January 23, 2013

Bondi Lifeguard Blogs

I have been meaning to make a post about this for a while, but due to my lack of motivation.... :P

There are a couple of the Bondi Beach lifeguards who've gotten into blogging. Not very often, as they get so busy, especially this time of year in Australia, but when they get the chance, they do :)


Bacon: http://baconyoung.wordpress.com/
Maxi: http://lifeguardmaxi.blogspot.com/
Reidy: http://lifeguardreidy.blogspot.com/

I think Bacon is the only one who's updated lately :)

Oh...and I heard that Harries got married! I honestly never thought he'd get hitched lol :P

The countdown is on until the start of the new Bondi Rescue season... starts next month...woot! :D



Boon said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I ready Reidy now I will read Bacon and Maxi

How to be a Lifeguard

The Girl said...

^^ You are welcome :)