September 30, 2012

Must ignore ADD today!

I have sooooooooooo much I want to get done today. Because I've spent over a month laying around in a mopey mood, the apartment has pretty well gone to shit. :(

The last couple of days I've tried to get motivated to start cleaning and picking up stuff and all that, but have had very minimal success with it. I know a better mood starts with a cleaner habitat so I know what I need to do to get myself on track.

I have more motivation today, because I have a caseworker visiting in the morning and I don't want the place to be a mess. Also, I need to go get major groceries tomorrow, which means Robin will probably help me bring them all up to the apartment, which means I want it clean. You know how it is, hating having anyone seeing a mess, let alone a full blown disaster area.... Plus, Dad & Grandma are coming in two weeks and I definitely don't want to be trying to do this at the last minute (which happens to me a lot thanks to the ADD).

I have my list ready to go, thanks to that Unf*ck Your Habitat app on the Ipad and I downloaded an app where I can listen to over 70,000 different radio stations around the world for free, and I can take the Ipad room to room as I go. I chose LakeFM out of Milwaukee that plays a huge mix of tunes with not a lot of commercials and doesn't repeat songs every hour. Need the music to keep me motivated :D

So I'm off to get the whole apartment back into shape!  I just need to get it done, whether I want to or not!


Another new addition to the family :)

Yay! One of my cousins and his wife just had a beautiful baby boy this morning, after being in the hospital since Thursday (!!!). I'm so happy for them :D He looks adorable :)  I think it's really cool, that my cousin's sister (one of my other cousins) had a boy last year, so the boys are close in age. I hope they have wonderful times and memories together as cousins, just like I did with mine growing up :D

September 28, 2012


I saw this.
HAD to post it.

Too funny :P
And too true!!


Hey Paul...

Ever have this happen to one of your pizzas??? lmao!!

Would NOT want to be the one to have to clean that shit up....what a pain in the ass that would be...seriously....



I  just watched a video where a guy took a challenge to eat an entire 400g jar of vegemite as fast as possible....

Some things are good in very SMALL amounts, but quickly become horrid if took much is used. The guy actually won the challenge, eating the whole jar in just over four minutes! The faces and reactions he made while eating it definitely seemed appropriate LOL. I dunno how the guy did it... He must have been MAD thirsty for hours afterwards though!! Yikes!!

I also ran into a video of a guy who tried to eat a hamburger with 1020 pieces of bacon on it LOL. He did not eat the whole thing, he actually ran off to puke after eating less than a quarter of it haha. I took a screen shot of the burger, as it looked absolutely hilarious...

I mean really, maybe they should have hooked him up to a defibrillator before he started and maybe stuffed some nitro down his throat, before eating what probably has like 3000+ grams of fat in it lol.



I just remembered I hadn't checked my "clean time" in a long while, so I looked up my start date and used an online calculator to figure it out and it's been 300 days!!! Wooot!!! No drugs....whooohooo!!!

Pretty damned cool :D


Found this funny site

Now I want to order a couple microbes.... lol. Probably comes from my days as a lab rat in the hospital. These are too funny! I've seen the hepatitis one before, in the lab I worked in and always wondered where they got it. Maybe they got it from this site.... they have TONS of microbe plush toys :P

Some of my favorites (click on the pictures if you want to see them a bit bigger):

They are nine bucks a piece or so for the medium sized ones, but they also come as three minis in petri dishes for a couple bucks more. I'm thinking for kicks I might get myself two or three of them, or maybe one medium and one petri set. I have no idea what ones to get though, they are all humorous.... I probably will get the rhinovirus (common cold) as it's kinda cute, not sure about the other.... maybe mrsa or hepatitis or maybe giardia...  so many damned choices... lol

Anyhow, the website is here:

Very amusing :P


It was that time again

I wanted to change the look of my blog. Searched around forever to find something I liked. I was pretty picky in that it had to be three columns and something darker and pretty. I found some really neat ones but none of them were right. Then I found this one and was like ooooooooooooooh.....

I also liked this one because there was very little work involved for me this time around. No coding at all! :D Maybe next time I'll go for something a little more challenging but for now, I'm pretty happy with the way this one has turned out. My only real gripe is that the title of my blog is a little scrunched together at the top, but I can live with that for now.

