February 26, 2013

Bondi Lifeguards Harlem Shake

All I have to say is.... Maxi slamming a Redbull, someone dancing strapped to a spinal board, someone else dancing with a helmet and an ambu bag, Harries trying to do a handstand, someone dancing on the counter in a speedo, and the camera guy laughing his ass off.....   = priceless! Funniest "Harlem Shake" video I've seen yet! LMAO!

February 25, 2013


I finally went back to the doctor, because my side and (sorry, but under my right boob...) have been hurting to the point of tears...

Turns out... I coughed so hard while having bronchitis, that I TORE an intercostal muscle between my ribs. All I can say is....OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!

Next time, honestly, I'd rather break a bone!! Holy cow!! :(((

Imagine... every time you breathe, cough, laugh, sneeze, basically move.... it causes pain....

My trusty Mr. Goodscents delivery guy said it best. He was like OMFG! He was like: it's a CORE muscle, so it must hurt with almost ANY movement....

He was SO right on with that....

A pic to explain what intercostal muscles are:

In the middle of my bout with bronchitis, which took much longer to go away because I'm a smoker (so bad I know...), I had a coughing fit last week that was so bad, not only did the neighbor across the hall hear me all the way back in her bedroom.... but I ended up having, almost like a *pop* in my right side, under my boob.... when I went to the doc, days later because I figured I'd pulled a muscle, it turns out a tore one.... between two of my ribs. Apparently, it's not that uncommon of an injury with a bad round of bronchitis...
My doctor was going to prescribe prescription pain relief, but I refused. I'm not a fan of that stuff, it either makes me nauseous, or makes me itch, depending on what they prescribe. I wanted to deal with it on my own terms, mainly Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.  He said it would take weeks to heal, because unlike other muscle tears, this one was constantly in motion (ie: breathing, etc.). I think I've done fairly well, I've tried not to complain too much...but OMG... don't EVER tear a muscle between your ribs! Everything makes it hurt, even breathing....

Today is the first day it hurt a little less, which I see as a huge improvement. I've literally have had to roll out of bed, I can't even sit up. It's amazing how much those muscles around your ribs, help you do just about everything motion-wise... and then some!

It is getting a tad bit better though. I had goals... that it will be well enough by next week. I hope that turns out to be true! I'm going to do my own little happy dance when it happens!

Because of all this... the bronchitis, the hand burn, the muscle tear... I haven't been online much. I also have kept almost NO data on my weight issues. It's frustrating, but until it's better... I can't even touch my elliptical. I know my diet hasn't been great, but I haven't been eating a lot either. I was just so sick... I wasn't even hungry. Once I'm back to full speed, I'll update it all.

For now...it's about rest and moderation.

Tonight is the best night I've had in literally at least three weeks. I have some Tylenol in me as well as some nice New Zealand wine... and it's helped some. I have more range of motion right now, than in weeks! Not pushing it though... taking it easy, and having a fun night online with friends and catching up :)

For those who haven't seen it, I made a page about me here: http://mistyanneblog.blogspot.com/p/me-pmsing-in-high-school-matt-was-brave.html  look and comment while you can, not sure if I will keep it up or not! :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

PS: Tracey I wanna see TAZ pics!! ;)

February 17, 2013

Yes....I am alive.... Well sort of.

Sorry I haven't been online much.... Been sick for like two weeks now! I caught a cold from a kid and then it morphed into a raging combo of upper respiratory and lower respiratory (bronchitis) infections. I haven't had much for illness the last couple years, other than mild colds, stomach flu and strep last year...so I wasn't prepared to get so sick :(

Thankfully, it is finally...FINALLY... Starting to get better. Been on an inhaler, antibiotics, prescription cough medicine (which makes me a bit loopy...) and had to get a steroid shot. At least it didn't get bad enough to go in hospital. It sure has tried to hang around though. Last week it had started to ease up a little and I got too excited and started exercising again and it must have been too soon, as by the next day it was worse again. Now I'm waiting until it clears up to try that again....

I've slept and napped a lot! I was coughing so much it would literally wear me out and even made my ribs sore :( I did catch up on a lot of reading, Netflix and I watched almost all of the previous seasons of Bondi Rescue on YouTube, as well as the first new episode of the new season ( I liked the new format!)

Had a fun little mishap a few days ago.... I went to pour hot water that had just boiled into a cup of ramens and the lid flipped closed, so I ended up pouring the water down my hand instead... I HATE BURNS! I'd rather get stabbed! In the end I was lucky, no blisters, etc. Just one very red, swollen hand that seemed to be on fire for hours afterwards.... Two days later and there's just a few sunburn looking spots left on my fingers. Thankful it was not worse.

Tonight, since I'm not feeling too badly, it's housework time (yuk!). Lots and lots to catch up on. Going to see how much I can get done, but I won't push myself too hard. It's driving me nuts though...the place really needs a good clean and pick up.

I'm going to try to get online tomorrow arvo/evening. Then you all can chuckle at me while I giggle with my cough syrup :p

Hope everyone is well, hope to chat with ya tomorrow :)


(ps: going to try to post a pick I took after the water jug incident, haven't tried to post a pic with the Blogger app, so we'll see if it works....)