February 26, 2012


A lot has been going on since I've been back. Haven't spent much time at home, which is a good thing, it means I'm getting out. I had my first dentist visit in a couple years...I was terrified to go but went. It wasn't a nightmare but was not a good time at all. I was really scared I had periodontal disease because my gums had receded so much, but to my relief it is still gingivitis. They talked me into having the root scaling done immediately so my mouth would heal. It was terrible...they had me swish with some mouthwash that numbs the mouth but it wasn't effective. The lady had to take a tool and go below the gum line to get all the stuff off and it was painful. It was made worse by the fact my gums were sore from infection. It took almost two hours to get it all off. After that the rest was easy.

After many X-rays they determined I have five cavities. Four need fillings and one needs a crown. They said it could have been worse. They put me on a strict regimen of using a water flosser with antiseptic mouthwash in it twice a day as well as brushing with Crest Prohealth Clinical toothpaste twice a day and regular flossing twice a week. I go back in six months for my next cleaning. I have yet to decide if I'll have the big work done here or at a sedation dentist outside of town. Need to make that decision soon though...

I'm thinking about getting an exercise bike for the apartment. When I had the one in Milwaukee I used it a lot and dropped weight because I'd it. My weight is my number one concern right now after my teeth.

I'll write more later on, hope everyone is doing well.


PS: Sairs.... I got a couple of your zines! Can't wait for them to arrive :)

February 17, 2012

Trip blog, part 2

The next morning (at our hotel in Chicago), I remembered to take a pic in the mini fridge. Holy cow! They wanted like $8 for a bag of M&M's, $5 for a can of soda, $4.50 for a bottle of water and the beers were over $9, the wines were over $18.  Needless to say, we didn't touch the mini fridge...

Checkout was easy, you do it on your t.v. screen, which was something I never saw before. No need to call or go to the front desk. We went down and had valet get the suv and we were off. We were starving so we headed to a restaurant Mike found on my laptop. I cannot for the life of me, remember what it was called! All I know, is the food was great. Mike got some kind of huge burger, while I played the healthier route and got a avocado and seafood salad. It had crab and shrimp on it and it was so so good.

We then headed to Nordstroms, which is like an upscale department store that literally was four stories. We went up to the third level to get to the makeup, hair products and perfume. I was there for one reason... to finally replace my Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume I lost in the fire. I was amazed they had it there for just about $100. At first the guy I asked didn't think they had it and I was like...ummm...I can see it from here.... LOL. Then he realized he was thinking of another one :P
At check out, I got two samples of it as well and I got samples of a couple other perfumes including Justin Beiber's like (that one I took a pic of and sent it to Paul, saying I'd gotten it for him....hahahahaha - of course it wasn't as funny when he pranked me back with a picture of David Hasselhoff! Ack! Contaminating my phone that way!!!)

After some shopping, we made our way to Millennium Park to have a look around. I'd seen so many picture but never been. My favorite was the sculpture nicknamed the "bean". It's official name is Cloud Gate and it is a steel sculpture that is three stories tall. It was funny because it is reflective and everyone was taking pics of their reflections :P

We finally made our way out of Chicago and back across the Illinois border and into Wisconsin. Instead of going right to Dad's, we decided to go to Mike's place in Fort. He had to get the key to the storage unit anyhow, and he wanted to show me his new place (well new to me...).

The house is great. Definitely a guy pad! He showed me some newspaper articles he has kept from fires he has fought in and a pic of him in a fire which was really neat.

On our way to Dad's, we stopped at the storage unit. It was weird to see so many of my things I'd forgotten about. Everything looked in perfect shape, which I was thankful for. I did open the treasure chest with all my Elton stuff in it. I wanted to take it all with me! Mike said when he comes to visit he will bring it with :). I did grab a couple DVD's though, I'd find a way to cram them in my suitcase...

The rest of my trip consisted of spending lots of time with my family. Dad, Jacqi, Mike and I spent all day Sunday together. We had lots of food Dad made and watched the Superbowl together (the Elton commercial was a big hit in our house haha) and we had fun cheering for teams we didn't really care about.

Dad and I did a lot of shopping and eating out on Monday and Tuesday and it was just really nice to sit and chat with him again. It was a really nice visit.

Dad took me to the airport Tuesday afternoon and we spent some time walking around and did some shopping there as well.

My flight back was nice and I took a cool video just after takeoff as we flew over the south side of Milwaukee. It was already dark out and made for a great view and once above the clouds I was able to watch the sunset.

I got into KC a little after 7pm and Robin and Kenny were both waiting for me. I was glad he came with so she had someone to talk to on the long drive there. Once I had my bags we found our way out to the parking garage...we only got a little lost lol.

On our way back I offered to pay for dinner as we were all starving...so we went to Cracker Barrel in St. Joe. Man was that food good!!!! Hadn't been to a Cracker Barrel in ages! All they serve is comfort food.

So that was my trip. I had a great time and it was so nice to see my family again!


February 15, 2012

Will post a big blog soon!

