December 29, 2010


Walked out the front door to a massive clear layer of ice on the sidewalk....yikes!
Apparently the water runs right out of the gutter and freezes in front of the door.....

December 28, 2010

sorry for multiple posts...

phone was acting up! will fix tomorrow at library.

Coffee +Adderall

= lots done! My place looks great, made dinner and helped Jen clean her house lol.


You ever try a piece of cake
That looks really good
But isn't?

You want to eat it
Because you dont want to
waste the food.

But it's so bad that it
Grinds like pure sugar
Against your teeth.

In the end we tried to
Give it to the cat...
Even she said no.


Oooooow! :[

So....I went to take the garbage out and you guessed it...down I went!
Hit a patch of ice and up went my feet and down went my ass!
It happened so fast I didnt react which was good or I could have broken a wrist or arm.
All I got was a sore and bruised butt ;]

Elton's a daddy!!

I had no idea! JP just text me about it! You know what...good for them!
A friend here was worried about the age thing, but I explained David is much younger. And Elton always wanted to be a daddy!
I figure, you have parents that throw babies away and abuse them and treat them like animals....but here is a couple who has honestly wanted a child.
Just love it! Welcome Zachary!

December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas was great! Had a big brekky but started to feel shitty [pun intended...] and was rather ill on and off the day. The cramps were drilling through my body! I took stuff to slow it down and someone fed me a muscle relaxer and it went a long ways to making things better.
Interestingly, the next day it was Jen's mom who had the same thing :[
Since I got my meds my place looks awesome. They never time my appts. right and I run out od Adderall a few days before and my place gets messy and I forget to take meds, make appts, etc. It works so well I know when i don't have it.

December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I woke up rough because I slept like crap. My brain could not wind down after last night. I'm on edge. I'm shakey. My stomach keeps rolling...
I knew I had to get myself together, because our landlord invited us all for dinner at her house. Never had a land lord this nice before!
I start going through my meds...what will calm me down...I don't want to go tonight, but I have to or she'd be dissapointed.
I settle on 2 tegretol, half a klonopin and 2 propanolol. After a while I do relax and think & can go.
It ends up a wonderful time, an amazing meal and a lot of laughter.
Me, not thinking, have 2.5 glasses of merlot before realizing I cant lol. So I give the rest to Jen's mom who is so silly when she drinks!
Was a good day!

Bad Memories

We had an incident last night with J's friend K. They'd been drinking at J's apartment and had way too much. Normally it's fine, but this K guy got super agro and nuts. He ended up at Jen's and we were like wtf? I have a very hard time dealing with drunk angry people because of an incident with one of Mom's boyfiends when I was younger, so I totally went into dissasociation mode and eventually flight mode and went to my place until he left. Jen's brother J even tried to kick him out as he trashed ceiling panels in the hall and was yelling all sorts.
When he left, Jen came down by me and she was in tears, as it freaked her out too.
Per the landlord, he's banned from the building.

Bad Memories

We had an incident last night with J's friend K. They'd been drinking at J's apartment and had way too much. Normally it's fine, but this K guy got super agro and nuts. He ended up at Jen's and we were like wtf? I have a very hard time dealing with drunk angry people because of an incident with one of Mom's boyfiends when I was younger, so I totally went into dissasociation mode and eventually flight mode and went to my place until he left. Jen's brother J even tried to kick him out as he trashed ceiling panels in the hall and was yelling all sorts.
When he left, Jen came down by me and she was in tears, as it freaked her out too.
Per the landlord, he's banned from the building.

Bad Memories

We had an incident last night with J's friend K. They'd been drinking at J's apartment and had way too much. Normally it's fine, but this K guy got super agro and nuts. He ended up at Jen's and we were like wtf? I have a very hard time dealing with drunk angry people because of an incident with one of Mom's boyfiends when I was younger, so I totally went into dissasociation mode and eventually flight mode and went to my place until he left. Jen's brother J even tried to kick him out as he trashed ceiling panels in the hall and was yelling all sorts.
When he left, Jen came down by me and she was in tears, as it freaked her out too.
Per the landlord, he's banned from the building.

