it. I keep writing and never get a response or phone call or nothing. Not even one line or a 2 minute call. The last time I talked to her was in Aus, because I called her. My aunt asked if I knew how she was and I was like who knows? She just cant make a tiny bit of effort at all. I know I need to let her go and I'm finally reaching that point. She was never meant to be a parent. It sucks for me but that is the truth of it. I know now that I cannot force her to be a mom to me. It's not meant to be. I'm tired of pouring my heart out in letters and getting nothing but silence. I have plenty to deal with without this.

November 15, 2010

Hi from Sam lol

(Samantha napping in my new winter coat.....cozy as I bet!!!! :D )

Sitting here at JP's, listening to the Union on loop. I love this cd! My favorite track is the first one by far! Love it love it!

I caught up some older blogs. Not done yet but don't really wanna do anymore. Next time I'll do more.

Things are going well. The cat is pretty well amusing most of the time. She doesn't just scoot now...she runs! and sideways doing this puffed up thing and whipping her tail around lol. I tell ya she's already bonkers :P

Miss chatting online! :((((

Hope to run into every one soon,


November 10, 2010

Well, she finally did it. Our landlord, Sue, finally put her foot down. After telling a certain tennant over and over to pick up her garbo and clean and all.....and the tennant not listening.... well it finally happened. That person is getting evicted. Finally! I didn't go in there when they were installing the new heaters but I was by the door and wow.... never quite seen a mess like that. Probably 20 pizza boxes on the floor, garbo all over the floor, bed, tables and even roaches in the oven and one on the ceiling.... *shudders* She's already shared her wonderful gnat problem with both myself and the lady on the other side.... THANKS...NOT!
Sue is such a nice lady but finally she was like.... no more. And she wrote her a long letter saying she's got one month to be out.


November 13, 2010


it's 41F and windy. jp is nuts....she's going to a football game in KC....cold! lol
hoping to blog soon...wanna play on puters and jam to ej's union cd :D


November 4, 2010


Chilly day today. Currently 38F. Lows tonight i the 20s. Very breezy too!
I've been able to keep my place decent with a heater that looks like a register but it's electric. Good news is the new registers are here...just gotta be put in. Finally!

Trying not to do too much, resting the ankle. Tomorrow I get my release back to work and Saturday I go back. Will be good to work!

Lady Sam is good. Eating like a horse and getting bigger. She's figured out how to get on the couch...and now loves burrowing into my coat for naps. She's snacking a little on dry food...but still wants the bottle. Hopefully she'll get more into the dry stuff soon.
Hope all is well,

November 1, 2010


okay i'm only having one...but it is exciting because i havent had one in a long time!
cheers all,

November 1, 2010

Called and talked to dad for his birthday. He's doing good. Jacqi is taking him to dinner which is nice. The cats are gaining some weight finally, which is good after they'd lost so much. He found it really cool I have a kitten!

I thanked him again for all the stuff he bought while he was here. The jacked and scarf were the best!!

I wrote some letters today. One to Logan in NZ and one to Mom though I have no idea why. Like I'll ever get anything back from her.

I love having Sams around. She's so precious. Little frustrated that she only 'goes' in the box some of the time but she's working on it. Forcing her a taste of the cat food patte each time she's hungry, and it's working out as then she wants it. She's starting to run in short bursts silly! She's gonna be nuts by December!!!



I know a guy who makes incense holders, the long ones. He's gonna make me an Elton one! How cool is that!!!

kitteh kitteh

So how does Lady Samantha wake me up in the morning? Well...she sits on my face and meows at me! LOL!
Not much going on. I got a cool bag style cat carrier for Sam, since I take her to the vet next week for her five week appointment, complete with vaccination shots and first deworming. She's gonna be pissed lol.

I finally made a doctor appointment. I'm gonna get a general check up, bloodwork for med and liver levels and talk about my knee and now ankle...which hurts to the touch and radiates up my leg :[

Not much else going on...I work 7 to 11 and the bossy guy will be there...yuck! Oh well...only one night though, then it's laundry the next two and then two off.

Get paid Friday. Paying half rent early, paying for vet, then getting a puter desk for cheap at Walmart and hopefully a bookshelf!