November 9, 2013

The Smoking Thing Again...

No, I still have not quit. I've cut down massively, but still fighting that one. In my quest to be a non smoker (and save over a hundred bucks a month at least...), I swapped out  most of my cigs for a new nifty e-cig thingy.

I really like it so far. My first goal is to be off the actual smokes all together, then I can lower the dose on the e-cig cartridges until it is at 0 nicotine. The refills cost much less as well. I have to refills that go on top the ecig, one is vanilla the other is one that is comparable to the brand I usually smoke in flavor. I wasn't sure I'd use it much but it's proving to work out extremely well so far.

Here's hoping!!

The ecig, with one of the toppers full of liquid and a bottle of the liquid you put in it.

The Sickies :(

Dunno if it's something I ate or a virus but my digestive system is a mess! At least it's a little better than yesterday, no more pukies, just runs. Maybe it's on the way out already, hoping so! I hate puking more than almost aaaaaaaaaaaanything! Would rather have the shits any day! Ack....

I made a small list of stuff I want to do, since I can't do much, it's more like, blogging, journaling, working on Xmas cards, etc. I am going to do some weights today but no cardio until I'm better. Don't want to exert myself too much.

I'm cranky I had to be ill now, as the temp outside is in the low 60's this weekend, probably our "indian summer". Next week it drops to the 30's for a high and stays in the 30's/40's all week. Oh well :(

I'll be on the puter most the evening, will keep messenger on :D