Bad Memories

We had an incident last night with J's friend K. They'd been drinking at J's apartment and had way too much. Normally it's fine, but this K guy got super agro and nuts. He ended up at Jen's and we were like wtf? I have a very hard time dealing with drunk angry people because of an incident with one of Mom's boyfiends when I was younger, so I totally went into dissasociation mode and eventually flight mode and went to my place until he left. Jen's brother J even tried to kick him out as he trashed ceiling panels in the hall and was yelling all sorts.
When he left, Jen came down by me and she was in tears, as it freaked her out too.
Per the landlord, he's banned from the building.

December 23, 2010

Surprise Package

When the mail lady came today, I ran into her in the hall and she had a huge box in her hands with some silly kitty wrapping paper on it. It just screamed my Mom lol. So I asked her if it was for #23 and she said yes!
Mom sent me a box for Christmas/Birthday! I haven't gotten one from her in a long time so I was happily surprised. I think after our long phone call things are getting better for us, and we are learning to forgive and understand each other's issues more.
The contents were great. Sam got gifts too! She got a kitty tunnel, a feather mouse, a kitty in the bag, a longer toy and a lazer light. The kitty in the bag makes freaked out kitty noises and shakes and Sam puffed up all badass at it! LOL!
I got a pretty ring watch, a bean thing that heats up for the neck, a small back massager, a pretty Christmas blanket and some snacks & candy. It was all wonderful stuff. Inside was also a sweet card and some pine branches [real ones] that I put in the apartment and smell wonderful!

bad sam!

So I come into my apartment and guess what I find! Toiletpaper on the floor with bite and claw marks! Sam is nowhere to be found....
So I go get my phone, and come back and....
Aha! Caught her in the act! I put the pic on's pretty silly!
Time to put the toilet paper higher up! lolz
Bad Kitteh!

December 22, 2010


Dad called at a weird time today and I had this funny feeling it was bad news.
He let me know that Audrey passed away. I think he was prepared for me to be upset but I think I was.....relieved. Her quality of life lately was terrible and now she's not in pain and discomfort any longer.
I will miss her very much.

docs & meds

I was supposed to see Dr. B on the 27th, but the office called today asking if I could come in today instead. Thanks to WM, I got there on time! The doc is happy with how I'm doing.
Afterwards I went to Walmart to fill my scripts and they were super backed I went home to wait.
Later on JP and I went back there as she was bored. It was a zoo there! People jammed everywhere!


Birthday went well. Jen made mw pancakes and we went shopping. Everyone that got together at Angie & Terry's sang happy birthday to me on the phone...was wonderful!
My landlord let me know she recieved the money from that rental assistance program. Won't pay rent again until the end of May!!
Sam found out today that there is water in the toilet LOL! She jumped in and SPRUNG back out! Ahahahaha!
- M

December 20, 2010


so, my sinus stuff went away....just in time for me to get bronchitis :[
went to the doc and he gave me an antibiotic as well as robutussin syrup with codeine....totally doped up and ready to sleep hopefully without waking up coughing. crossing my fingers.

December 18, 2010

Who all has ADHD?

Well.... all these people do:

