October 17, 2012

I saw this...

and I think it's SO cool. Not only does it play records but it also RECORDS records into digital format for your ipod/iphone/ipad etc. How neat would that be??



Saw this and for some reason.... thought of you...


(love ya :P  )


October 16, 2012


Dad & Grandma made it into town today...yay! I now have almost all my Elton stuff here in town...double yay! LOL ;)

My nicely cleaned up living room is turning into a disaster as I type this.... I've been digging through all the stuff in the "Elton Chest" just to see what is all there. It's been so long, I couldn't remember what I all had. It's going to be very enjoyable sorting it all and documenting everything I have (for my EJ friends and so I have a running list of what I own).

Dad and Grandma had a good trip in. We nosed around Walmart for a while which was actually really fun. Grandma made a beeline right for the women's clothing and Dad & I ended up in the DVD section (we are both obsessed with movies) and had a fun time rummaging through the $5 DVD bins. Afterwards we ended up having dinner at KFC, which was fine by me. We were there more than an hour, just catching up and telling funny stories. It really was a wonderful time.

Tomorrow we are off to St. Joe for a day of shopping. We always have a great time when we go down there, so I'm sure tomorrow will be no different. After we get back, we plan to lounge around the hotel and play on the Ipads. I get to help Dad set up a Facebook account for my step mom. Will be neat to have her on Facebook! :)

Anyhow, off to spend some time going through Elton stuff...instead of sleeping... LOL


October 9, 2012

Really Interesting Video

After watching David Blaine's latest endurance challenge (and what he says is his last endurance challenge :(  ... ), I was nosing around Youtube and ran into this video.

It's really interesting! He talks about how he held his breath for 17 minutes and broke the world record (I think someone has since broken his record) at the time. It is a great speech. It's interesting and funny and by the end you are just like....wow. I've never watched him do a speech before and it was impressive.

Take twenty and watch it!


October 4, 2012

Medic!!! :P

*warning to Tracey, don't read standing up...*

So, I was taking the tags off some new towels and you know those stupid little plastic things that attach the tags to the towels? Well annoying (as they are) they didn't wanna come off, so I thought, well, I'll use my trusty new pocket knife I have, it's just for things like this! It ended up working GREAT. It is brand new and one little swipe and I got them right off.

Then, I tried to close the pocket knife with one hand. And well........

Amazingly, the knife was so sharp, I didn't actually feel it cut me. It wasn't until seconds later when I was bleeding that I realized what I had done.

Always the optimist (well most the time lol), I was like woohoo, I can test out my new liquid band aid stuff!! And open my new first aid kit too! :P

 That small half inch cut bled like a geyser, so the liquid stuff had to wait a while. I put on a water proof band aid for a while until it stopped, then I tested out the new liquid version. So far, I really like it! I put two coats on and I really like not having an annoying bulky band aid to deal with. Been talking with Tracey online and we figure it's the cleaner way to go as well, since regular band aids start to move around and germs can get in and they get frayed and caught on stuff, etc.  It says to just reapply it every day and it's good to go. So, we'll see how it goes :)


PS: Note to self: Close knife with two hands.... or just keep the finger out of the way :P