December 23, 2012


Today is day six on my new diet and exercise plan...I say 'diet' but it's really what I want to stick with for good, other than holidays and a few special days. I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself every day, only once a week, but I've been breaking that. In a way it's good, it keeps me motivated to get on the elliptical or get outside and walk.
I'm down seven pounds so far! How cool is that! I'm sure just not eating everything in sight and laying around all day is definitely helping.
I've gotten myself into a pretty good working out and eating routine now and I plan to keep it this way. I love it. :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

December 18, 2012

Things Lately

 382 Days drug free

How exciting is THAT!?  :D  I'm very pleased with myself when it comes to getting off the drugs. I have a lot to work on with myself, but having that out of my life is a huge step forward.

I know I haven't hardly been writing in here. I don't think my Lithium is working very well anymore. In January I'm going to try and see my doc and figure out how we are going to tackle it. He's a lot busier than he used to be. The other doc they had left and they don't have a replacement right now, so my doc has a massive caseload. On top of that he's one of the only psychiatrists in my entire town, other than two that come up like twice a month. So I'm sort of dealing with it day to day right now, until I can get a med change.

Because of it, I've had very low motivation to do much of anything. My mood goes down a lot and I end up just curling up and watching movies or Netflix. I haven't even written in my actual journal in like two months now. At least there won't be much to catch up! It has made my apartment a crazy disaster, which sucks. I hate when I go through depression and everything piles up and nothing gets done. Then, when I come out of it, it's like....... omg.....

Today I got a good jump on the housework though and even got some laundry done, so I'm really happy with myself. Tomorrow I am going to do more. I'm not going to stress if I don't get all of what I want done, I'm just going to be happy for what I do get done.

I'm trying to boost my mood by reminding myself I'll be going to see my family for Easter in the spring (by train no less... a whole new adventure!) and next summer I will be going to Dad's for at least a week and I'll get to see family and friends galore!  In the short term, my birthday is Friday and a friend of mine is going to spoil me all day :)

I'll try to get on here and post more, I need to. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Holidays :)


Weight Troubles

Now that I've successfully taken care of the biggest problem I needed to in the last year, which was quitting drugs, now I am tackling the next big issue. My weight. This last week I've really started mapping out what I want to do as far as getting my weight down. I've also had to take a good look at exactly what has caused me to gain so much. I've gained over 30 pounds since mid 2010 and it's just not acceptable any more.

Many things contributed. I've gone through a few depressions this year. During those times I do pretty much nothing at all but eat all the time. To add to it, my doc thinks I have that binge eating disorder, where you just eat and eat as fast as you can, etc. I've been on Lithium since spring and on SSRI's before that and I think they helped me pack on the pounds as well. Low motivation, high anxiety, bouts of agoraphobia, sleeping way too all adds up. And now I weigh quite a bit more than I ever have before. Unfortunately, it makes certain issues worse, now I have a new reason to not want to leave the house...I don't want people to see me so heavy.

I went to my gp today, to get a physical. I finally have received Medicare...yay! One of the things you get for free is a yearly check up. I thought this was a great time to get it done, before I start the working out and stricter eating and all of that. I was really happy to see that my blood pressure is perfect, even with all this extra weight. I just shook my head when they took my weight and when I saw my BMI... it's just horrible. We talked a lot about starting these new better habits and what weight I should try to get down to, etc. I run the risk of a lot of health issues if I don't. The fact that I don't already have doctor said I am basically just really lucky. But that my luck won't last forever.

So this is going to be my new challenge. To start eating much healther (and in less amounts) and exercising every day. I've sat down and come up with a plan, day by day, what I want to do.

As motivation, I created this....I think it helps to have visual motivators:

What I've lost vs. what I need 2 lose. I think it turned out pretty cool! It will be exciting to be able to start putting those glass stones & marbles in the other glass! :)



There is a rumor going on around here... that we might actually get snow later Wednesday and early
Thursday.  While everyone else is going nooooo!, I am actually going...YAY! We haven't had snow in so long, I was wondering if we would get any!

At this point is sounds like we could get between 4-8 inches, but the weather service is using a lot of caution. There are a lot of variables that could steer it farther north, etc.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed... snow makes for wonderful pictures!

Charging up the camera batteries just in case :)