Ansel Adams
— Photographer
Ann Bancroft —Actress
Alexander Graham BellTelephone Inventor
Harry Andersen — Actor
Hans Christian Anderson — Author
Beethoven — Composer
Harry Belafonte —Actor, Vocalist
Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington —WWII Flying Ace (Black Sheep Squadron Leader)
Terry Bradshaw —Football Quarterback
George Burns — Actor
Sir Richard Francis Burton — Explorer, Linguist, Scholar, Writer
Admiral Richard Byrd — Aviator (Was retired from the navy as, "Unfit for service")
Thomas Carlyle — Scottish historian, critic, and sociological writer
Andrew Carnegie - American Industialist
Jim Carrey — American Comedian
Lewis Carroll — Author (Alice in Wonderland)
Prince Charles — Future King of England?
Cher — Actress/Singer
Agatha Christie — Author
Sir Winston Churchill — English Statesman (Failed the sixth grade)
Bill Cosby — American Actor, Comedian
Tom Cruise — Actor, Couch Jumper
Harvey Cushing M.D. — Greatest Neurosurgeon of the 20th Century
Salvador Dali —Spanish Surrealist Artist
Leonardo da Vinci — Italian Inventor, Artist
John Denver — American Musician
Walt Disney — American Cartoonist, Film Producer, Theme Park Innovator (A newspaper editor fired him because he had "No good ideas".)
Kirk Douglas — American Actor
Thomas Edison — Inventor (His teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything)
Albert Einstein — Physicist (Einstein was four years old before he could speak,and seven before he could read)
Dwight D. Eisenhower — U. S. President, Military General
Michael Faraday — British Physicist, Chemist
F. Scott Fitzgerald — Author
Malcolm Forbes —Forbes Magazine Founder & Publisher
Henry Ford — Automobile Innovator, invented the Production Line
Benjamin Franklin —American Colonial Politician, Elder Statesman, Inventor
Galileo (Galilei) — Italian Mathematician, Astronomer
Danny Glover — American Actor
Tracey Gold — American Actress
Whoopi Goldberg — Comedienne, Actress
Georg Frideric
Handel —German Composer
Valerie Hardin — Gothic Poet, Artist, Children's Author
Mariette Hartley — Actress
William Randolph Hearst — Newspaper Magnate
Ernest Hemingway — Author
Mariel Hemingway — Actress
Milton Hershey — Hershey's Chocolate Magnate, American Philanthropist
Dustin Hoffman — Actor
Bruce Jenner — Olympic Athlete
Luci Baines Johnson - Daughter of USA President Lyndon B. Johnson
"Magic" Johnson — American Basketball Player, Film Personality, Business Man
Samuel Johnson — Author
Michael Jordan — American Basketball Player
John F. Kennedy — U. S. President
Robert F. Kennedy — U.S. Attorney General, Brother of JFK
Jason Kidd — Professional Basketball Player
John Lennon —Musician
Frederick Carlton (Carl) Lewis —American Olympic Athelete.
Meriwether Lewis (Lewis & Clark) — Explorer
Abraham Lincoln —U.S. President during American Civil War (Entered The Black Hawk War as a Captain and came out a Private)
Greg Louganis — Olympic Athelete (Diving)
James Clerk Maxwell — British Physicist
Steve McQueen — American Actor
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — German Child Prodigy Composer, Violinist, Pianist
Napoleon Bonaparte —Emperor of France
Nasser (Gamal Abdel-Nasser) Egyptian Leader
Sir Issac Newton - English Scientist, Mathematician (Did poorly in grade school)
Nostradamus —Physician, Prophet
Ozzy Osbourne —English Rock Musician, said he was ADHD on TV
Louis Pasteur — Scientist, developed "Pasturization" (Rated as mediocre in chemistry when he attended the Royal College)
General George Patton — American Military
Pablo Picasso — Spanish Cubist Artist
Edgar Allan Poe — English Author, Poet, Master of the Macabre
Rachmaninov — Russian Composer
Eddie Rickenbacker — WWI Flying Ace
John D. Rockefeller —Founder, Standard Oil Company
Nelson Rockefeller — U.S. Vice President
August Rodin — Artist, Sculptor
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt — American First Lady
Pete Rose —American Baseball Player
Babe Ruth — American Baseball Player
Nolan Ryan — American Baseball Player
Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat — Egyptian President, Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1976
George C. Scott — American Actor
George Bernard Shaw —Author
Will Smith — American Actor, Rapper, Entertainer
Tom Smothers — Actor, Singer, Entertainer
Socrates — Greek Philosopher
Suzanne Somers — Actress, Pinup Girl
Steven Spielberg — American Filmmaker
Sylvester Stallone — American Actor
Jackie Stewart — Car Racing, Grand Prix Hall of Famer
James Stewart — American Actor
Henry David Thoreau —Author, Poet
(Lev Nikolayevich) Leo Tolstoy — Russian Author (Flunked out of college)
Alberto Tomba — Alpine Ski Champion
Vincent van Gogh — Dutch Artist who settled in France, Impressionism
Russell Varian — Inventor
Jules Verne — Author (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
Werner von Braun — German Rocket Scientist (Flunked 9th grade algebra)
Lindsay Wagner — American Actress (Bionic Woman), Spokesperson
Gen. William C. Westmoreland — Military (Vietnam Era)
Robin Williams — Prolific American Comedian, Actor,
Woodrow Wilson — U. S. President
Henry Winkler —American Actor (Fonzie)
Stevie Wonder — American Musician
F. W. Woolworth — Department Store Innovator (While working in a dry goods store at 21, his employers wouldn't let him wait on a customer because he "Didn't have enough sense.")
Frank Lloyd Wright — American Architect
Orville Wright —Airplane Developer
Wilber Wright — Airplane Developer
William Wrigley, Jr. — Chewing Gum Maker
William Butler Yeats — Irish Author