Ok, and I don't like that my "reactions" boxes under each post aren't showing up :((  Oh well, at least it's formatting okay otherwise, little slow too but I still like it.

Watcha think???


September 27, 2012


I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner....nothing like waiting until 9:30 at night to realize I haven't had anything yet :P  I am low on most stuff, sort of cruising along until I get paid again, another five days from tomorrow. I decided to make a simple soup, after reading an article about a Korean soup and realizing I really wanted soup lol.

I rummaged around and ended up mixing some beef stock and a bit of vegemite in water and boiling it, then adding chopped up beef that was in my freezer and needed to get used. Then I added a few assorted frozen veggies I had left. Then I added some noodles I had left over in the cupboard. Lastly I added some ground up garlic, fresh ground black pepper and a few drops of hot sauce.  And tada....

Dinner is served. It might have mostly been leftovers in my kitchen but it makes for a tasty and original soup ;)  I'm going to freeze the rest in a couple of containers and it will help float me through til payday.



Trying to get some motivation....

I have around three weeks before my dad and grandma come for this year's visit and my apartment is a disaster of epic proportions. I've went through at least a month of sleeping a LOT and hardly doing anything and just staying in a lot and curled up on the couch watching movies etc. I don't know if I'm depressed or what. I haven't been posting in Tracey & I's blog, basically because I haven't done anything. I don't even know what my weight is like, but I'm afraid to look.... I wonder too if I'm not a little depressed because I'm having problems getting the money together for Australia, it's taking a LOT longer than I thought, because of medical expenses and the fact I still have to get the rest of my dental work done. It's been sinking in that I won't have the money in time for my deadline, that it may take me a few months longer to have what I need to go.

Anyhow, I woke up today (after sleeping like 12 hours....) and was motivated to do something, anything. Maybe it's because family is coming soon, maybe it's me coming out of my current downslope, maybe I just know I need to do stuff, or maybe it's all three or something else. All I know is I woke up wanting to do shit, lots of shit lol.

I'm starting to think that my current issue has a lot to do with boredom. I'd briefly discussed this last time I saw Dr. G. I mean, I really have nothing to do. So I think I need to start coming up with things to do and actually do them and not let my ADD crap get in the way. 

There is a blog I read online about the type of ADD I have and sometimes they post about apps for the Ipad that can help. Well I decided to try one of them and see if it can help keep me prioritized, or at least motivated long enough to complete each task I need to.

Basically the theme of the app is...your home is a disaster? It's completely fucked up? Well, this app will help you un-fuck your home lol. The app is literally called: Un-fuck Your Habitat.  Hahahaha  Perfect app for me, motivation AND humor!

I went through it this morning. They have preset lists of things to do but you can create your own, which I did. Once you start doing the stuff on it, you click on the task and it sets a timer and you have to try to get the task done in that amount of time. If you complete the task, you get points. If you get distracted, you can click a button and it gives you motivation by saying stuff like... "wouldn't it be nice if people could come over" and "get to work you are being lazy" and "procrastination is for losers"  lol.  It's great :D  It also has a list of "achievements" that you've accomplished to keep you motivated.  All in all, a great app for someone like me.

So that is what I'm going to be doing today, unfucking my habitat :P  I'm setting my phone alarm for like 8pm (my time) to stop doing stuff and get on the puter and chat with Tracey (and Jess?). If you guys get on before then, text me, I'll be on. I really want to stop and chat, it's been quite a while.

Hope everyone is doing well,

My app:

Saw this....

...the other day and just HAD to take a photo.....

Wonder how long it would take to this person to clean their vehicle out?? Wonder how long it took for it to get that way in the first place....  I'm assuming this person lives alone, where would anyone else sit??!!


September 21, 2012

First post in a while....just in time to bitch!

