November 22, 2012

Glittery :)

I'm pretty sure I'll be finding this stuff all over the apartment for the next month or two.... but it sure is pretty :)

(If you click on the pic so it gets bigger, you can see the sparkles)

Getting every last bit out of my favorite candle...

This spring I bought some candles when I was out of town that were really nice. They are the big three wick glass jar ones. My favorite one, Passion Flower, got used the most and I was bummed because there was only a little bit left at the bottom :(

After nosing around on Pinterest I found an idea...

I have one of those tealight melters, which is basically a little metal stand with glass where you put your scented wax and under it you put a tealight candle. It heats up the wax quite nicely. Well, I had an empty container that used to hold some of those scented wax squares for the melter and decided to basically make my own.

I melted down the last of my candle by placing it on top the stove while the oven was going and once it was all liquid I poured it into the empty container and let it cool. It worked out great! Now I have a bunch of little squares of that Passion Flower scent :D

I'm glad I did this, because when I looked around tonight, the Passion Flower one I had is now discontinued *cries*.

When my other nice candles get low, especially my Elton John collection one from NEST, I'm going to do this with it as well.


Thanksgiving :)

Didn't have any big plans this year for Turkey Day. And that was just fine. I actually had a nice day. I lounged a lot lol. Did some things around the house. Cranked some Elton and danced while dusting the sweatpants and a bra :P  Was great!

This year I took apart my thawed turkey, seperated legs, wings, breast, etc. Also took the skin off. I then put it all in the slow cooker (it just barely fit!) with a ton of gravy and seasonings and cooked it that way for hours. Then, I took it out and put it onto a pan and baked it for two more hours. It turned out amazing! I kept the rest simple and just made baked scalloped potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing, the usual.

In the was a great meal :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 13, 2012

Working On Xmas Cards

Been working on the Christmas cards today. Like every year, I am doing a LOT of them. This year, I'm doing 71! I love doing them though and this years are going to be very pretty when done. I'm using stickers, glitter, ink stamps, home made confetti.... Instead of the usual red and green I do, this year they are white, silver and different shades of blue. Only downside, is I too will have glitter all over by the time it's done lol.

Here's my little work station I have set up on the trunk that has the Elton stuff in it. It's been a handy spot to work on the cards....

Fun times :D


November 12, 2012

Its aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!

I'll probably be doing a lot of back posting today to catch up. Stupid PC broke it's friggin fan and it took forever to get it fixed :( 

But now it's back and alive bwhahahahahaha :D  Yay for warranties eh?