March 29, 2011

Happy Day!

I got a call a little bit ago from the personnel dept. at Wallyword and I got the job! Yay! I start orientation next week. How cool is that :D Apparently there was no issues with the Adderall showing up in the results, either it didn't show or it did and they knew it would. Shouldn't have even been worried about it. Because I start next week, I'm not sure I'll get a paycheck before Easter but it sure would be nice to have a little money with me when I go. And I could buy an ipod since BOTH of mine mysteriously disappeared from my apartment (grrrrrr...). They told me on the day of orientation I will be asked if I know of any days I need off and I can tell them I need Good Friday through the following Monday off (so I have a day to be lazy after Easter) so I can go with my Aunt and Uncle to IL to see my family. Later today I see my caseworker and I can't wait to tell her the news....she's gonna be stoked! :D I also find out today if I get that start up fund or not. If I do it would be really handy, but if I don't it will be alright. It will just take me a bit longer to get some things I need, like pots & pans, a desk, towels & sheets, etc. I am getting myself a laptop with either my first check or second. I need it not only to cure boredom, but also to post my photography and to do the NYIP classes when I start them. I have my desktop here but the hard drive is small, it's old and slow (sort of waiting for it to croak really...had it since 2005) and it has no wireless capabilities. We get wifi in the building because of businesses around us so I wouldn't have to pay for internet. I'm thinking of talking to JP's mom about staying on their family plan (i think they can have up to six phones, after two phones it's like $10/month plus additional for text plan etc., but still cheap) because looking around it's really expensive everywhere just for an individual plan. What about the single people man!!! lol Watcha think Jess? Anyhow, I'll stop by the library tomorrow and write again, -M

March 28, 2011


I checked out two books at the library, one I read in high school, the other I haven't read before.

The one I have is called The Regulators by Stephen King. I've been looking everywhere for this book to read it again! Then I realized the issue. It's written by Richard Bachman, King's alter ego (mwhahahahahaha). Was happy to find it :D

The other book I picked at random from the fiction section was Panic! by Jeff Abbott. I read the inside cover and it sounded really good, so I figured, why not?? I'll let you know how it is.

Any book suggestions?? I love a good story....


Couch Potato to 5k

This is the name of the program I started today. I want to get back to running, even if it's just the amount I ran in Australia. After talking to a family member of mine, she'd recommended this C25K program. It's just an easier way to get into running. This week I'm walking two days and walk/running five. As it gets harder I will do less days of it. After week four I will do it most likely three days a week and go for walks the other days. Week one states: Warm up walk: 5 mins. Then, run for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, repeat. Total walk/run time: 20 minutes. By week four it says running five minutes at a time. I was like yikes! lol. It does say if more time is needed on any week to repeat it another week. We'll see how I do. I'm in pretty poor shape so I may need to repeat a week here or there. Food plan is going really well. I'm going to take baby carrots and a dinner with me to JP's so I don't cheat like crazy. Might let myself have a diet soda though, as I can work that into my plan. I'm allowed 75 calories of something bad, though many days I don't use it. Today I might though. :) -M


.....went really great. :D I re-applied at Walmart and got called last Friday to do an interview on Monday. Today I had the interview and it went better than I thought it would. Since I'd worked there before, they knew me, and only had me interview with two people instead of three. One was a supervisor and the other a manager, both work in softlines, where they are going to put me. I keep saying I haven't gotten it yet, only because I still have to pass the drug test, and the Adderall I'm on is going to show up. Hopefully, it won't become some nightmare hassle. I'm a little worried about it. I'm going to take my prescription bottle with me tomorrow to try to avert hassles. As for the job, I'll basically be in clothes, shoes and towels, sheets. I will learn how to stock and face, do returns, run the change room and answer the phone there. Doesn't sound too bad. I'm going to work hard and talk little, as I guess they are having issues with a few softlines girls chatting instead of working. So they are looking for a worker. That's about all on that. I'll keep ya posted on the drug test thing. -M

March 25, 2011

Got An Interview Monday

Yay for college kids heading home soon.... it opens up jobs for the rest of us! I got a call today from Walmart, they are looking to hire me back :D It would be about 36 hours a week in softlines (aka: clothes, shoes, towels, etc.). I'd just be stocking shelves, facing shelves and helping people find things. Sounds good to me.

I'm still waiting for my packet from the NYIP to get here. I really want to start reading through it. As soon as I'm bringing in a paycheck, I can start classes. That will give me something to do, which I need.

I started my healthier way of eating. It's not easy. I'm craving sugar like mad. I know it will pass though, it did last time. The walking is going good too. Not fun doing it today though, with the snowy/raining crappy stuff coming down... yuck. Where is spring again??

Not much else, will write more tommorrow if I can. Might get a chance to get online this weekend, need to chat more with JP about it.


March 22, 2011

Clouds :)

But no storms :(

I need patience.... it's not even technically storm season yet.....


Diet and ADHD

Just read this and it is a very interesting read.


It Just Tickles My Funny Bone....




Did you know?

That today is World Water Day.

Food Yummy Food

After doing extensive reading about ADHD and diet as well as wanting to cut down my weight before summer, I have come up with an eating plan just for me. It's high in protein, veggies and low fat dairy, and it's low in carbs and sugars. Apparently sugar and ADHD don't get along and it can actually make ADHD symptoms worse and harder to manage. Who knew?

So I went to the store this morning, armed with my food card and a long list. I was so proud as I didn't deviate from it at all. I bought stuff for salads, fresh veggies, eggs, low fat milk, low fat cheese, lean fresh chicken, pork, beef and turkey; tuna, pickles, etc.