Hiya, hope everyone is well. I know I haven't been blogging, been very busy! I am still doing well, had lots of fun in Milwaukee. Getting settled back into every day life.
Today is major cleaning/picking up day, as the place has been a disaster since getting back into town...I admit, my suitcase isn't even finished being unpacked!
I have a visit from my caseworker in four hours....so I'm getting the coffee in me so I can get my butt moving!
Will try to blog tonight, as I plan to be home and online for a change.
Hugs all,
PS: I'm typing this through the blogger app on my new iPad, loving this thing so much I hardly slept last night! :P

February 3, 2012


*61 Days*

For once, I actually got up on time! I'd set my alarm for 6am and didn't hit the snooze, turn it off or launch it across the room :P My goal was to be ready by 7am and I met that goal. I had most of the stuff packed last night, but there were a few things like hygiene stuff, a few last minute clothes, the laptop, etc. that needed to be packed.

Robin picked me up at my place around 7:20 or so. I was a bit panicky because we were behind schedule. We went to her mom's house, to switch the truck with the car (more dependable), grabbed some coffee and were on our way. Driving to KC was terrible. It was pouring down rain the entire way, sometimes so hard we could barely see the road. Robin did a great job and got me there with about 40 minutes to spare. After a quick goodbye I made my way into the airport, which was really easy to navigate.

It took all of two minutes to check in and get my suitcase checked. Then I went through security which was literally almost empty. Of course, as is always my luck, I ended up getting a pat down. This time around it was because I was wearing a NW hoodie that was thick. The lady who did the pat down was really nice and we had a few laughs while she did her job.

I got to my gate with maybe 15 minutes to spare. When it was time to board, thanks to choosing the 'business select' option, I was called first! It was so cool to be the very first passenger on the plane, getting to choose where I wanted to sit. I'd looked it up ahead of time and chose the fourth row window seat, for optimal viewing with nothing in the way.

I took pics and video out the window, but was bummed it was so cloudy, didn't get to see much of the ground at all. The flight was supposed to take an hour and thirty minutes but due to good wind direction it took us 52 minutes instead. It seemed like by the time we got up to cruising altitude we soon were starting our decent. For five bucks I was able to access the plane's wifi, which was a nice treat and I posted to facebook from the plane :)

We came into Milwaukee from the west, and by the time we got below the cloud cover we were only about 1 minute from landing, so I didn't get a very good look at Milwaukee from the air. Once I could see, I knew exactly which way we were coming in, as I was able to see the expressway and the branch off that goes directly into the airport. The landing was perfect and I snapped a pic of one of the terminals as we passed by.

I chatted with one of the flight attendants while everyone else left the plane and told her I thought the wifi service was really great! She said they hadn't had it very long and was glad to hear it was easy enough to pay for and use. She said she hadn't had any passengers have problems with it so far.

I walked for what seemed like forever to get to the baggage claim (kc is set up so much better!) but it was nice because right as I walked up I saw my suitcase, so I didn't have to wait at all. Getting the pink luggage really paid off, could see it a mile away hahahaha :P I then went out the doors by the pick up spot and called Mike. Turned out he parked and was walking my way and right after I hung up with him he materialized next to me and just stood there waiting for me to notice LOL. Typical Mike!

After we left the airport, we had to stop at a hockey shop, because Mike wanted to buy a pair of ice skates. He's starting to get into hockey, which I think is really awesome. It was neat to see how they fit the new skates, I had no idea.... they heat up the skates to make the material inside of them more pliable and then he put his feet into them, tied them tight, and they formed to his feet as they cooled down, so they fit perfectly. Was very interesting!

Then, it was off to Chicago! We stopped for lunch on the way there, at the oasis over the expressway. They have all sorts in there, including Subway, KFC, Panda Express, Starbucks. Mike got Subway and I got KFC. Every time we go there we get these seats that face the glass and you can watch the traffic go by underneath you....it's pretty neat.

Once we were in Chicago, we pretty much knew we were going to end up staying there for the night. I was tired but jeez, Mike had been working all night then stayed up all day... So I looked at some different hotel options on his phone and wanted something nicer that had rooms high up for a neat view... and I decided on the Sheraton, which was right next to the river. We ended up on the 11th floor with an awesome view of the city.

We debated for a while on where to eat dinner, even consulting the book in our room and Mike's phone, but everything required at least a bit of a trek on foot. In the end I suggested room service so we ended up ordering in. The food was VERY good. I got the fish & chips and Mike got the chicken wings in hot sauce.

We ended up lounging around, eating our food and watching really funny movies, like the Wedding Crashers and Just Friends. We laughed SO friggin hard, it was just a lot of fun :D


February 1, 2012

Dombliss and the start of packing

*59 Days* <---woot!

Today isn't a very eventful day, today is DOMBLISS day (aka: house cleaning day). I did manage to go for a little walk this morning in a park near here which was good. The rest of the day is all about cleaning up and starting the beginnings of my packing for the trip. It's so exciting!

Dad tried to call today, but I missed his call. He left a voicemail saying to call him after 6pm, because he's on jury duty... I swear my Dad has been called for jury duty SO many times since I was a kid....he just has that lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it...) number or something.... I'm hoping since he has jury duty this week that he isn't working Friday now, that would be awesome! Hopefully it doesn't mean he has to work the whole weekend, that would not be so awesome.... I'll know more later.

Also going to try to get ahold of my brother this evening, to make sure our plans are set.

I'm ready for my trip to be here already :P Tomorrow I'm going to Walmart for some last minute things. I want to see if they have my shampoo & conditioner in those little travel size bottles. They have a short isle there that is nothing but travel size stuff. That way I can put those kinds of things in my carry-on bag. I will probably take a peek at the TSA site today, as a reminder of how to pack for security, since it's been a few years since I have flown.

I fly out in less than two days....yay :D