June 18, 2012

Whining Time lol

I was ranting in chat and it was funny so I'm posting it here:

"i've found there are a lot of things from over there that we don't have here......... i actually crave the stuff sometimes, meat pies, chicko rolls, lamb, fucking mint sauce, chutney, whole meal bread lol, WINE, tim tams, fucking cherry RIPES!!!!!!!!!!  why can't they have them here....... fucking america!! it all tastes good and we sure know how to EAT....WTF. !!!


The things I miss:

Whole MEAL bread

                                                                    Cherry Ripe

                                                                Chiko Roll (yum!!)


                                                                   Fifth Leg Wine

                                                               Lamb Roast...NOM!

                                                        Harry's Meat Pie...Double NOM

                                                       Mint Sauce..goes with anything!!

                                                            Tim Tam....omg I miss it...

Ok, now I'm hungry..... :P

1 comment:

tanty said...

That's a nice list you got there,i know what to buy you next time you are here :)
You are too funny,lol