I made up a meal plan for each day, indicating when I eat the three meals and two snacks and what I'll eat at each meal. I split up all the meat into individual servings, bagged and froze them... to make it easier to stick to.

On top of that, I've mapped out my one mile walking route that I've already started. Doing it every day. In another week or so I'll jog a block here and a block there of it and slowly work my way into running at least some of it.

Between the two, not only should it help shift weight, but the low amount of sugar should help a bit with my ADHD and the exercise should help keep the depression at bay. Plus I'll be getting some sun (on sunny days (duh lol)) etc. I have a starting weight and BMI written down so I can keep track of progress.

So we'll see how it goes.

Good luck to my cuz!

Just want to say good luck to my cousin, who is currently on the USS Essex, off the coast of Japan, helping with the humanitarian efforts there. I'm very proud of him and think it is amazing he is able to help in such a direct way.

Good luck and be safe ♥


PS: Link with some info:

Pripyat, Ukraine

With all the news about the nuclear plant issues going on in Japan, being bored one day, I looked up Chernobyl. I remember a lot about it because of high school, but still wanted to read more, especially about the town near the plant that was abandoned.

What I found was really interesting. There is a website, set up by former residents from the city of Pripyat, that has news, pictures, etc. Apparently you could even take a tour into the city, even though it is within the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl plant.

The website is here:


Tom Gralish

I rented out a book from the local library here, that covers Pulitzer Prize winning photographers through 2003. There are many amazing photos and stories in the book, but for me one stood out in particular. Here is a link to the award winning series Tom Gralish did for the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1985 that I think is just amazing.



March 14, 2011

EJ getting closer, Johnson back on US team!!

In two of my favorite things, Elton and Gymnastics, there is news....

Elton is playing Peoria and Springfield in the middle of next month. He just keeps getting closer to our area....come ooooooooooooooooon Elton pick up KC!

Shawn Johnson, whom I thought was retired for good, apparently has not just been training full time but is back on the National team and her goal is Worlds in the fall. Cool!

March 14, 2011

I'm over at JP's, we've had a really fun time. We are pretending it's not 1 in the morning....shhhhh.....

I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning the last week or so, especially as I've been realizing how much I'm starting to hate being in a small town. I had a feeling it would happen eventually....

First and foremost I am frustrated at how little I've accomplished since coming to Missouri, which is going to be coming up on a year soon. I'm starting to think I need to have a good talk with my doctor, because I'm suspecting that either my anti-depressant or my mood stabilizer is actually slowing me down. A lot. I want to see what can be done about it. I might ask which of the two I really need to be on and then choose one over the other. It's hard enough getting motivated with my ADHD-PI, I don't need meds making that worse.

I have some short term plans and some longer term plans that I have been working on. I really had to sit down and ask myself what I want in life. Where I'd really like to be and what I'd really like to be doing. I'm 32 years old and spend much of the time sitting around feeling sorry about my situation. I think a big part of me turning this situation into a positive is going to come with finding a way to up my self confidence. Since I lost the lab job, it has been fairly beaten down. I think the way to conquer this is to get out and do things.

This week I'm going to apply at two factories, re-apply at Walmart and apply for a DMV desk job. When I get hired somewhere, I'm going to give myself two months and I want to do some schooling. To start with, I'm going to do three correspondence courses. Ones that deal completely in photography and photoshop. This way I can work full time and be learning at the same time. If I learn enough I can work in a studio, with a newspaper, or at a camera shop, which would be a job I'd enjoy. Later down the road I'll deal more with my own photography and see what options are available.

Another big goal is weight related. I've put it off and found excuses but I'm starting to realize part of my confidence issues are stemming from the fact I am overweight and hate the way I look. So, one of the girls in the building is going to help me with that. She's making me a daily plan for four weeks. All I have to do is exactly what it says each day. It will mostly be speed walking a set path and doing stretching and light weights, which will be all planned out for me.

As for the small town thing, I have a longer term goal for that. I think maybe a year and a half from now, or maybe two years from now, I will be back in Milwaukee. I have a ton of friends there, have family there and there is so much to do there, especially when it comes to the art scene, which could be very helpful. And of course, Chicago wouldn't be far away. Those in Milwaukee I've briefly mentioned this too are all very excited that I may come back. I think some times you don't realize how much you love your home city until you are away from it a couple years. That seems to be the case for me.

That's all I'm going to write for now, I have more to put in here but I will do it tomorrow. I'll be coming to JP's again in the arvo to work on my resume so I can get to work!

Any thoughts, advice or comments are very welcome about all this.

March 10, 2011

March 10th, 2011

Having a good day today. In a really good mood which is nice.
I spent yesterday evening at JP's, going through different websites I have photos and music stored at. I saved quite a bit of stuff to my camera's memory card to take home and put on my computer. I ended up finding pictures I took years ago.... was fun to look at it all.
I ended up staying awake until 230 or so, because when I came home PP called and we ended up chatting for almost two hours! Was really fun though, like old times, we need to do it again!
This morning I went to Walmart to use the last of the cash on my food card. I waited until I was pretty much out of everything so it was nice to see my cupboards full again. Next month I will get my full amount so I won't have to stretch it so much.
Had a great conversation with my Dad the other day. We ended up talking almost an hour, about everything from family to Potowatami Casino lol. I'm bummed they won't be going to IL for Easter but what can you do.....
Anyways, the meds must be working well and the sun is out and the weather is nice... and I'm happy :D

March 9, 2011

Going to JP's today

Then I can catch up on some blogs, post new pics, and talk to TT! Will be fun!

March 7, 2011

Cleaning Day

Been helping Jen go through her whole place and clean, toss stuff and organize. I'm rather enjoying it and we've gotten tons done. Sorry I haven't been on much but I will try to be on more!