October 31, 2013

More Fall Color Pics Today

I sort of expected to have an indoor day today. It's rainy and cold and gloomy. But as luck would have it, this afternoon it stopped raining for a while and the sun even peeked out to say hello ;)

We are at the very peak of our fall colors and not wanting to miss an opportunity, I grabbed the camera and went for a walk. Along the way while photographing, I ran into a few locals who chatted me up about the history of some of the trees and colors. I heard some great old stories!

Here's a few photos from today:

I can't believe at 6:30 PM it was dark outside already! Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday and finally there will be a bit more light in the evening. It will be very nice!

Going to spend the rest of the evening making up my grocery list and things to do tomorrow. I'm also going to work more on my journal and sorting the stuff on the computer. Working on finishing this journal page tonight:
I used actually leaves I collected from and then pressed for two weeks. I gathered a few more today to also put in my journal after they are pressed as well.

 It will be a busy day tomorrow. On the plus side, at the start of every month I get to have my yummy meal at the Chinese place that they special make for me so it's lower carb :D Looking forward to it for sure.

Off to be creative again ;)

October 30, 2013

I'm SO making these this weekend!!

Avocado Deviled Eggs NOM!!

I sure do love that Mind Over Munch page page on Instagram, tons of ideas there :D

Maintenance Day

It's stormy and gloomy, I feel like crap and I can't really get out if I wanted to as they are ripping up the carpet in the building hallway and replacing it... so I'm taking the opportunity to sit on my ass (except working out, still doing that of course) and work on the Ipad and computer today.

Apps need to be updated, puter needs scans and updates, I'm pulling most of my photos off the Ipad onto the  puter (skydrive is fab for this!) and then going to sort a few folders on the puter. Getting things done but still sitting around lol.

I was on FB and saw that both JP and Paul are having indoor days as well, must be the day for it! I'm enjoying it though. :D


October 28, 2013

The Mess In The Hall

Plumbers are here doing work today. Late last week myself and a neighbor noticed the hallway carpet between our apartment doors was becoming soaked with water. At first we didn't see anything above us or around us and were just like... okay the shit doesn't just appear...

Then we realized water was dripping down the front of the door frame to the closet right at the end of the hall by us. At first I was perplexed. I had heard at some point that all the plumbing was below us, not above us. It hadn't rained in some time either. At least not more than a fast drizzle. Hrmm....

After moving some ceiling tiles we solved that mystery. Turns out there IS some plumbing above us, for two of the water heaters in the building. They were sitting on wood supports above that hallway utility closet. And one looked much older than the other. And was leaking substantially. I'll be damned... I never would have thought anything like that was up there lol. Crafty maintenance guys!

At least it wasn't my water heater! Mine is above my bathroom. It took until today to get them here to fix it, as there was nobody to do it until then. Needless to say... the carpet in the hallway is trashed, hopefully the hardwood underneath is not. We've been complaining about needing new hall carpet for some time (okay years lol) and the owner of the building had resisted. Not anymore!!! Mwhahahahaha! The karma gods have finally answered our whiny prayers lmao! :D Just changing that ratty old carpet out will improve the look of the building hallway substantially, so I'm happy about that.

Not much else going on here today really, been playing on Blogger and in the journal some, watching a bit of CSI NY, chatted with Ma up in Michigan, and heavily procrastinated ;)

Hope your day was good!


October 27, 2013

Having A Good Football Sunday

Hope everyone is doing well. Been procrastinating a bit on writing in here, but better late than never. As I watch footbal, watch my  Packers play and enjoy a few Leinies, I figured I'd catch this up!
Been busy shooting a lot of photos lately. We had a big controversy in this town lately. Two young girls were assaulted in early 2012 and the case was dismissed and now it's come back up, thanks to a story in the KC Star. After a lot of online protesting, the case is being reopened with a new prosecutor from a different county. I have no idea just what happened, but do think it deserves another look. Really glad they reopened it and that the new prosecutor reviewing it is from outside the influence of this county. Sometimes in small towns, you get power play based on those you know, it happens all the time here. We'll see how it goes. It made international news and there was a rally this last week, which I attended and photographed.
There was media here from far and wide, including CNN, Fox News, Reuters, etc. I was able to chat with a few and even get my hands (briefly) on a CNN camera and look through the viewfinder. Was really cool :)

My family came into town from WI and IL. Was wonderful to see them again! It was the first time my stop-mom has been to town here and she loved it. We had a good few days, shopping, eating naughty and lots of chatting and stories.
When I look at the pics from when they came last year and this year, the difference was amazing! I've done so much work to lose weight and was happy to look better than I did!
The fall colors have kept me busy also. SO much to photograph, it's been lovely!

With fall comes fall festivities in our area, including the college homecoming parade. I had a ball photographing it as well!
And photographing my new kitty, Bronte. She is very photogenic :)
Always an adventure with her here! She's always doing something that makes me laugh :D

October 1, 2013

Lots And Lots To Do

We all know my ADHD-C gets in the way of me getting stuff done. With being sick and having a bit of a depressed spell, the place turned into a mess to say the least!

I sat down on here and made a massive list of what I want to get done by the weekend. I made a page for each room and printed them off and hung them up lol. Cannot avoid it that way!

I put a marker by them and for each thing I get done, I can cross it off the list, to keep me going. Instead of being scattered about it as ADD types do, I'm doing one list at a time, aka: one room at a time. No bouncing room to room. Someone else with ADHD suggested it to me and I'm going to use that advice and see how it goes. This way I don't have a bunch of half done things and nothing completely done.

The kitty was bored today, so I took an old DVD player box I had in the closet, taped it closed, cut a bunch of holes in it and put some of her balls and bells in it. I didn't know it would end up so popular! She had a blast lol. As fast as cats get bored with toys, I want to make some instead of always buying them.

I should be on later today/this evening, just depends on how much I get done! I'm not opposed to taking breaks as I go a long and chatting a bit here and there. Tracey can probably help keep me on track lol.