April 28, 2013

Some Fun Stuff Planned For This Year!

I don't want to do too much this year, but I've gotten to the point of... Get rid of the last bad habits and use the money on memories instead. So, this year I'm going to see Green Bay play at Arrowhead preseason... Whoohoo! Cheap seats of course, on a budget. Flying to Milwaukee in July...seeing family and friend and hopefully catching a Brewers game too! In October Dad and Grandma are visiting here for four days :D There is a rumor that my brother might drive down this fall. Then of course there is Australia for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks in February :) Hopefully a trip to Illinois next year too, we'll see.
Should be fun....and great for my serotonin levels and will be challenging my anxiety head on! :)

April 16, 2013

Never mind that I'm now divorced.... lmao :P

Talking about Vegas, which is where Deano and the fam are right now. Too funny ;)


Looking At All My Options

Fun stuff! Talked to the travel agent down the block, looking at Feb. 1, 2014....and the deal is good enough where I can use what I was spending on smokes and fast food to pay for it! What better motivator is there?? Quit smoking and lose weight and get a trip to Australia! :)


Finally Writing!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Things are good here. I'm down 32 pounds...staying very disciplined, which isn't easy for me, but doing well. On top of watching what I eat and exercising, I've now officially quit smoking as well. I hate hate hate it, but it will get better. My aid is an electronic cig, that I only take a puff on if I really need it.

I'm also part of a study through the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, which is special to me because that is where my high school teacher, Mr. Schneider had his Multiple Myeloma treatments and bone marrow transplant. The study is to see which of two IPhone/Ipad for smoking cessation works better. Everyone in the study is randomly assigned to one of the two apps.

The one I received is called SmartQuit. So far I really like it. You make your plan and the reasons why you want to quit. You track every day if you slipped up, used any aids, how many urges you didn't act on, etc. If you need motivation,etc. it has all sorts of little stories and visualization etc. You can also write notes on what you are thinking, etc. also, you are awarded badges for progress, etc. I'll post to screenshots with this post (now that I figured out how to do that on the Ipad!)

Right now I am working on the apartment. Today is bathroom day. I pulled everything out of the bathroom yesterday, so my hallway looks like a war zone! LOL!

I'm planning to a lot more photography this year....if it ever acts like fucking spring! Punxsutawney Phil was full of shit!!! I need to use the big camera more so I can use it better, it has a lot more features than the old one had.

With me quitting smoking and not eating fast food, I'm going to tighten up to get the money together for my Milwaukee trip. After that....you guessed it...I'm officially starting to save for Australia. Lately I've been on Instagram a lot and ran into heaps of Bondi Rescue fans and even had a few short convos with the likes of Box, Deano and the folks that run the Bondi Rescue show :D. It is making me crave Australia! I wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Anyhow, I'll post more later, probably to bitch about cleaning the bathroom lol.


April 8, 2013

Getting there....

I'm definitely going to write a blog this evening...it's been FOREVER. Working on housework now, but I will stop later on to chat online. I will do a blog then ;) Hope everyone is well!