January 23, 2013

No more MSN Messenger?

Ok, so I rarely if ever check my Hotmail account, but did today and saw the email about MSN shutting down messenger and pushing everyone over to Skype. Well that sucks for the people who don't want Skype or it doesn't work well for them....

I keep my fingers crossed that Yahoo doesn't do something like that in the future! I don't know what I would do without my Yahoo Messenger!! :O


Bondi Lifeguard Blogs

I have been meaning to make a post about this for a while, but due to my lack of motivation.... :P

There are a couple of the Bondi Beach lifeguards who've gotten into blogging. Not very often, as they get so busy, especially this time of year in Australia, but when they get the chance, they do :)


Bacon: http://baconyoung.wordpress.com/
Maxi: http://lifeguardmaxi.blogspot.com/
Reidy: http://lifeguardreidy.blogspot.com/

I think Bacon is the only one who's updated lately :)

Oh...and I heard that Harries got married! I honestly never thought he'd get hitched lol :P

The countdown is on until the start of the new Bondi Rescue season... starts next month...woot! :D



Robin is on her way home, from visiting her daughter in Alabama. I'm sure she just HATES leaving, it's very rare she gets to see her daughter and baby granddaughter :( I am happy though too because I miss chatting it up with her.

They have a long trek home and I bet they won't get here until after 11pm tonight. She loves to get to go down there and see them...but she hates the long drive!

Thanks to Mapquest, here's a map of their trek home. It's around 780 miles and takes like twelve hours... yuk!


January 22, 2013


Now that I am down about 21 pounds, I decided I needed to have a tiny break from all the healthy eating and have something really yummy.  I went to my favorite little Chinese place in town and got a few things to munch on throughout the day. Funny enough, I've ordered from them dozens of times since I've lived here but never actually went into their restaurant! Was neat to actually go in and chat with the workers a bit.

In the end, I ordered single orders of the fried dumplings, crab rangoon and egg rolls. Definately not health haha...but very very tasty. I figure I'll nibble on them all day and have something healthy as a late dinner tonight. That way I don't feel bad about it :)

What can I say? NOM NOM *droooooool....*


January 20, 2013


Testing this with the Blogger IPad app...

Had formatting issues with the old version, where it would run all the text together and there were no paragraphs, just one continual paragraph.

Crossing fingers it works better now!