August 28, 2012

Been Longer Than I Thought It Has

Before I write anything else I just have to say.... some drunk college kid just puked all over Main St. outside my window lol.  I was sitting here and hearing these RALPH-ing/hacking noises and out of curiosity looked outside. That will be a mess when the street sweeper comes through.  Everyone all together now....EWWWWWW :P

I sort of took a break from the Internet for a week. No crisis or anything going on here. Just been really lazy and watching the entire series (up to this point) of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. It makes me wonder why I never watched it earlier, in a lot of ways it reminds me of ER, which I was heavily into during the 90's (even my boyfriend knew to not even try to call me at 9pm on Thursdays lol). Like JP said earlier while we were talking, Grey's Anatomy is heavy on the melodrama, but I think I like it more for the medical (and gross) stuff. Although, there are a couple of nice looking guys on the show, which helps.... now I'm caught up on it and got mad when I realized I have to wait until the end of September to see the next episode (they left off the last episode with a big cliff hanger, of course). At least the show Bones starts up the new season on Friday. The new show I want to watch, Chicago Fire, doesn't start until October, but I'm hoping it is as good/or better than Rescue Me was. So far the previews look promising....

JP got to laugh along with me today on chat... I'm still eating through the food I received from the pantry last month and I decided I'd try out some crab cakes I had in the freezer. It was all promising and sounded so good....   While cooking them, my apartment started to smell like FEET and then it was less promising... and in the end they were so bad, no amount of sauces could make them edible. It took like an hour to get the smell out of the apartment and for a while I thought my stomach was going to turn over. In the end I had to cook an entirely new dinner, of lemon pepper chicken (also pre-made and frozen), which was edible, but still not that great. I was left craving a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich lol. If I go to the pantry again, I don't think I'll pick any crab cakes for pre-seasoned chicken....

Not much else going on. Hoping to run into Tracey online tonight to see how she is doing! Hope everyone is well,

August 8, 2012

Been Pretty Busy

I got cable........ so needless to say I've been browsing through channels on my awesome tv the last few days. Been watching all sorts of stuff, from Olympics coverage to The Weather Channel to trashy reality tv lol.  I even got sucked into a Toddlers & Tiaras marathon a couple days ago.....that show is really nuts!!!

Gymnastics is over in the Olympics now. The US did a hell of a job. The girls got gold in the team final, Gabby got gold in the AA, Aly got bronze on beam and gold on floor and Mckayla got silver on vault. That's a pretty good haul!  My only real complain was over stupid tie breaking rules (why can't two gymnasts just get the bronze like they do in other sports??), only allowing the top two from each country into AA (which causes a current world champion to not be able to compete) and the fact that Jordyn and Mckayla had to compete with injuries.  And the fact that Jordyn's coach is a total duche who couldn't keep his trap even moderately under control the entire time, complained publicly about just about everything and even criticized other athletes.

I just got done with a great book that I ran into almost by accident online. It's called Cruising Attitude and is written by a flight attendant. Awesome read!! She tells all sorts of stories about crazy things she's dealt with over the years and talks alot about how things work and you sort of start to appreciate flight attendants more after reading it. Did you know that a flight attendant doesn't start getting paid until the door is closed on the plane and they leave the terminal? That part where they welcome you on and help you get settled and do all the prep work....they don't even get paid for that....

Not much else to catch up on, but I leave you with a lovely pic of my pasta I made yesterday.......

Chunks of green pepper and tomatoes and mushrooms and garlic....... NOM NOM....


Thunderboomers :D

This storm had so much promise and looked so badass coming in..........

Then turned into a total wimp when it got here..... apparently the worst part of the storm was northeast of us.... totally not fair.


August 3, 2012

August 2, 2012


I confess.


Is me.

                          (saw this and just couldn't help it....had to post it lol)


This is a riot :P

August 1, 2012

Yay :D


Really Stoked

to see the US gymn girls win the team gold for the first time since 1996 and the second time ever :D Was so fun, they were so excited all the way through and did fabulous.

Still cranky McKayla's vault didn't get a perfect score though.... not going to see another Amanar performed that well for a long time I think! Don't get where they took the almost .3 from :(  I'm happy after trying for years to stick that vault, she finally did the Olympics ;)

Even the judges were like...WOAH:

Gotta Love....

that sledge-o-matic :D