Just wanted to share that.


A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

JP's, MJ's and Kitteh Kittehs....

I'm over at JP's while she is out bowling with ZK and a friend. I looooooooooooooooove typing on a keyboard instead of a tiny phone keypad (not that I'm complaining just saying it's tricky as...) when it comes to blogging. I always have so much to say though that I keep blogging from the phone.
I'm glad JP is done with her classes for the semester as we might have a chance to hang out more!! *hint hint* Pictures anyone???

On Tuesday I'm going to Walmart and getting myself a computer desk and the new MJ album for my birthday. I'm turning 29...... oh okay fine 32..... I've already heard everything on the album but to actually have it will be nice. Gonna crank it and piss off the building, which is hard since half the people are gone home for the holidays.

Oh my lovely kitteh Sam.... today she trashed the apartment! Dragged all my belts out of the bathroom, ripped up some toilet paper, shredded a few notebook pages and knocked over some stuff.... all in a kitteh's day eh? :P

Things are going well. Been a bit bored lately. Need to get .net going soon. Thinking by the end of January. I'll just use my computer for now. I can put money aside to get a newer desktop. But I really want internet. I don't get any tv channels so what else is there to do. I read and write and chat with people in the building and work but it's not enough for me right now. I'd really like to start up a website again. THAT would rock. So we'll see what happens.

Tomorrow I'm going to make up all the rules and things to get healthier and pick up the apartment a bit since between Sam and I it's a little messy. I wrote a letter to my cousin that is overseas, need to make sure to get that out on Monday, I have no idea how long it will take to reach her. I kept it short for now, like a making contact letter.

Not much else for now.....



been sleeping too much lately, my off days especially. So, I came up with a sleep schedule to help keep me within normal hours. Eating too much and no coming up with a plan to start monday. having a go at stopping smoking monday too. its a lot at once but my body needs it so i'll do it anyhow. wish me luck!


.... silent but deadly.....


Cat Warz!

I'm down at R's and the two cats are here and Dace brought her cat and holy cow! Cat Warz! Hahahaha. Lots of puffy tails...reeeeoooows.....and hisssssss-ing going down!

December 17, 2010


feel like i'm getting a sinus infection....ugh! sucks!

December 14, 2010


We had my birthday cheesecake today, even though my birthday is the 21st, because it just sounded sooooo good. And you know what? It waaaaaaaas! I got a strawberry french whipped cheesecake....nom nom nom! Shared it with the building and was fun :]
We all put up stockings on our doors so we all have been putting candy and stuff in them...its a great idea :D

Two calls in one day

I got a call from my brother and my dad in the same day!
Mike is doing well. He got a full time job to go with his part time EMT gig and volunteer fire gig. He gets full benefits and all. Im so happy he will now have medical coverage!
Dad & Jacqi are doing really good. They both have a week off and were up north when that huge snowstorm hit. He said they got a foot of snow and it was -7 degrees!
Both know me and opened their Xmas cards carefully....damnitall! Got a few people really good though! Mwhahahaha!


December 13, 2010

brrrrrr? yep!

Well after last night's whopping 4F temps...its been slow to warm up today. I went out to shop and holy cold and icy! I've officially stepped in snow for the first tme since March 2009. Not enough to make a snow angel yet...but give it time...cant wait for a huge snowfall so I can dive in it!