So, Robin and I rented a couple movies for tonight and were all excited to have fun, eat popcorn and watch movies. Good times, as we haven't done this in forever!
As usual, stupid Randy, who is at her house every day, from morning until he goes home to sleep, taking full advantage of her generosity, like the sucking selfish leach he is....was here. He interrupted the first movie thee times for phone calls, because he doesn't know how to leave the room out of courtesy of others around him. When we started the second movie, he then decided he needed to do something complicated online and in the end he ended up becoming such a distraction we stopped the movie.
We are going to try again tomorrow to watch the second one. So much for our fun night!

September 13, 2012

To Buy Or Not To Buy...

I read online today and then saw on Amazon's website, that on September 25th Sony Pictures is releasing the COMPLETE Rescue Me box set, all seven seasons... 96 episodes on 26 disks and also 8 gag reels, 90 deleted scenes, 31 featurettes, commentary, etc.  I'd pretty much refrained from buying any seasons of Rescue Me because I knew one day they would come out with a complete set from the show.

To top it all off.... it's pre-order sale $60!!! And that is on both Amazon and Best Buy's websites.  You can normally only get like two seasons for that price! I'm willing to bet after it goes on sale the price is going to jump over double that price.

So the question I have to answer (and soon) is to buy or not to buy. I'm saving money for Australia and my teeth at the moment so it makes me hesitate....but then I think about how much it would probably cost if I bought it next year... and it is one series I really would like to have on dvd.



Heh, one of my favorite clips from Rescue Me:

It's aliiiiiiive....

After having to wait out having some cables in the building replaced, I can finally say I have full internet again....YAY!!! I missed it sooooo much....  Now I have so much to catch up on it's not even funny. I'm going to try to get on for a bit tonight, Tracey or Jess, if you get on, shoot me a text message to let me know and I'll stop what I'm doing and come on for a while.

I have lots to do this afternoon and evening. I'm going through the entire apartment wiping stuff down, vacuuming, putting stuff up.... I found out last night I have a new *friend* in the apartment with me.... he/she is grey, small, with fuzzy hair, big ears and a tail....  I was pretty damned surprised when I ran into him/her hanging out on my kitchen counter!  I let the landlady know and she was like....fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck lol. I'm going to go to Walmart to see if they have any humane traps where you can release them back into the wild (outside of town...) but if I cant find any like that, I'll do my best to find something that is very....instant. I'm very fond of things like gerbils, hamsters, mice, etc. so I refuse to use that sticky stuff where they get stuck and then either rip themselves apart trying to get away or gnaw their own legs off, etc. That would be terrible and I'm a softy and would probably cry if I saw that....  If I have to go the kill route, they have snap traps that now come in little containers where the mouse pretty much goes inside of it and that is that. Very quick and I wouldn't have to see it.  We are hoping to stop them fast, as this is an old building with lots of hiding places and if they start having babies we are in trouble. So we'll see what I can find.

Spent time with Robin earlier this week as her birthday was on Sept. 11th. She struggles a bit with having her birthday on that particular day so we spent the 10th and 11th doing things that were fun. I think the most fun I had is we both got our hair done :D  I got the same colors again, which looks great as it had gotten so faded. It amazes me that it takes three hours to do that kind of coloring! By the end my ass was numb....

Anyhow, hope everyone is well and hope to see ya online,

September 8, 2012

I may be on tonight, but not sure

The Internet has been pretty dodgy the last few's on a a bit....on a bit.....grrrrrr.....

If I'm not able to get on tonight I will tomorrow. I'm going by Robin's tonight for dinner, so I'm not sure when I will be home. If I'm able to get on when I get home I can always text u guys I'm around (will go through Paul for Tracey).

Will blog later if I can, so I can catch up and I will catch up on everyones blogs as well (hint hint Jess...I think even Paul blogged!!!)

Hope you guys are doing well,

September 5, 2012

Friggin hopeless Internet crap

Well, by this time tomorrow I should be able to get back online. They have to come out to look at the box and my modem, as it hasn't started back up like it should. Holiday weekend didn't help..... At the library now just so I can check my email, etc. hope everyone is well. I will check blogs and all that when I get back online (thinking positively lol) tomorrow.


September 1, 2012

Should be on within the next day or two

I forgot to have them put autopay back on my Internet my Internet got all screwed up *cries* . My neighbor hasn't had his wifi open either so it's really sucked ass! Hope everyone is doing well!