January 23, 2013

No more MSN Messenger?

Ok, so I rarely if ever check my Hotmail account, but did today and saw the email about MSN shutting down messenger and pushing everyone over to Skype. Well that sucks for the people who don't want Skype or it doesn't work well for them....

I keep my fingers crossed that Yahoo doesn't do something like that in the future! I don't know what I would do without my Yahoo Messenger!! :O



tanty said...

I do use skype but rarely.It does suck and why do they have to change things that are working well?fwits

Elton and Laura fan said...

It's because the media makes a big deal of Skype. The news you see "Now here's Blair Rimbo via Skype live with the latest..." and on TV shows, characters are always chatting through Skype. I have the same feelings about Skype that i do about Twitter, I wish they'd disappear!!!