December 11, 2010

An Embarrassing Moment

Came up with a story to blog about...
Back in HS, we had my Aunt, Uncle & their kids come up to visit. Dad had to work that night so they slept in his room. At some point I had to run to the bathroom and didnt want to turn my light on, because they had left the door open...didnt want to wake anyone up. So...I sprinted across the hall, going off of experience I figured I go right in...
Wrong! I missed the doorway by a foot or so, slamming my face into the wall, followed by my arms and knees.
My nose bled for over an hour, to the point I had to call dad at work. He had to leave work and come get me and then off to the hospital we went.
They told me it was broken! Next day I saw a specialist and he said it wasnt broken. He told me to come up with a cooler story for my bruised nose lol.
The lesson here?
Dont run in dark hallways!! :p

what to make for dinner....

-shells & cheese
-brocolli & cheddar alfredo
-tuna helper
-chicken & veggies


Watching Meet The Parents...forgot how funny it is :p
Still bored. I journaled, then colored, then was on what.... zzzzzzzzzz.....

December 10, 2010


Very bored and restless. I journaled for quite a while and now am just sitting here. Thinking about organizing more pics and folders on my puter. At least it would be something to do!
Got a Xmas card from my cousin today. She tried to prank me back but I'm too smart for that! Hahahaha :D

At the library

I was gonna go to JP's for a while and use the puter there, but she's having enough fun with the matting she is doing for her shots, so I didn't want to get in the way. I remember last time she did that, and it seemed complex but turned out so neat when finished. I have no doubt they will look amazing yet again!

I called today to get a caseworker. It is someone that just makes sure you make appointments and helps you get things done so you don't forget....and boy I sure need that! Hopefully they will get back to me and get an intake appointment set up. When you get a caseworker you get money too, to spend on things you need for your home/apartment. That would be really nice since the only furnature I have is a couch and dresser and I still need pots and pans and things.

I'm starting to get Xmas cards in the mail :D I have been putting them in the doorway to my kitchen and it's starting to look very festive! That and of course my front door, with stockings and little gold glittery things on it :D

I got a treat last night as TT called me from Australia!!! Ah it was so fun just to hear her voice's been too long. I miss my old service plan with the int'l texts and things, communication is too far in between now, I'm just not used to that. She got a kick out of hearing Sam meowing for her food :p When that can sees the milk she goes bonkers!! We both agreed that we need to try to do more of the chats like we had with TT, Brubru, JP and me...jeez that was fun :D Just like old times!

Not much more to say, just that I'm trying to find ways to cure my boredom as it's in high gear. I reaaaaaaaaaally want to get a laptop as soon as I can, so I can communicate more without having to use the phone. I worry it goes over the data limit, if it does someone needs to tell me! I also need to print off more AUS blogs so that I can work on that. If I get into Walmart, now that so much of my bills are covered, then it would be so much easier. I could start scrapbooking and get all my old film from mom and get it all developed and then work on that for scrapbooks as well. Would be really fun. I also thought about writing, but I don't know what to write about. Any suggestions???

Gotta call Grandma today...I missed yesterday as I forgot (blame the ADHD) so I need to do that today. Not much else so I'll end this now so I can do a few other things on here.

Hope everyone is good,

December 9, 2010

Good day but bored

Had a good day today. I had to go fill out updated paperwork for rental assistance and apply for energy assistance. I was shocked when the guy said they finally got the money in! They are cutting a check early next week for 1375 towards my rent! woohoo! :D My landlady is pretty stoked too lol.

Other than that....I'm bored! As soon as I hopefully get on at Wallyworld, I'm either getting a laptop or getting internet. I cant stand having sooooooo much time on my hands! I'm trying to come up with things to do. So far I have.....
-emt book
organizing puter

Any other ideas?
Text: they are cutting my landlady a check for 6 months of rent early next week! Yay! Totally stoked!
Text: on my way to get everything set up for my emergency rental help. Cross your fingers! -M

December 8, 2010

the cards are arriving!

getting bombarded with Xmas cards....yay! i think i will tape them up around the doorway leading to the kitchen :D I love Christmas time!

weird show to get sucked in to.

