March 12, 2015

This One Little Issue...

I've noticed in the last week how restless I've been. I didn't think that much of it because I have a lot coming up starting next month. But then it dawned on me that I couldn't stop moving in bed, especially my arms and legs. Couldn't get comfy. To the point the cat wouldn't even lay near me at night.
Sometimes it takes a bit for things to become clear to me but once it did, I immediately looked into my new medication. Sure enough, Navane has an Akathisia rate of 63% in those who use it over time. Since I was up last night I left a message for my doctor's office. Only one other med has done this to me and that was Haldol. Almost exactly the same too. Fine at first, then slowly it crept in until I realized what was up.
It was helping some with impulse but it's not a med I can use with this side effect. It would drive me bonkers! Time...felt like it was going backwards. Could not stop moving around. Bored like mad. Pacing... Yuck.
We'll see what they say later today.

March 11, 2015

Having A Fun Evening

Online with my friend from Australia, listening to old classic rock while chatting on Facetime. Fun times :D
Also doing some journaling tonight. Making sure I keep up with it. I have a lot coming up soon so I want to make sure that I keep it current.
Good evening all :)

Chop Chop

It can be really hard for me to stay on task with things I need to get done. Especially when they are boring...
I think I've done really well this week. I had a LOT of new veggies and things to chop up and freeze and I've done it all. I had to reorganize my freezer so I could fit it all in (not that great at organizing either) and I was able to do that as well. It feels like a huge sense of accomplishment because I didn't want anything to go to waste. This way I can cook with all these veggies for weeks.
It's a little crowded but I fit it all in :D
I've been eating sort of paleo (mostly) for some time now and it's helped a lot in my weight loss and I think also in my health overall. I'm down 58.5 pounds from two years ago and extremely proud to have stuck to something this long. The food is SO good too ;)

March 10, 2015

Giving Back Today :D

Today I'm going to go give blood. It's been a while since I've donated so I'm excited to go. I never used to go because it meant dealing with a long line of people. As usual, I've found ways around that though.
Now I set up an appointment ahead of time. I go right when they start and am out of there before it gets busy. So it all works out good!

March 8, 2015

Great Mood Today!

Life is good for the moment. Two trips coming up, meds working well, exercise and healthy eating is going to plan and the sun is out and warmer temps are in the air! Did some photography today and saw buds on some of the trees and bushes. This makes me SO excited. Spring is my favorite time of year to photograph :D
The apartment is also looking pretty damned good. I've been able to keep up on chores (even the dreaded laundry is getting done!) very well. I think it makes me happier when the apartment is cleaned up and I think that my apartment is a representation of how I'm doing at any given moment. Right now it's picked up, cleaned and organized. It's good.
Looks quite pretty and zen... just how I want it.
Hope everyone reading is doing well too <3 p="">

March 1, 2015

Kitteh Babysitting and Cleaning Today

Today turned out to be a fantastic day. I was slow to get moving this morning but once I did it was great. For whatever reason I felt the need to do a lot of housework. So I made a list ( I love lists...) and finished everything on it today. It was a lot accomplished and I'm really happy with myself for it :D
I'm also keeping an eye on the neighbor's cat today. He's grown SO big. He used to be this tiny kitten that fit into a shoe and now he's growing at such a fast rate. Had to use him as a photography subject of course :)
Talk about pretty hey? <3 p="">-M