So while everyone was on vaca I watched more tv out of boredom. I ended up sucked into Celeb Rehab 4 of all shows lol. You wouldnt think so but its actually interesting... sort of reminds me of when I was in the hospital, lots of similarities. I figured it would be cheezy but they have the same similar shit underneath the exterior, like depression and anxiety, etc. Now I gotta see the new eps as they come on :p

December 6, 2010

people are interesting...

Mel and I were having a good chuckle on FB this morning as everyone was posting around that the 'cartoon' thing was done by pedos.... we agreed it was a bit fascinating to see people react to something even if they do not know if its true. They just assumed it was and posted it as well. Sort of that sheep mentality. Some were very distressed even. All I had to do was a couple mins of research to find out the truth, was very easy. It shows how easy things like scams sweep through FB and that people need to play a bit more defense online!

December 5, 2010


just checked and the low tonight will be -11C/12F. Brrrr! *turns heat up*
Sittin here with my little bag of nacho Doritos, watchin Cops and trying to stay warm! Not much on tv...72 channels and nothing on! :[


Fun with JP

Jess and I went out photographing today by the lake in Bedford and the river in Maryville. We had a great time, although it was freezing. We drank a lot of hot coffee (i burned my mouth by a blister on the back of my lip) and took a few trips to the car to warm up. All in all it was well worth it. Just glad no hunters mistook us for deer!!

We definitely need to do this again soon.


December 4, 2010

New MJ Songs

I finally got to hear some bits and pieces of the new MJ stuff about to come out. I'd been very curious about it but had no way to actually listen to anything until today. I sure had some catching up to do! I was able to hear at least a bit off every track off the upcoming album. Until I hear all the songs in full though, I don't want to say what I think. Will need to listen at least a few times through first. Only ten days until it comes out.

I will say, I'm loving Slave To The Rhythm ;)


December 3, 2010


Work is going well. I'm in the process of re-applying at Walmart (not sure if i covered this before or not). Mostly because of the hours situation. Thanks to my job, I had to pay out a ton of money on my meds this month, because I again went over the threshold of what I can make in a month and keep my Medicaid. It's starting to really shit me. They just have me on the worst schedule ever and I told them and told them.... Obviously I'm not looking to get the same job I had at Walmart before, that one was a little TOO physically demanding. But they are hiring floor positions right now so I want to get in on that. And I only require like 40 hours of work for two weeks, so they could fit me in where they have shifts open, makes me more flexible to them and then I know I won't go over that income cap. Cross your fingers!

I had a few days without my Adderall and I forgot to turn in my three month review thing for food stamps so they closed my account. I hate when I'm without my ADD med...I just plain forget or procrastinate. So now, Monday I have to go reapply. The lady I talked to said it will be easy enough to get it back, so at least that is good news.

I also talked to the guy that does the emergency funding for housing, as I applied in August and still no funds. Well, he said they are setting up to get them and wants me in to get all my info checked and make sure I'm set to go, so I do that on Thursday. Good news is they will pay out for each month I've waited and since I paid the rent I can use that to put myself ahead a few months. How nice will that be??

While I'm there we are putting me in for energy assistance as well, which would be a big help. I don't have massive electricity bills but now with more things plugged has gone up and as I get more things it will go up a bit more too.

I am doing well. Not getting out of the house as much as I'd like (besides work) but I sort of made up a schedule where I'm going to say, go to the library twice a week and go sit and read at the coffee shop and go spoil the cats with some love at the shelter, etc. Just getting myself out a bit more. I also need to come up with a schedule for exercise, as I have been extremely lazy in that department and my weight has started shifting in the wrong direction some. I'll post more when I figure out that one.

On a bad note, and I hate to admit it, and Tracey don't you say a word to Bruce, because he's doing so well..... I have a bit of a smoking problem again. Honestly I don't even know how it happened. I do know being around other cig smokers doesn't do me favors. I have no control over myself that way. It sucks. It's something I need to work with my therapist on. Having more willpower. I don't smoke tons, but it's enough where now it's hard to stop. So she's going to help me come up with a game plan for how to tackle it and stop it. Wish me luck on that one.

Not much else going on. Got a few Xmas decorations for my door, looks cute as. Even Sam has a mini stocking! I'm starting to get cards in the mail already so I'm hanging them in my little walkway between the kitchen and living room. Sam is fascinated by them lol. I sent out my cards today. I didn't send to more than like 19 people, just can't afford the 50 and 60 mass mailings I usually do. Practical over mass spending of postage.....

Write more later



So today was Sam's first real experience with water, you know, other than getting her nose wet in her water dish ;) She did really well. To be on the safe side I trimmed her claws first, which she's getting good at letting me do, but complains the entire time. It's pretty funny how she does that.

She didn't freak out or like try to claw the hell out of me or anything. She just..... FROZE stiff. The whole bath. It was funny but I felt bad too because you could tell she was fairly petrified of the whole ordeal. But it had to be done because A: she got her milk on herself trying to play catch with her milk bowl today! and B: giving a kitten a bath helps instill the instinct to clean themselves thoroughly. Because Sam was never with her mom or litter mates, I'm like the surrogate who has to teach her these things. I've gotten her through, litter box training, weening off the bottle, onto solid foods and grooming.... she's done very well and learns so fast!

She looked like a drowned rat with a fluffy head afterwards lol. I cranked the heat up for a bit in my apartment beforehand and I held her and dried her with a towel for like twenty minutes....of which she purred part of the time and complained the rest (she hates having her feet and tummy tickled so she was grumpy as hell towards the end of the drying off).

When I let her go she took about a friggin 45 minute time span trying to play and groom herself almost at once lol. She'd run around and then just hit the brakes and start grooming again, was funny. She's all sorts of soft and fluffy and lovely and clean now :D


Quiet in our building.....

For the next few days yet, I am resident apartment watcher/cat babysitter. Jen, her mother and her brother are all in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, having the best vacation of their lives. It's made the building a little.... quiet. Myself and Dace were just talking about that this afternoon. She said it will be a bit quieter over the holidays too because five tenants will be back home as they are students.
All the quiet has made me SO tempted to crank some EJ or MJ in my apartment and turn the sub up! :D

The cats, Hercules and Tinkerbell, are doing well, but you can tell they are off their normalness some....they are more bored and restless. They are pacing a bit more and wanting SO much attention from me, especially Hercules, who's a very social cat. They will be so happy when their people are back home!

I talked to Jen today, as her phone works there. She said they had a blast shopping and seeing the island and she said it's a bit unreal because it's legal to smoke pot there and everywhere they go they smell it. Never would have guessed, hey? She has yet to swim in the ocean... she's scared of sharks and things. I think I got her talked into it by the end of the phone call, telling her she'll regret it if she doesn't and she agreed. So maybe she will ;)


Got a surprising phone call today....

So I was just sitting around playing with Sam, when my phone rang. I answered it and it took me a second to realize I was talking to my mom. It almost startled me.... it's been SO long. I don't think I've actually talked to her on the phone since maybe March or so.

It was really nice to hear that familiar voice and funny laugh and the nostalgia of "my mommy" came back like it always does.... but this time it was different. There was no, my mom is awesome feeling with it. It was more of a feeling of being at the same level, not so much mom and daughter as two people going through issues and trying to understand each other.

I told her that we need better contact. I do tend to worry if she's alright when I don't hear from her for months or years and I am to the point in my life where I refuse to let that grip me anymore. But at the same time she is my mom and she is family and I need to know she's doing okay.

I knew about her breaking her leg, now I know the whole story of it. Her dog had dug a new hole, and she went out to feed him late, and it was dark, and yep... her leg went right into it. Ouch. It's all healed up now though which is good. I tried to emphasize that it would be nice to know about these things when they happen though! She does this, I didn't want to worry anyone thing, but it's just life, you know. Things happen to us all. It's nice to know about it in more recent terms though and not months later.

I emphasized SO much the need to communicate. I was like... I don't care if it's an email or a call or a letter in the mail, we need a back and forth dialog happening. And she agreed. I'm hoping she can stick to it, I'd love to have a better relationship with my mom.


At JP's :)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay I have time on the computer for the next four hours at least...woot! More to come I'm sure....